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[Seoul Jongno] Seoul Hywhwa Romantic comedy : Only You Performance show ticket

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Available from 2024-05-26
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  • 1. Recommended to couples who are curious about marriage life;
  • 2. Helps to realize the importance of the person next to you!
  • 3. No time to be bored! Thanks to the Kpop famous music from the 90s to now!
  • 4. Subtitle for Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese provided.
  • 5. For customers attending the "Only You" performance through Seoul Pass, will be given an L-file, Hand Cream, Polaroid Image!

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Yuk****nda from Japan
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
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Only You Performance Ticket
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Performance Ticket


A wife who eventually declares a divorce after the relationship goes the wrong way after marriage. Will 37 years of love end like this? Today, the majority of parents and children lack communication, through the comic and touching play and emphasizing through the middle-class married couple, gives the audience time to love and love. Regardless of nationality, and with the theme of "Love" between many couples and foreign audiences can enjoy it.


• Performance (Only You) Can be enjoyed, touched by all generations from teens to 80s.


•A representative play that won the "2017 Hallyu Culture Awards / Musical Awards" award!


• Performance that can be enjoyed by foreigners at the Music Drama along with the Kpop.




A total of 8 ancestral rites have to be carried in one year! Pilrye, who had to buy groceries for the ancestral rites, takes her husband Bongisk to the market as a slave.
Meanwhile, Bongsik feels extremely embarrassed seeing Pilrye wanting to save 50 cents for just bean sprouts. Started off from the 50 cents, continued with the drinking-up of ancestral liquor. And came to a conclusion of divorce. 
Bongsik, who gets mad easily, and Pilrye, who is a fickle Kyeongsangdo woman. Can the 37-year of love story continue?


Running Time

120 Minutes



• Wed, Thu, Fri : 8PM

• Sat : 3PM, 6:30PM

• Sun & Holiday : 3PM




• All seats equal. 

Operating hours

Fri: 20:00
Sat: 15:00
Sun: 15:00


Monday, Tuesday

How to go

• Subway line number 4, Hyehwa Station gate 2 → Walk straight for 10 minutes  Pass the Korea Communications University and turn left at 'Ihwajang-gil' →  walk pass 2 blocks and on your right you will see JTN Art Hall.

 ※Ticket booth Level 1, Concert hall on Level 4


1. Food and Beverage not permitted to take in (Only water allowed)

2.  No photos are allowed to take during the performance. (Photo and Video allowed at curtain call)

3. Seats are arranged randomly at the venue on the day of the performance.

4. Ticket booth opens 1 hour before the performance and entry are allowed from 20 minutes beforehand. Entry after the start of the performance is not allowed. Therefore please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start.

5. This performance does not include an intermission, re-entry will not be allowed during the play.

6. From age over 7 are allowed to participate. Children under 7 are not allowed under any circumstances. Please check the accurate age of the child if attending with a child. (Passport must be provided)

7. You will be notified by the CS Team when a reservation on the date and time of your choice is not available.

8. The performance team and actor schedule can be changed without notice, depending on the circumstances of the actor and the producer.

How to use

1. Make a reservation on the date and time of your choice.

2. Check the voucher sent to your mobile/email.

3. Arrive on time on the day.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 9 days 5PM(KST)  : 100% Refund

• Cancellation before 7 days 5PM(KST) : 90% Refund

• Cancellation between 6 days~3 days before 5PM(KST) : 80% Refund

• Cancellation between 2 days~1 day before 5PM(KST) : 70% Refund

• Cancellation made after : No Reund

Guide Language

English / Japanese / Chinese


Level 4 Concert Hall, Level 1 Ticket Booth, 26, JTN Art Hall Ihwajang-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
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Recent reviews (3)

Yuk****nda from Japan
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Cl*re from Belgium
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
It was a really amazing musical! With the English subtitles provided, it really helped me to understand the story. I especially like the multi-man which was very funny and handsome~
An**ew from Macao
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
有笑有淚的音樂劇!演員們的演技太棒太搞笑了,完全把老夫婦的日常生活和打鬧情節活生生呈現在眼前。到最後經歷生老死別的時候,眼淚簡直停不了>< 大推的大學路音樂劇!!
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[Seoul Jongno] Seoul Hywhwa Romantic comedy : Only You Performance show ticket

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