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[Gyeonggi Hanam] AQUAFIELD Jimjil Spa & Indoor Waterpark Discount Ticket

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  • 1. A five-sense satisfaction Rooftop Pool & Jimjil Spa with refreshing sound of water, sky light, and nature
  • 2. It is a stylish modern Jimjil Spa facility where you experience Jimjilbangs and spas with various themes.
  • 3. Release the fatigue of travel at the spa where Korean goes to release their fatigue.
  • 4. After experiencing Jimjilbang, you can visit various shopping shops and restaurants at Starfield, a large shopping mall.

Option and Inclusions

Jimjil Spa Ticket
₩ 25,000
₩ 23,000

Date & Time


₩ 25,000 ₩ 23,000 (8% OFF)

Option details

[Age Information]
Over 12 years(middle school students) old are all the same price.
Ticket for the child is available to purchase on-site.

AQUAFIELD Sauna Jimjil Spa 6 hours Ticket

Outdoor Swimming Pool (Water Park) Ticket
Not mentioned in Inclusion
Water Park Ticket
₩ 55,000
₩ 44,000

Date & Time


₩ 55,000 ₩ 44,000 (20% OFF)

Option details

[Age Information]
Over 12 years(middle school students) old are all the same price.
Ticket for the child is available to purchase on-site.

Outdoor Swimming Pool (Water Park) 6 hours Ticket

AQUAFIELD Sauna Jimjil Spa 6 hours Ticket
Not mentioned in Inclusion
Multi Pass (Jimjil Spa + Water Park)
₩ 65,000
₩ 53,000

Date & Time


₩ 65,000 ₩ 53,000 (18% OFF)

Option details

[Age Information]
Over 12 years(middle school students) old are all the same price.
Ticket for the child is available to purchase on-site.

AQUAFIELD Sauna Jimjil Spa 6 hours Ticket
Outdoor Swimming Pool (Water Park) 6 hours Ticket
※ Up to 9 hours

Not mentioned in Inclusion


Visit AQUAFIELD which boasts modern facilities among various Jimjil facilities and is loved by many Koreans to go release the fatigue.


Aquafield, which has the sound of refreshing water, sky light and nature at a glance, is a place where you can experience healing for the satisfaction of the five senses.

Enjoy the real beauty and relaxation of life at AQAFIELD, where you can enjoy the moment of infinitiy pool touching the sky and also where you can experience 8 themed Jimfil Spas from mysterious aurora to rest on clouds, and where you can wait for a different rest in each space!


Jimjil Spa

[Healing Hall]

It is a relax place where you can watching TV or watching movies on screen.


[Elvan Room]

It is a Jimjil space that uses Yecheon Stone in Gyeongsangbuk-do and it helps to improve constitution and relieve stress by removing heavy metals and waste accumulated in the body.


[Cloud Room]

It is a Jimjil space where you can take a deep rest and enjoy the jimjil with the comfort of creating a cloud image with a moist mist.


[Common Hall]

It is a passage connecting the locker room and an open rest area for all Jimjil Spa users.


[Kids Room]

It is a children-only play area that helps children to have a safe and fun time, and the guardian can relax.


[Media Art Room]

It is a facility using 360-degree panoramic videos, and it is a healing space where you can experience a thermal jimjil with various themed videos.

[Foot Spa]

It is an outdoor foot spa where you can enjoy a beautiful view, relieve fatigue through foot baths, and feel relaxed and comfortable away from tired daily life.


[Family Hall]

It is a resting place that is located close to various jimjil spaces and adds vitality to the use of jimjil spa.


[Charcoal Room]

It is a jimjil room made of Hoengseong oak in Gangwon-do, which is called the luxury of charcoal, and it is a jimjil space where the anions of charcoal purify the air and helps to improve the body constitution.


[Hwangto Room]

It is a traditional jimjil space that uses high-quality Gochang hwangto to provide psychological stability and comfort through the scent of hwangto and far-infrared rays.



It is a high-temperature jimjil space using Gochang hwangto bricks, and it generates heat by itself due to aroma water vapor and high temperature and discharges sweat , helping to remove waste and circulate blood.


[Cypress Tree Room]

With cypress trees' phytoncide and forest videos, you can relax as if you were in nature.


[Salt Room]

It is a jimjil space that can help skin beauty as well as skin health by improving waste, exfoliation, and dermatitis by using Himalayan rock salt gemstones, a world-famous clean salt.


