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WOWPASS: Prepaid Card for Cashless Payment in Korea

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  • 1. Top up using 16 different currencies at a better rate
  • 2. Pay anywhere in Korea using WOWPASS
  • 3. Comes with a free transportation card (Tmoney) function

Option and Inclusions

WOWPASS Card Exchange Ticket
₩ 6,000
₩ 4,940


₩ 6,000 ₩ 4,940 (18% OFF)

Option details

- WOWPASS Card redeem Digit Code


WOWPASS card is an all-in-one prepaid card for foreign travelers, enabling currency exchange, cashless payment, and public transportation.

Since Korea is largely a credit card-based society, cash is no longer accepted at many stores.


With WOWPASS card, you can pay anywhere in Korea just like a local debit card, and use it as a Tmoney card to ride subways, buses and taxis.


You can issue & top up WOWPASS card using 16 different currencies at over 160 machines at major subways, hotels, and airports, and withdraw any leftover KRW balance into cash.

If you link the card to the WOWPASS mobile app, you can view the card balance & usage history, as well as check out the various brand cashback benefits.


Pay anywhere in Korea safer, easier, and cheaper than credit cards or currency exchange!

How to use

1. Purchase the ticket on your desired quantity.
2. Check mobile voucher or email voucher.
3. Check the Coupon code in the voucher.

[How to issue a card]

1. Find a WOWPASS Machine. 

2. Select [Get a New Card].

3. Select currency and scan passport.

4. At [WOWPASS Membership Agreement] page, press [I have a Voucher Code].

5. Enter the 6 digit code in the voucher.

6. Insert the cash amount to top up.

7.  Get your card from the machine and insert once to activate it.

8. Card issuance complete!

9. To check the card balance, add it to mobile app.  Download WOWPASS APP 

WOWPASS Machine Location

1. Incheon International Airport Station (Terminal 1 & 2 AREX)

Inside the AREX Express Train gate / Requires ticket purchase / Currency Exchange & cash withdrawal not available

Business hours 06:00 ~ 22:50

2. Gimpo Internatioanl Airport Station

En route to International departure (LOTTE Mall) / Transfer route to Line 9

Business hours 06:00 ~ 23:30

3. Hongik University Station

At Exit 2, next to ticket machine

Business hours 06:00 ~ 23:30

4. Myeongdong Station

Opposite to ticketing booth (B1) & next to luggage lockers (B2) under Exit 2 ~ 8 side

Business hours 06:00 ~ 23:30

5. Seoul Station (Line4)

En route from Airport Railway to Line 4 (near transfer gateway inside the station)

Business hours 06:00 ~ 23:30

6. Gangnam Station

Underground area between Exit 11 & 12

Business hours 06:00 ~ 23:30

7. Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station (Line 2)

Left of Exit 1, next to luggage storage kiosks

Business hours 06:00 ~ 23:30

View more locations, check here(click)


1. WOWPASS card can only be used in offline stores in Korea.

2. Transportation balance (Tmoney) cannot be charged using foreign currency. It can only be charged using KRW cash at subway machines or convenience stores.

3. If you need KRW cash, you can withdraw them from WOWPASS machines. However, machines at Incheon International Airport do not support withdrawal function and instead a pre-charged transit balance of 10,000 KRW.

4. The WOWPASS machine installed at Incheon International Airport do not support the KRW withdrawal/card reissue/cash exchange function.

5. Maximum foreign currency top-up per day : 2 million KRW.

6. Maximum top-up per week : 10 million KRW.

7. Card balance withdrawal fee : 1,000 KRW.

8. Card reissue fee : 3,000 KRW.

9. The voucher is valid until 2024.12.31.

Refund Policy

• No Refund after voucher issued.

• Code in the voucher can be used any time within the validity period. Refunds can't be made once it has been used.

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WOWPASS: Prepaid Card for Cashless Payment in Korea

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