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[City Tour Bus] Dongdaemun Yellow Balloon City Tour Bus – Traditional Culture Course

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  • 1. You can take a look down Seoul on the “opened ceiling” Double Deck bus!
  • 2. You can see the hottest tourist attractions in Seoul!
  • 3. You can meet the brand new Seoul by visiting the historical sites and the landmark in Seoul on a double-decker bus! Please do not hesitate to reserve!

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KAZU******MIZU from Japan
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Option and Inclusions

Traditional Culture Course
₩ 20,000
₩ 17,000


₩ 20,000 ₩ 17,000 (15% OFF)
₩ 15,000 ₩ 13,500 (10% OFF)

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5th March 2024 (Tue) Close
No holidays from 6th March, 2024

1 Day boarding pass for Dongdaemun City Tour Bus Traditional Culture Course

[Price Information]
Adult: Above 19 yrs
Youth: 5 ~ 18 yrs
Free admission: Under 5 yrs (Must bring Passport)

Please board the bus after the exchange the pass with the ticket at Ticket Box in front of Exit 11 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (Line 2, 4, 5)


Yellow Balloon City Tour Bus is more fun to ride with parents, children, and friends! 

Take the "opend ceiling" double-decker bus and look down at Seoul at a glance! Through the 'Traditional Culture Course' of Dongdaemun City Tour Bus, where you can see the new world, new Seoul on double-decker such as Seoul historical sites and attractions in Seoul. Enjoy your own course in the center of the city on the double-decker bus! If you want to enjoy the cool breeze and enjoy Seoul, take the Yellow Balloon City Tour Bus and move comforatbly to Seoul's tourist attractions.


• With a one-time ticket purchase, unlimited access is available for one day, regardless of the number of stops or departures.


• Since departing from the DDP, you can look around comfortably after shopping with all the shopping baggage! 


• Starting with the most famous livestock market in Seoul, you can also visit special tourist attractions such as the herbal medicine market and Dongmyo. Click HERE to see all the Tourist Attractions available! 




Traditional Culture Course


• Visit large traditional markets such as Namdaemun Market, Gwangjang Market, Tongin Market, and Bangsan Market located in the center of the city.


2. Historical sites

• The bus stops at Gyeongbok Palace / Deoksugung Palace / Unhyun Palace / Sungnyemun (Namdaemun, National Treasure No.1) / Heunginjimun (Dongdaemun, Treasure No.1) / Jongmyo (UNESCO World Heritage Site) / Jonggak / the Korea Historical Museum / the Palace Museum / and the Korean Folk Museum. 


3. Downtown hot spots

• The bus cycles Seoul Station / Insa-dong, a traditional culture street / Tapgol Park / Seoul City Hall / City Hall / the Blue House, Presidential Office / Seoul Gwanghwamun Square / Myeongdong / Dongdaemun Shopping Mall / Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Korea's largest clothing market / Cheonggyecheon / Jongno / Euljiro / Gwanghwamun / and other traditional markets / and historical sites of Seoul city.



5th March 2024 (Tue) Close/ No holidays from 6th March, 2024

Departure Schedule and Bus Stop Location

• Operating hours :  09:30 ~ 17:00  (Last departure is 17:00. You cannot use after 17:00.) 

