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[Luggage Storage] Lugstay Korea Luggauge Storage Service

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  • 1. Reserve empty spaces of nearby stores in real time via mobile!
  • 2. You can easily reserve and easily store various luggage such as carriers, backpacks, and shopping bags.
  • 3. Your luggage stored in a separate space with CCTV, so you can use it safely!

Option and Inclusions

1 Day Pass
₩ 23,700
₩ 10,000


1 Ticket
₩ 23,700 ₩ 10,000 (58% OFF)

Option details

Luaggage storage service (1 quantity per day)
2 Day Pass
₩ 45,300
₩ 17,900


1 Ticket
₩ 45,300 ₩ 17,900 (60% OFF)

Option details

Luaggage storage service (1 quantity per 2 days or 2 quantities per day)
3 Day Pass
₩ 66,900
₩ 26,900


1 Ticket
₩ 66,900 ₩ 26,900 (60% OFF)

Option details

Luaggage storage service (1 quantity per 3 days or 3 quantities per day)
7 Day Pass
₩ 153,300
₩ 55,900


1 Ticket
₩ 153,300 ₩ 55,900 (64% OFF)

Option details

Luaggage storage service (1 quantity for 7 days or 7 quantities for one day)


Lugstay operates more than 5,000 stockrooms in Korea, and this product is a service that stores your luggage in the Lugstay "store" stockroom in Korea, and you can purchase and use by the date of storage. 

Luggage storage service is open year around. The operating hours vary from store to store, please check it before making a reservation. 

Have a light and convenient trip with Lugstay!

How to use

1.  Please purchase the ticket according to the quantity and date you want.
2. Check mobile voucher or email voucher.  
3. Please check the coupon code inputted in the voucher.
4. Please search for "Lugstay(럭스테이)" in the App Store / Play Store and download the app.
5. Enter your cell phone number and name to log in. (Foreign cell phones are also available.)
6. Click "Store" on the home screen.

Check and select the storage store in the area you want to visit on the map.

8. Click "Make a Storage Reservation" . 

Please enter the date and time/number of luggages you want to store and click "CONFIRM" button.  
(If the quantity of luggages you registered is different from the quantity of lugguages you actually used, you cannot use the service.)

10. Click "Select coupon" and input the coupon code in the voucher.

11. Please write down the coupon code inputted on the voucher and click "use".

After completing the reservation, you can check the reservation details on the "Usage Tickets".

On the date and time you made your reservation, please visit the storage store and say "Lugstay" to the host of the store on your reservation date and time. After checking in with the QR code, you can storage and get back your luggages.


1. You can receive up to 1 million KRW in compensation if your stored luggage is loss or damaged.

2. For more information such as the usage time and location of the store, please refer to the information on the detailed page of the each storage store in the Lugstay app. 

3. You can use the luggage storage service on the date and time of reservation, and cancellation/refund is not possible for unused luggage storage tickets after reservation. 

4. You need a mobile phone number to use the Lugtay service, and foreign mobile numbers are also available.  

5. If you store luggages in a store, you can store various luggages with no limit to size and weight. However, if luggages are not in the form of bag or box, there may be restrictions on storage, and below luggages cannot be stored.

: Food-food that requires refrigeration or smells, valuables - e.g. passports or precious jewelry, expensive items - e.g. money, items that may be illegal - e.g. stolen or contraband, plants or animals that are not usually stored

6. The expiration date of the voucher is one year from the date of registration of the coupon code on the Lugstay app. You must register the code within 90 days of purchase.

Coupon Expiration Date

• One year from the date of coupon registration on the Lugstay app

Refund Policy

• Cancellation/Refund is impossible after coupon code registration on the Lugstay app

• You must register coupon code on the LugStay app within 90 days of purchase, After 90 days of purchase, refund is impossible. 

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[Luggage Storage] Lugstay Korea Luggauge Storage Service

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