[Relax Room]

It is an adult-only healing space where you can sleep comfortably in a luxury recliner chair or enjoy TV, movies, music, etc.


[Rest Spa]

It is a perfect healing space for relieving body fatigue and skincare with a variety of aesthetic treatments operated by professional therapists.

[Lactation Room]

It is a space where kids who need of nursing can be breastfed comfortably, and can put them to sleep for a while or change their diapers.



You can relieve fatigue in a variety of baths, have a relaxing time, and have a exotic fun.



The best skin scrubbing professionals in the industry offers hygienic tools and the best service in private spaces.


Food Court

We provide reliable and delicious food and high-quailty services with Shinsegae Food's various representative menus.


You can enjoy traditional foods and snacks that contain memories to cool down the sweat that you shed at the jimjil spa.

Operating hours : 11:00 - 18:30 (Rooftop Pool) / 11:30 - 19:30 (Jimjil Spa)

(Operating hours and menus may vary depending on the situation.)


Water Park

-Indoor Water Park-

[Flowing Water Pool]

The water circulates at a slow speed, so even if you stay still, you can feel relaxed as if you are entrusted to a flowing river.


[Dark Twister]

This is a water tunnel-shaped pipe water slide that allows you to enjoy a more thrill and speed in the dark.


[Sky Twister]

It is a water silde that opened the top of the slide to enjoy the scenery outside the slide and enjoy the thrill with two consecutive curves.


[Vortex Pool]

It is the first swirling pool in a water park in Korea that water continuously rotating inward, whole family can enjoy water play together.


[Roboca Poli Kids Zone / Kids Slide]

It is a kid's facility where children can enjoy it safely and in fun.


[Warm Pool]

It is a warm pool, you can maintain your body temperature.


-Outdoor Water Park-


It is a low-water pool for children, so children can enjoy water play more safely.



It is a pool that helps maintain body temperature so that you can enjoy warm water play in all four seasons outdoors.


[Sand Pool]

It is an infant exclusive pool that induces infants' imagination and grow mental and physical health by installing sand that develops sense of touch. 



[Therapy Spa / Aroma Spa]

You can enjoy open-air baths throughout the four seasons, and you can rest more comfortably using various bath bombs such as aroma.



With the nation's longest infinity pool in the shape of "L," you can enjoy a leisurely water play by looking at the surrounding scenery including the Han River and Geomdansan Mountain along with the natural sunlight.



It is a pleasant and cozy resting place where you can relax and heal while looking at the surrounding scenery with your family, lovers, and friends while playing in the water.

Operating hours

Everyday: 08:00 - 22:00

Operating hours

※ Summer Peak season 2024.07.20 ~ 2024.08.18

[Water Park]

- Indoor : Normal Season 10:00 - 19:00 Peak Season 09:00 ~ 21:00  

- Outdoor :  Normal Season 11:00 - 18:00 Peak Season 10:00 ~ 20:00  

[Jimjil Spa]

Normal Season 10:00 - 22:00 Peak Season  09:00 ~ 22:00  

How to Use

Tickets are available at all Aquafield branches (Aquafield Goyang, Hanam, Anseong).

1. Please check the mobile or email voucher after purchasing the product.

2. Visit on the date you want within the reservation date.

3. Please redeem the ticket at the Kiosk. 

4. Please check the ticket type you've purchased and age, and select gender of the locker (male/female). (Essentially required)

5. Once you confirm the gender, locker number will be issued. Please enter using that number.

6. Go to the shoe cabinet and find the shoe cabinet with the number listed on the ticket.

※  Please use shoe cabinet witin 20 minutes after issuing the locker number(ticket). (If you not used, the shoe cabinet will lock automatically.)

7.  Take off and store your clothes using the same number of lockers as your shoe cabinet.

8. Please use the facilities after shower.

9. After leaving, please go to the settlement counter and settle the additional facilities fees you used.

※ Customer who do not use additional facilities also must visit the settlement counter to check the usage time.


Outdoor Water Park is unavailable to use from 20th of April to 30th of April due to renovation work.

- Jimjil Spa/Water Park can be used for up to 6 hours, Multi Pass can be used for up to 9 hours. If you exceed the usage time, the additional fee per hour is 5,000 KRW. 

- Infants under 36 months can enter free of charge, however, no jimjil clothes or towels are provided. (Document required)

- Please use shoe cabinet within 20 minutes after issuing the ticket. (If you not used, the shoe cabinet will lock automatically.)

