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[Seoul] Experience Sunmudo, Harmony of body and mind

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Available from 2024-07-27
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  • 1. Experience breathing gently and calmly through meditation
  • 2. You can achieve harmony between body and mind by breathing.
  • 3. Experience a traditional Korean Buddhist practice that can only be found in Korea!

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Experience Sunmudo, Harmony of body and mind
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Sunmudo training
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Sunmudo is a traditional Korean Buddhist practice that combines meditation, yoga, qigong, and martial arts training.

Sunmudo, a practical practice of Korean Buddhism, was handed down along with Buddhism as health practice of monks and a martial art of warrior monk.

With the Sunmudo program, you can experience the basic movements of Sunmudo, martial arts, yoga, breathing, qigong, meditation and so on. 

It is a great meditation program for a healthier life, as it can be a time to harmonize your body, mind, and transform into a clear energy.



What to experience 

Sitting Meditation for 15 mins
With this breathing meditation, you can take a break for a while for your tired body and mind.

Warm-up Exercise and Seon(zen) Yoga for 20 mins
With warm-up movements of Seon Gymnastics and Seon Yoga, you can relax your body and mind.

Janggong (Basic Martial Arts Skills) for 20 mins
Energize your body and mind through pushing with palms , while practicing kicking techniques

Seon(Zen)​ Qigong for 20 mins
A moving meditation, the movements of Seon qigong make us realize that body and mind are one.

JwaKwan(Mudra Meditation) for 15 mins
Feel the energy of life by following your hands moving calmly and take time for deep silence in your body and mind.




About 1 hr 30 mins - 2 hrs



Days and Hours of Operation

Mon, Wed, Fri 10:00-12:00

Tue, Thu 14:00-16:00



Minimum/Maximum number of people

1 person / 10 people


On weekends and public holidays

How to use

1. Complete your reservation for your desired date and time.

2. Check the mobile voucher or the voucher sent via email.

※ The voucher will be sent after the company confirms the reservation.

3. Arrive at the experience location on time.

4. Show the voucher to a staff and start your experience.


1. If the desired date and option is not available, the customer service team of Travolution will contact you via email or phone. 

2. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the reservation time.

3. The experience is available from elementary school students (more than 8 years old).

Refund Policy

- Cancellation by 17:00 (KST) 3 days before the reservation date: 100% refund

- Cancellation by 17:00 (KST) 2 days before the reservation date: 70% refund

- Cancellation by 17:00 (KST) 1 day before the reservation date: 50% refund

- No refund afterwards 

Guide Language

Korean / English


3F, Unni Building, 93 Donhwamun-ro 11ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
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[Seoul] Experience Sunmudo, Harmony of body and mind

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