Payment & Order

Real-time synchronization between the information on the homepage and the mobile app is now available.
The purchase record shown on the homepage can be shown in the mobile app. On the other hand, The purchase record shown in the mobile app can also be shown on the homepage.
There is an immediate consultation button on the product page 'Need help?'.
Or feel free to contact us via
E-mail: op@seoulpass.kr
SNS: FB / Wechat / What app: Seoul pass
Phone: +82-10-9418-2017
(Supported languages: Chinese/English/Korean/Japanese)
An additional fee will not be charged when using our site, but since our currency is based on KRW, there may be an overseas purchase fee or exchange fee depending on the card company. However, if you choose to pay with your local currency when making the payment with your credit card, you will not be charged a separate exchange fee. For more information, please check your credit card and bank regulations.
Payments can be done by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Alipay.
All prices are based on KRW, and if you change the currency on the site, the approximate amount will be shown in the currency. There may be a change in the amount depending on the exchange rate.
※ All payments are made based on KRW, and the currency rate is to provide customers brief understanding, therefore the exact exchange rate is not applied.
Depending on the payment method, payment can be made in KRW or USD. If you make a credit card payment, you can change it to the currency you use.
If your order and payment are successful, the payment receipt and order confirmation will be automatically sent from Seoulpass via email. You can also check your order history through 'My Order'.
If you wish to make the payment with cash, you will need to visit our office during working hours. Please contact us prior to the visit.
On-site payment is not possible, so please contact the service team for any particular situation.
The receipt for your purchase will be automatically sent to you by email after purchase. If you have not received an email, please check your spam mailbox as it could be categorized as spam mail.

Cancel & Refund

"If you would like to change your reservation information, please contact us at least 2 days before the date of use. You may contact us through various methods such as chat service through Seoul Pass Site, e-mail, telephone. (Supported languages: Chinese/English/Korean/Japanese)

E-mail : op@seoulpass.kr
SNS: FB / Wechat / What app:seoulpass
Phone: +82-10-9418-2017
(Supported languages: Chinese/English/Korean/Japanese)
You can request cancellation via the 'my order' page. Please note that each product has a different refund policy, please check the refund policy before requesting.
If the product is either non-refundable, used, or expired, a refund will not be permitted and the refund button will not be shown on the page. Please check the refund policy for each product.
Once the refund is approved, the refund receipt will be automatically emailed to you. If you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please contact us.
The refund period depends on your credit card or bank. (Normally it takes 3~15 working days)
If you have not received the refund even after you received a refund receipt, please check with your credit card company or bank.
No-booking products do not require any cancellation fee if canceled within the valid dates.
Please note that the refund policy varies for each booking product. Please check the refund policy for each product.

System & Account

As each product has a different policy, please check the product page and make a reservation
After the purchase, you will receive a voucher automatically via email. You can check the voucher by clicking the View Voucher button.
First, please check your spam or trash mailbox. Alternatively, you can receive a voucher again by clicking the Send Again button from 'My Order' on My Page.
For most of the products, there should be no problem. However, for products that require a reservation, if you notify us in advance, you can participate without any problems. As few of the specific tour requires a participant identification process, so please check the product page before making the reservation.
You can send the voucher to a different email address via 'My Order' on My Page.
Yes. If you want to purchase, you need to sign up first.
You can change the password through the 'Sign In' page.
You can change your personal information on 'My Page' after signing in.
'Wish List' is the function to help you save your interested products. Save your favorite products to 'Wish List' first and purchase later.

Usage of Product

The promotion code is only offered during a special event. Other than that, we don't offer it.
Enter the promotion code when purchasing. You can check the discounted price after entering the promotion code.
Each of the promotion codes has different conditions. Please check the usage conditions before use.
Please contact the CS Team if you have difficulty understanding the circumstances.
Please contact our CS team.
(Supported Languages: Chinese/English/Korean/Japanese )
If you made a reservation to the first stop, please move to the last stop by yourself and board there.
If you are unable to board from any location, you will have to go to the destination at your own expense. In this case, please contact us first, and we will let the guide know the situation.
Please check the product page, as it is written in full detail. However, if you still have trouble finding it, please contact us via
E-mail: op@seoulpass.kr
SNS: FB / Wechat / Whatsapp: Seoul pass
TEL: +82-10-9418-2017
(Supported languages: Chinese/English/Korean/Japanese)
All products are offered to foreigners only. Also, only overseas credit cards and payment methods are accepted.
Basically, all products are offered to foreigners only. But some of the activities and tours can be used with Koreans. If you have other inquiries, please feel free to contact our CS team.
Since we only accept overseas credit cards, if you have any inquiries regarding payment, please feel free to contact us.


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