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[IIsan] ONEMOUNT SNOWPARK Admission Discount Ticket

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  • 1. It is located 30 minutes away from Seoul.
  • 2. It has the longest slide of any indoor snow park, so you can enjoy thrilling snow sledding.
  • 3. Enjoy various attractions such as the Aurora Show and Snow Show!
  • 4. Various amusement facilities such as snow sledding, skating, and carousel in the city!
  • 5. It is located on ONE MOUNT, where various shopping and dining facilities are located for tourists.

Option and Inclusions

SNOWPARK Admission Ticket(2024.03.04~31)
₩ 50,000
₩ 22,900


₩ 50,000 ₩ 22,900 (54% OFF)

Option details

[Expiration Duration]
From 2024.03.04 Until 2024.03.31

ONE MOUNT SNOW PARK Admission Ticket (All day)

Skate Rental Fee (On-site Rental, 5,000KRW per hour)
storage room Fee

[Price Information]
Adult/Youth are same price.
Free of charge : Infant under 3 years old (Must bring passport.)


Aurora of Asia, the largest Winter Theme Park in Korea, ONE MOUNT SNOW PARK.


ONE MOUNT SNOW PARK is the first indoor theme park in Korea with the theme of winter, and it is about 6,611 square meter space where you can enjoy various entertainment on snow and ice.


Scent of winter that you can enjoy even in summer!
SNOW PARK with the concept of Santa Village in Northern Europe along with excitingwinter stories 365 days like 100 kinds of sledding, skating, snow sledding, and Santa houses.


Merry-go-round with fantastic lighting!


More than 100 different kinds of sleds and bikes!

Snow sled for Kid!


Ever Slide, an outdoor sledding track that turns into a snow sled in winter and a water slide in summer!


There are a variety of attractions, including a variety of themed cave ice roads.


We present a romance of winter for those who want to celebrate the upcoming Christmas, seek cool places to escape the heat, and want to return their childhood. 


Enjoy skating, and take photos in the cute photo zone! You can make fun memories with your family, lovers, and friends at Christmas Village and Snow Park decorated with cute props.


SNOW PARK where full of various themes! Everywhere you look, there are various photo zones.


Special moment in ONE MOUNT. Exprience beautiful aurora with snow from the sky.
In addition, you can enjoy various events and performance.


From Korean food, Chinese food, Western food, and even dessert! Satisfy your hunger at a food court full of various delicious menus~!


After having a great time at ONE MOUNT, try shopping and participating in various cultural events at ONE MOUNT Mall, a new cultural complex!


3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25

Operating Hour

[Facility Operating Hour / Date]

02.01~ 03.03
Weekends, Public Holiday
Snow Park
10:00 ~ 19:00 
10:00 ~ 20:00 
Ever slide(Outdoor Sledding)
10:30 ~ 18:00
10:30 ~ 18:00

03.04 ~ 03.31
Weekends, Public Holiday
Snow Park
10:00 ~ 17:00 
10:00 ~ 19:00
Ever slide(Outdoor Sledding)
10:30 ~ 16:30
10:30 ~ 18:00

[Performance Hour]

02.01~ 03.03
03.04 ~ 03.31
Aurora Show
14:00 / 18:00
14:00 (Weekdays) / 14:00,18:00 (Weekends)
Snow Show
12:00 / 16:00
12:00 (Weekdays)/ 12:00, 16:00 (Weekends)
Bubble show13:00 / 17:00
13:00 (Weekdays)/ 13:00, 17:00 (Weekends)

* Operating hours may change depending on the seasons and situations of events.

How to use

1. After purchase product, please check mobile voucher or email voucher. 

2. Please feel free to visit the purchased option on your desired date within the expiration period.

3. Please exchange the ticket to redeem the QR code or input the QR code number to the KIOSK located indoor side on the 1st floor.

 ※ Redeem is impossible at the ticket office.

 ※ The smaller one of the two sheets of paper that come out when you redeem a ticket is the admission ticket

 ※ Please be careful about losing the admission ticket other than the receipt.

4. Take the escalator to the 2nd floor and show your admission ticket at the SNOW PARK Gate to enter. (The entrance of SNOWPARK is on the 2nd floor.)

* You can rent skates at the rental office on the 1st floor of SNOW PARK.

* Please use the coin locker to store your belongings in the SNOW PARK.

How to go

● Subway line 3 Juyeop Station Exit no. 4, Turn left at the crossroad and go straight about 10 minutes


1. Please prepare warm clothes, coldproof shoes, gloves, and helmets!

2. Food and mats are not allowed.

3. Operating hours may partially changed and according to the season and event conditions.

4. Please wear safety shoes in SNOWPARK. (High heel shoes, Slippery shoes are limited.)

5. SNOWPARK are a first-come, first-served admission system, and admission may be restricted if the maximum capacity is exceeded.

6. For the convenience  please refrain from personal skating, loud singing, violent behavior, use of amusement facilities after drinking, and smoking.

7. Please observe the following matters when using amusement facilities and fun items

    · Please refrain from speeding or playing hard games when using sleds, exotic bicycles, and power trains.

    · When using each facility, such as amusement facilities and snow sledding, please follow the instructions of the staff.

    · When using a merry-go-round, lock the safety device accurately and use it in the correct posture, and do not carry anything that is easy to fall off.

8. Skate rental, room escape, and viking needs to pay separately.

9. Please be careful of the loss of the printed ticket after exchanging the ticket at the kiosk. Reissuance is not possible due to ticket loss.

10. Each barcode will be sent according to the purchase quantity, and partial use or partial refund are impossible.

11. This product is for foreigners only.

Refund Policy

Unused Ticket : 100% Refund

- 100% refundable if not used within expiration date

Guide Language

Language is Irrelevant


300 Hallyu world-ro (Daewa-dong), Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do
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[IIsan] ONEMOUNT SNOWPARK Admission Discount Ticket

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