- Under 48 months cannot take a bath alone in accordance with the Public Health Management Act.

※ Children under 48 months can enter with proof document.

- For comfortable use and safety, waiting time may occur if the maximum capacity is exceeded, and you will enter in proportion to the number of exit users.

- After entering, admission fee is not refundable. (Exceptions such as injuries are possible.)

-  Food, burners, glass bottles, etc. shall be prohibited for the characteristics of multiple facilities, maintenance of water quality, prevent fire, and the creation of a pleasant environment. If you bring food, you should keep it in the storage.

( Water and beverages in PET bottles are allowed. Baby food, patient food, and peeled seedless fruits stored in airtight containers are allowed to be brought in.)

- Children under 10 years old and the elderly must be accompanied by a guardian.

- Drunkers are prohibited from entering. (Entrance and use may be restricted or forced to leave.)

- Men and women over the age of 4 (48 months) cannot enter together at sauna, shower, and dressing rooms.

- Mats, portable chairs, ice boxes, glass containers, and pets are not allowed.

- Bring in and use flippers and large water play equipment (diameter more than 120 cm) is not allowed.

- You must wear swimsuit material clothes when using the water park. (You can wear hats, aqua shoes, goggles, etc.)

- In the event of criminal acts in the facility (sexual harassment, sexual violence, theft, etc.), they may be forced to leave and handed over to the police.

- Food consumption is possible in designated places to maintain a clean environment.

- The storage period of the acquired items in the facility is 3 months. (Dispose after the period has exceed)

- AQUAFILED is a non-smoking facility.

- When leaving, you must visit the settlement counter on the 4th floor to check and settle the locker key's postpaid use.

Customer who do not use additional facilities also must visit the settlement counter to check the usage time.

- If you have not checked and settled the details of the postpaid use at the settlement counter, the shoe cabinet will not be opened.

- Re-entry is not possible after settlement.

[How to use locker key]

- Locker key has a payment function, so if you lose it, please report it to the employee immediately. (Lost fee will be charged 10,000 KRW.)

- In particular, children's companion customers should pay more attention to locker key management.

- All responsibility for the accident caused by the loss of the locker key is borne by the person who lost it.

- Use the shoe cabinet and closet as one key (same number), and be sure to check the number when using it.

- The shoe cabinet opens and closes only once.

How to go


9302 8-15 minutes intervals

Jamsil Station Trasfer Center - Olympic Highway - Misagangbyeon - Pungsan District - Starfield

9303 12-20 minutes intervals

Gangnam Station (line 2, Sinbundang line) - Yeoksam Station (line 2) - Seolleung Station (line 2, Bundang line) - Samsung Station (line 2) - Jamil Station (line 2, 8) - Misagangbyeon New town Starfield

9303-1 : Weekdays 60 minutes intervals, Weekends 120 minutes intervals

Jamsil Station - Olympic Highway - Misagangbyeon - Pungsan District - Starfield

81 10 minutes intervals

Sangildong Station (line 5) -  Misagangbyeon 28 complex - Deokpung Market - Singang Market - Hanam City Hall - Starfield

50 : minutes intervals

Hanam Stadium - Hanam High School - Misagangbyeon 22 complext - Deokpung Market - Hanam City Hall - Starfield - Paldang Station (Gyepnggui jungang ine)


- Turn right at Exit 1 of Hanam Geomdansan Station on line 5 and go straight 600M (10 minutes on foot)

[How to go AQUAFIELD Hanam]

- Shopping Mall Operating hours -

Only elevator in Hall 1 is available except Mon  ~ Thurs 10:00 - 21:00, Fri ~ Sun 10:00 - 22:00.

- On your way from the shopping mall -

1F - Use Escalator no. 1 in front of 'NEWERA' / Use Escalator no. 1

Use Elevator no. 2 in front of 'Kakao Friends' / Use Escalator no. 2

2F - Use Escalator no. 1 in front of 'Bulgari' / Use Escalator no. 1

Use Elevator no. 2 in front of 'Canada Goose' / Use Escalator no. 2

Refund Policy

No Refund

- After purchase, refund is impossible.

Guide Language

Language is Irrelevant


750 Misa-daero, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do (Starfield Hanam 3F)
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[Gyeonggi Hanam] AQUAFIELD Jimjil Spa & Indoor Waterpark Discount Ticket

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