[Weekdays] >>>Weekdays Schedule (click) : 40 minutes Interval

[Saturday/Sunday]>>>Saturday/Sunday Schedule(click) : 30 minutes Interval


101 Dongdaemun Design Plaza: Go 200m along the hill after getting off at Exit 1 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (line no. 2, 4, 5) (across the Migliore)/ Go straight for 200m from Exit 8 of Dongdaemun Station (line no. 1, 4) /  !!!Notice!!!  Please do not use the stairs on the right to the ground. (79, Eulji-ro 6-ga)
102 Bangsan & Jungbu Market :  Exit 6 of Euljiro 4-ga Station (line no. 2) / 142-1, Euljiro 4-ga, (In front of Authentic Wallpaper)
103 Euljiro 3-ga : Exit 3 of Euljiro 3-ga Station (In front of Woori Bank Euljiro branch)
104 Euljiro 1-ga: Exit 1 of Euljiro 1-ga Station (line no. 2) / 87, Euljiro 1-ga (In front of The Zone Eulji Tower)
105 Cheongwadae : Exit 2 of line no.3 (10 minutes to walk) / Hyoja-dong 150 (Bus stop across from Cheongwadae Sarangchae)
106 Tongin Market : Exit 2 of Gyeongbokgung Palace Station (line no. 3) / Tongin-dong 112 (In front of Oh! Kaz)
107 Gwanghwamun Square : Go straight for 50m from Exit 9 of Gwanghwamun Station (line no. 5), 50m to bus stop behind the statue of King Sejong / Gwanghwamun Square
108 Seoul Station : Exit 9-1 of Seoul Station (line no. 1, 4) / Use KTX, Bus : Platform 6 of Seoul Station Square Bus Transfer Center (125, Bongnae-dong 2-ga) / Use Subway : Exit 9-1 of Seoul Station (line 1, 4)
109 Namdaemun Market :  Exit 7 of Hoehyeon Station (line no. 4) / Namdaemun-ro 36 (In front of Wangsol Pharmacy) 
110 Namsan Ormi: line no. 4 / In front of Hoehyeon 119 Center (33-1, Hoehyeon-dong 2-ga)
111 Myeong-dong : Exit 6 of Euljiro Station (line no. 2) / 12-3 Namdaemunno 2-ga (In front of Rimowa Myeongdong Flagship)
112 Jonggak : Exit 5 of Jonggak Station (line no. 1)(across side) / 6 Ujeongguk-ro (In front of SKT Bosingak branch)
113 Insa-dong, Unhyun Palace, Tapgol Park : Exit 12 of Jongno 3-ga Station (line no. 1) / 55-1 Jongno 2-ga (In front of IBK Bank Jongno)
114 Jongmyo, Sewoonplaza: Exit 12 of Jongno 3-ga Station (line no. 1, 5) / 154 Jongno 3-ga (In front of Doosan Corporation)
115 Gwangjang Market: Exit 8 of Jongno 5-ga (line no.1)/ 182 Jongno 4-ga (In front of Jongno Woori Paramcy), Gwangjang Market North Gate 2
101 Dongdaemun Design Plaza
※  Station 116 Dongmyo, 117 Seoul Pungmul Market, 118 Seoul Pharmaceutics Market, 119 Majang-dong Livestock Market, 120 Sindang Central Market doesn't pass through.

How to use

1. Purchase the desired product and Check mobile voucher or email voucher. 

2. Visit the place freely within 90 days of purchase.

3. Present the voucher at the ticket counter and exchange it with ticket (bracelet).

※ With a single ticket, you can enjoy unlimited rides for one day, regardless of the number of getting on or off.

Ticket Booth

 Get off of Exit 1 of Dongdaemun History and Culture Park Station (Subway line 2, 4, 5) → Walk up the hill → Find the ticket box 

 Get off of Exit 8 of Dongdaemun Station (Subway line 1) → Find the ticket box across from Doosan Tower


1. In the case of double-decker bus, the customer is responsible for the accident due to dangerous behavior such as standing while driving. Please be sure to sit down. 

2. Depending on traffic congestion, protests, weather, etc., the course may be changed, closed, or delayed without notice. 

3. Operation will be stop in the case of heavy rain, heavy snow, or strom.

4. If you have any questions about the city tour, please contact the contact information inserted in the voucher. 

5. Buses run every 40 minutes on weekdays / 25 minutes on weekends, and arrival time may be delayed by 5 to 10 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

6. Please note that the detailed operating hours are attached to each stop.​​

7. The city tour bus is operated as a non-reserved seat, you must use the next bus if the bus is full.

8. You cannot use after 17:00 (Last departure is 17:00.)


Q. Can Discover Seoul Pass Card holders ride the bus for free?

A. Yes. For (Dongdaemun) Seoul Sightseeing Double Decker Bus – Traditional Culture Course, Discover Seoul Pass holders may ride for free.

※ Free bus tickets are issued once and are valid for one day only.

※ Bus tickets are available for exchange at the DDP ticket booth.

Refund Policy

100% Refund for Unused Tickets

- Unused tickets within the expiry date are 100% refundable.

Guide Language

Language is Irrelevant


Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Dongdaemun history culutre park- DDP) Ticket Booth
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KAZU******MIZU from Japan
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Moto****iimi from Japan
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Bran*** Lee from Hong Kong
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Mo**ka from Germany
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Comfortable bus journey ever! I saw almost 18 destination points which are pride for Korea and felt the traditional atmosphere! Though the weather was chilly, the sightseeing was perfect.
Cla***Lui from Hong Kong
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[City Tour Bus] Dongdaemun Yellow Balloon City Tour Bus – Traditional Culture Course

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