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Gangnam COEX ALL IN ONE Pass

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  • 1. This is COEX Pass, which allows you to spend more time on your departure day. It is a special PASS that includes direct limousine bus to the airport and allows you to enjoy shopping/activities without having to hold around your heavy luggage after check-in at city airport.
  • 2. Free access to the COEX Aquarium, SM TOWN Museum admission, one movie and airport limousine bus to Incheon Airport!
  • 3. Up to 40% off available at food malls and several shopping malls in the COEX Mall.
  • 4. Spend an amazing last time after checking-in at the city airport. :)

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Option and Inclusions

₩ 96,000
₩ 44,900


₩ 96,000 ₩ 44,900 (53% OFF)


Gangnam COEX PASS is a travel pass that provides foreign travelers and business travelers who visit Korea with free admission benefits and discount coupons to experience everything from shopping to eating, Hallyu Cultural Contents, activities and transportation within 48 hours.

Free admission to 3 representative activities of COEX, as well as NON STOP Limousine Bus Ticket to Incheon International Airport and discounts/service benefits to about 30 different stores! 



Variety of Benefits

1. Free admission using Mobile Voucher. (To see more info → CLICK HERE)

2. Discount Coupons to about 30 Food and Shopping Stores!

Free Entry

1. COEX Aquarium 

• Operation Hours : 10AM~9PM (Last Entry 8PM)

• Contact Us : +82-2-700-7200

• How to use : Redeem Ticket after presenting QR code at the ticket booth


2. SM TOWN Museum

• Operation Hours : 13:00 PM ~ 19:50 PM (Last Entry 19:00 PM) ※ Every Monday is closed.

• Contact Us : +82-2-1670-6330

• How to use: Redeem Ticket after presenting QR code at the ticket booth


3. MegaBox COEX - One movie ticket

• Operation Hours : 07:30AM~2AM

• Contact Us : +82-2-1544-0070

• How to use : Please print out the number ticket then visit the ticketbooth according to the number called. Select Movie/Seat AFTER presenting QR code → then redeem the actual ticket and enter on time


4. City Airport Limousine Ticket (To Incheon Airport)

• Operation Hours : 04:10AM~9:30PM

• Contact Us : +82-2-551-6103

• How to use : Board on the bus after exchanging the QR code to an actual bus ticket (Board on Time) 



Discount Tourist Area 

Look for stores with COEX PASS stickers at the COEX Mall! 


1. Activity

• Seven Luck Casino (New members only) : 50,000won Free Chips Coupon + 10,000won Machine Ticket + Special Gift


2. Shopping & Mall

• Lotte Duty Free Store : 20,000won Coupon (for purchase over $50) + 20% Discount

• Hyundai Department Store Duty Free : Up to 25% off Special Voucher + Silver Membership 

• Hyundai Department Store Trade Center : K-Card Membership Free Drink and Welcome Gift

• Starfield COEX Mall : Discounts and special gifts offered to F&B and shopping malls in COEX Mall

• Parnas Mall : Offering store discounts in the underground level of the Parnas Hotel.

• Oakwood Mall : Discount on the Oakwood Hotel Premier Mall

• K Mall 24 Online Sale Discount : Welcome coupon and discount coupon

• Roem : 10% Off Normal Products

• Hazzys : 10% additional discount on new products

• Marimekko : 5% off all items

• IL Bisonte : 5% off all items

• Avene : 10% off all products + 3 types of miniatures

• Latem : 10% off from purchases over 50,000 won

• Haneol Craft : 10% off all items


3. Dining

• Devil's Door : 20% off for Foods & drinks + 2 free drinks for meals over 50,000 won

• Top Cloud 52 : Free welcome drink (One glass of wine per person)

• Oakwood Hotel Restaurant, Bar : 10% Discount

• SM TOWN Cafe : Discount for ADE (exceptions apply)

• MegaBox COEX : Store combo 2,000 won, immediate discount

• Gogung Restaurant : Steamed Eggs served when visiting a group of 3 or more people

• VIPS My Pick : One can of soft drink given for meals over 10,000 won

• China Factory : 3pcs of deep fried dumplings served for meals over 10,000 won

• Cheiljemyunso : One can of soft drink given for meals over 10,000 won

• Seasonal rice-based : Free Sweet and sour chicken(small) served for orders 10,000 won or more

• Bangkok 9 : Free Thai Chicken(3 pcs) served for orders over 10,000 won

• Grand MAO : One bottle of Harbin beer served when ordering meal

• Shy Bana : Free Side Dish (Select 1)

• Hummus Kitchen : Every Drinks + Beer 40% Discount, Wine 30% Discount

• Konaya : All Set Menu 10% Discount

• Yi Hwa Won : All Menu 10% Discount (Liquor excepted)

• Matsugaze : All Menu 10& Discount (Liquor excepted)

• Korean Grill Dining : All Menu 10& Discount (Liquor excepted)

How to use

1. Check mobile/email voucher after reservation.

2. Present voucher at COEX PASS free admission store ticket box. 

3. Please download the coupon at by entering the QR number (TV1234567890)

4. Present the coupon when making payment at the discount stores.

How to go

1. Gangnam COEX 

• Subway line number 2, Samseong Station, Exit 6 COEX MALL 

2. Free admission store ticket box

• COEX Aquarium : Ticket booth in the red box

• SM TOWN Museum : L3 Ticket Box

• Mega Box COEX : B1 COEX Mall, Mega Box Ticket Booth

• Tickets to City Airport Limousine Ticket : Information Box located inside Bus Ticket 


1. Must visit the Free Entry Stores within 48 hours. The 48 hours count down starts from the time of the first entry not the time of purchase. (ex> Purchased on the 1st of August, First used on the 3rd of August 9AM  - available until 5th of August 8:69 AM) 

2. Discounted available stores may change depending on the situation of the store.

3. The Limousine Bus Ticket may be sold out on the time of your choice. Recommend to book the seating first. 

4. Refund unavailable even if you only enter 1 place. 

5. Discount Coupon cannot be used directly from the QR code, MUST be downloaded from Put in the voucher number(ex> TV1234567890)!

6. [MegaBox] Movie tickets are only available in general theaters and in 2D movies. Special theaters and 3D/4D are not available. 

7. [MegaBox] Subtitles are not available for Korean Movies. Refund for this case will not be permitted.

8. [MegaBox] You may choose to watch the movie or not. However, change of mind will not be available. (e.g If purchased the pass for 3 people and only 2 people wants to watch the movie, the other 1 person may not change their mind later and watch) 

9. [SMTOWN MUSEUM] Use the QR code given on the actual ticket to access the AR Photo Shoot. And may print out the image at the Gift Shop on your way out (Extra Fee).

10. [SMTOWN MUSEUM] Digital Cameras are not allowed to be used when taking photos in the Museum. Only Phone Cameras are allowed.

11. [SMTOWN MUSEUM] Every Monday is closed.

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513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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