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[30 Days USIM] Unlimited Data + 30 Days VOICE/MSG/International Call KT USIM Card

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Available from 2023-02-08
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  • 1. This is a KT USIM that is one of the three major carriers.
  • 2. Use the USIM such as LTE data, voice and text messages, international calls.
  • 3. You can pick up the USIM directly at the Incheon International Airport.
  • 4. If you would like to receive the USIM via delivery, then you can pick it up with the Delivery option.

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Option and Inclusions

30 Days USIM
₩ 47,300
₩ 39,000

Date & Time


₩ 47,300 ₩ 39,000 (18% OFF)

Option details

LTE Data
Domestic Callings/ Text Messages
International Callings/ Text Messages
Activation fee

[Not Included]
[Delivery] 30 Days USIM
₩ 52,000
₩ 43,000

Date & Time


₩ 52,000 ₩ 43,000 (17% OFF)

Option details

This option is for those who are willing to receive the USIM via delivery. Please note that if you would like to purchase the USIM, check the notice of delivery in advance.

LTE Data
Domestic Callings/ Text Messages
International Callings/ Text Messages
Activation fee

1. Please note that you can only enter the Korean address.
2. There is an identification procedure for the receiver, and if you do not follow the verification procedure, the use of USIM may be suspended.


It is often inconvenient when trying to order delivery service, call, or text if you only use DATA. This is the perfect SIM card for those who want to use internet data, voice calls, and text messages! This is an Unlimited / Rechargeable prepaid SIM for foreign tourists who want to use DATA without restriction and get local calls/messages.

• You can freely use it for 30 days with LTE speed! 

• Highly recommended to foreign students, travelers, or long-term backpackers.

• You can use all of the functions from Text message/Call/International Call/International Message within 11,000 won(KRW).


USIM Information

 1. Data : Unlimited 4G/LTE (5mbps)

 2. Cost of voice charge : 11,000 won(KRW) The cost will be deducted from 11,000 won.

 • International Call : 4.4 won(KRW)/Sec ※ Receiving is free

 • Domestic Message : 110won(KRW)/ 1 Txt msg

 • International Calling : 24.31won(KRW)/Sec For the country of USA/Japan/Taiwan/Hongkong/Singapore won(KRW)/Sec)

※ Reception is free

 • International Message : 330won(KRW)/Per 1 message

 • Validity Period : 30days  ※ Available to extend

(Extendable fee 36,000 won(KRW)-Unlimited Data +30 Days / 11,000won(KRW) Voice charge

**Availalble to charge the calls only) 


2023/01/21~24, 2023/03/01, 2023/05/05, 2023/06/06, 2023/08/15, 2023/09/28~30 , 2023/10/03, 2023/10/09, 2023/12/25, Every Weekends (Sat,Sun)

How to use

1. Make the reservation after choosing the desired date and time and Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile phone.

 ※ A voucher will be sent right after your booking is confirmed.

2. Present the voucher and passport at the Pickup place.

3. Activate your phone with the following instructions. 

Pick up place

1. Incheon International Airport

• Incheon Airport Terminal 1, KT Booth located next to Gate 10 (24 Hours/All Year Round)

• Incheon Airport Terminal 1, KT Roaming Booth located next to Gate 6 (6am ~ 10pm) / 365 days

※ As of now, Gate 10 is might be jammed due to 24 hours booth. Please note that it is faster to receive the SIM CVard if you visit the Gate 6. 

 Incheon Airport Terminal 2, KT Roaming Center located on 1F (24 hours)

2. Gimpo International Airport 

•  Gimpo Airport, KT Roaming Center located next to Gate 1, Level 1 (Everyday 06:30-18:00)

3. Gimhae International Airport

• Gimhae International Airport, KT Booth located next to Gate 3, L1 (6am~10pm)

4. Express Delivery Service

 You can receive a SIM Card by delivery service in the case of entering Korea and during self-isolation due to COVID-19. However, an express delivery service is impossible if you reside in Jeju Island.

• You cannot receive the parcel on weekends and Korea Public Holidays. 

• We will send you the guidance for the usage of SIM Card by email.  A cell phone can be activated when you send your ID Card and USIM Card according to the instructions in the email. Please check the mailbox!

• If you desire to receive the parcel until Monday, then you must reserve the product at least Friday until 1 PM (KST) in the afternoon. 

5. LINK KOREA Office