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Sinchon VR Theme Park Free Pass [VRIGHT]

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  • 1. This is a VR theme park voucher where you can play games at the main character in VIRTUAL REALITY!
  • 2. Located in Sinchon, you can easily move to Hongdae (Hongik University neighborhood) after the experience
  • 3. Enjoy playing games using VR/AR technology.
  • 4. After visiting vright, you can get a gift through the roulette games by posting on all forms of social media. Don't miss it!

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Enomoto Aki from Japan
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Option and Inclusions

Free Pass
₩ 20,000
₩ 18,500


₩ 20,000 ₩ 18,500 (8% OFF)

Option details

Sinchon VRIGHT 3 Hours Day Pass Ticket
Walking Battle Zone 1 time Ticket
15minutes Voucher for VR room
Boot camp/lockout 1-time voucher
1-time ticket for Special Force

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Same for adult and child
Free admission: Under 36 mos (Must bring Passport)


Experience the VR game, gaining huge popularity in Sinchon, the street of youth!

Bright is an experienced facility for using Korea's great VR and AR technology at Sinchon. So, you can use devices and play games in the virtual world that you can see in front of you. Enjoy various games in 4 different zones such as Battle Zone, AR Sports Zone, Adventure Zone, and VR Game Zone. Take pleasure in the experience of driving or flying around in the Adventure Zone as soon as you visit and book the Battle Zone. The VR Game Zone, located on the 3rd floor, progress in the room where you can choose a variety of several virtual world themes. Don't forget to play sports games using AR technology in the AR sports zone. For those who are seeking new pleasure, we will provide you with a thrilling experience and meet another dazzling reality.

Sinchon VRIGHT theme park, where you can enjoy special experience away from the usual games, is a great opportunity to participate in a new, unique experience that you couldn’t enjoy in the real world!


• It will be more fun VR shooting games with friends! Beat your enemies in the virtual world for about 15 minutes!


• It provides a powder-room so you can take photos at the powder room photo zone.


• Pose as if you're actually greeting the world's most popular star, Iron Man!


1. VR Game Zone (F3)

• The room where you can enjoy various games, such as action adventure games, escape room games, shooting games, and etc. 

• One player in one room basis. (However, watching the player in the room is possible)

※ With the prepared keyboard, you can select multiple games.


2. Adventure Zone (F2)

• Zone where you can experience various VR attractions from single to 4 people.


3. WALKING Battle Zone

• It is a game that you become a special agent to save the planet in virtual reality space and keep your planet with your friends.

• Up to 4 people are allowed to play, and the playing time is 15 minutes. 

• Enjoy a realistic game with vibration sensor and weapon (gun).

※ Reservations are required at the ticket office as soon as you go there because there are many people who have been waiting. 

Operating hours

Everyday: 13:00 ~ 22:00 (last admission 21:00)


Until November, every 2nd Monday of the month is closed

How to use

1. Purchase the desired product and Check mobile voucher or email voucher.

2. Visit the place freely within 90 days of purchase.

3. Present the voucher at the VRIGHT ticket counter, get an actual ticket (bracelet), and enter.

How to go

• Get off at Exit 3 of Sinchon Station (Subway line 2) and walk straight until Paris Baggett → Turn right at the intersection → Walk straight until “Olive Young” → Pass “Olive Young” and you will see the building.


1. Certain experience facilities may be restricted depending on height.

2. For safety reasons, elderly, drinkers, and pregnant women may be restricted from using the facilities.

3. Total-experience time is up to 3 hours.

4. The operation hours may vary depending on the store's internal circumstances. (Summer / Winter seasons, event times, etc)

5. There might be admission restrictions when exceeding the maximum capacity.

6. Depending on your height, there may be a limit to the games available. All attractions are only available if the height is over 150cm. (Height between 110cm~150cm will be restricted to use some of the attractions)

7. Someone uses the game, you have to wait before proceeding.

8. VR game zones can be used for up to 15 minutes per person.

9. Game facilities in the company can be changed.

10. For "Walking Battle Zone", "Boot Camp" it can be available after making a reservation.

Booking is closed quickly, so you may not be able to use it and cannot refund due to this circumstance.

11. Please note that Sinchon vright might be restricted or postponed for customers' admission to prevent the spread of safety accidents and infectious diseases if there are many visitors.

12. The "Special Force" has been temporarily unavailable due to internal circumstances.


Q. Is there any staff who can speak languages other than Korean?

A. Simple communication in English is possible. Game information on English / Chinese is being prepared.

Q. Is there a restriction on experiencing facilities?

A. Admission may be restrictions depending on the staff’s judgment on site. Children under 110m tall and people taking medicines for the heart, blood pressure, or alcohol are not allowed.

Q. Can I store carriages?

A. Free locker is offered. 

Guide Language

Language is Irrelevant


62, Myeongmul-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Refund policies

100% Refund for Unused Tickets

  • - Unused tickets within the expiry date are 100% refundable.

Recent reviews (2)

Enomoto Aki from Japan
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Arielle Ariana Von Pukanecz from United States
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I went with a group of friends and we had a great time. We tried all of the experiences and the highlight for us was the VR Video games. Such a great laugh playing. Can't wait to go back again.
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Sinchon VR Theme Park Free Pass [VRIGHT]

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