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[USIM] Unlimited data SK eSIM Card

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  • 1. SK USIM, one of the top 3 mobile carriers!
  • 2. Use unlimited 4G LTE data with easy way!
  • 3. This is an eSIM product with a QR code instead of a physical USIM card.
  • 4. Begin using QR codes sent in real time after buying!
  • 5. This product is only for iPhone.

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Niki******arov from Russian Federation
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iPhone couldn’t find the LTE after installation, but it was solved just by turning eSIM off and on. Works g...
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Option and Inclusions

3 Days (72 Hrs)
₩ 18,000
₩ 16,200

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₩ 18,000 ₩ 16,200 (10% OFF)

Option details

3 Days eSIM
Unlimited LTE

[Not Included]
Callings and SMS
5 Days (120 Hrs)
₩ 27,500
₩ 25,000

Date & Time


₩ 27,500 ₩ 25,000 (9% OFF)

Option details

5 Days eSIM
Unlimited LTE

[Not Included]
Callings and SMS
10 Days (240 Hrs)
₩ 38,500
₩ 34,900

Date & Time


₩ 38,500 ₩ 34,900 (9% OFF)

Option details

10 Days eSIM
Unlimited LTE

[Not Included]
Callings and SMS


Using the Internet freely all over Korea provided by SKT, the outstanding telecom provider.
Different from the unstable roaming service, you could benefit from the stable and fast-speed 4G nationwide network. 
Unrestricted data is provided and immediately available in Korea without the need to replace USIM.
Just simply scan the QR code, enjoy the convenience from eSIM service without worrying about losing your home country’s SIM card!


[Introduction of SIM]

1. Mobile carrier: SKT

2. Preferred Usage period : 3 days(72hours) / 5days(120hours) / 10days(240hours) / 20days(480hours) / 30days(720hours)

3. Provide Data: Available to use unlimited data by 10Mpbs speed (Please note that there is no speed limit depending on the usage amount)

4. Calling, and texts services are not available



[Enable Phone]

•iPhone : iPhone XR / XS / XS MAX, iPhone 11,12,13 series, iPhone SE series
•iPhone XR / XS / XS MAX are supported only with iOS 12.1 or above version. 
• Devices which are apart from the list above, please confirm with your mobile phone manufacturer
• Devices released in China do not support eSIM. 
• iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone SE (Gen. 2 and 3), iPhone XS purchased from HONG KONG, MACAU are supported.

How to use and activate the eSIM on your phone

1. Purchase the product and check the email/mobile voucher.

2. Register the eSIM on the cell phone terminal by following the QR code included in the voucher.  

[How to use eSIM and activate]


1. This is a Data only eSIM. Calls and text services are not included.

2. You must turn off roaming services and activate the eSIM.

3. You must print or display the QR Code on another device to scan and set up the eSIM in advance.

4. You can use it immediately after registering eSIM. You need to be connected to the WiFi network to sign up for eSIM.

5. eSIM will be activated once your phone has been connected to the SKT network.

6. Each eSIM can be set up on a single unit. It is not possible to change the device after registering the eSIM.

7. If you delete the eSIM product registered on the mobile phone, it cannot be recognized again. Please be careful not to erase or delete product profiles.

8. Refund will not be accepted once the eSIM QR Code has been sent.

9. You must use the QR code within 60 days (the validation period is 60 days).

10. If you are using a phone which is not supported SK LTE frequency, the 3G signal will be shown. Please note that a refund or exchange will not be accepted under this situation.

11. If it has been opened in Japan/U.S./Canada, you must apply for unlocking your mobile phone through your local supplier in advance. (However, if you used a prepaid card in your country, you do not need to apply separately.)

12. Please contact the online C/S center if you have any problem with the product.

CS Center

[Off line CS Center]

1. Myeongdong station exit no. 10 Ewha building #201