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[Seoul] No.1 Self-Studio! Four cuts Photo shooting Ticket

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  • 1. Record your memories in Korea, a special day in the Four cuts Photo!
  • 2. You can use Photo shooting ticket anywhere in Korea!
  • 3. Pay conveniently with your mobile and take a four cut photo!

Option and Inclusions

Four cuts Photo shooting Ticket
₩ 4,000
₩ 3,900


Single Use
₩ 4,000 ₩ 3,900 (3% OFF)

Option details

4,000KRW ticket for Four cuts photo studios and road kiosks in Korea

[Not Included]
Use of Special Studio/Special Frame
Not mentioned in Inclusion


No.1 Self-Studio, Four cuts Photo shooting Ticket.

It will be a perfect trip if you enjoy a trip in Korea and put memories in the four cuts photo!


When you go to the studio, the user guide is in Korean, it's hard to use the card, so were there many restrictions on using it?

Now pay with your mobile in advance without worrying, and record your memories of Korea in the studio you want!


Even if you couldn't use it while in Korea, extending the expiration date up to 5 years, so you can use it on your next trip!


Each studio has a unique interior and frame, so you can take photos with the mood you want!


Why don't you make a special day in four cuts photo with your own friends, family, and lovers?

How to use

1. After purchase ticket, please check the voucher send by email. (Check 16 digit number)

2. Visit desired store. 

3. Touch the screen. 

4. Select the quantity of cut and frame.

5. Select "Cash" on payment method.

6. Click the "Use Coupon" below.

※ If you want to get your photo on the mobile via QR code, please click agreement at the right side of the screen. 

7. Enter 16 digits of coupon number on the voucher.

8. Enjoy your photo shooting!

How to use QR code after shooting

1. Check OR code usage on Purchase screen. 

2. After shooting, scan the QR code placed on your printed photos using your mobile phone. 

3. Dowload viedo and photo.

※  QR code will be expired automatically within 3 days including the shooting date. 

※  The original data is kept on the server and cannot be verified by anyone other than the designated representative.

※ The above information is applied when checking the QR code.


1. You don't need to make a reservation separately, so please use it within the expiration date.
2. Partial cancellation is impossible after several payments. ex) Buy 5 tickets > Cancel 2 tickets (impossible)
3. Available in four-cut general studio and in four-cut kiosks on road (but unavailable in Disney frame-only kiosks)
4. It may not be available in special studios.
5. You cannot get a refund after using it in the kiosk. 
6. You can't exchange it for cash. 
7. The period can be extended 30 days before the expiration date, and after expired it cannot be extended.

Refund Policy

**NO refund**

- After purchase, refund is not possible.

Guide Language

Language is Irrelevant
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[Seoul] No.1 Self-Studio! Four cuts Photo shooting Ticket

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