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[The Place Dining] N Tower Italian Restaurant Couple Set Dining Ticket

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Available from 2019-07-18
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  • 1. Enjoy the special course at a reasonable price at the Italian Restaurant "The Place Dining"!
  • 2. The hiking trail to Namsan Tower, is famous for its healing trails.
  • 3. Famous for Korean Drama and K-pop music videos shooting place
  • 4. Create special memories by hanging "love locks" around the terrace!
  • 5. Vegetarian foods are also provided.


Special Couple Course
₩ 140,000
₩ 126,000

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₩ 140,000 ₩ 126,000 (10% OFF)

Option details

Korean Beef Carpaccio
Salmon Plate (Salmon Salad, Belly Tadaki, Salmon Hotdog)
Heart Lavioli
Margherita & Gorgonzola pizza
Basil Sherbet
lobster + Beef Tenderloin Steak + Apple tree smoked ribs
Panna Cotta of Seasonal Fruit

[Not Included]
N Tower Observatory
N Tower Cable Car


Enjoy a dinner with your friends, family and lover at a luxury Italian restaurant, looking at the panoramic view of Seoul!

N Seoul Tower, a symbol of Seoul, is located on top of Namsan Mountain, and is famous for its scenic beauty and healing walking course for foreigners. There are various activities to experience and delicious restaurant at N Tower! Among them, The Place Dining is a restaurant where you can enjoy the western food which high-class service at the Namsan Mountain. Taste the Italian mainland's food in a romantic-looking couple seat!


• Seoul's night view from N Seoul Tower


• Try hanging the "love locks" that come out in Korean Drama!

•  Seats to view the Han River and panoramic view of the plaza are available! Enjoy the nice view and have a delicious and romantic meal time~


• The menu is for both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian visiting Namsan Tower.


Vegetarian Menu

• Vegetarian customers with be automatically changed to Premium Course from Special Couple Course. You can choose from each of Pasta/pizza. Appetizer, Main Menu. → MENU BOARD

Operating hours

Everyday: 11AM ~ 11PM(Last Order : 21:30)

How to use

1. Check the voucher sent to mobile/email after reservation.

2. Use the N Seoul Tower roof top stairs and go to the 2nd floor. (Elevator available too)

3. Be assigned a seat by saying the reservation name to the staff at "The Place Dining" Restaurant."

4. If you're a vegetarian please mention to the staff to change to Premium Course- Vegetarian Course

How to go

1. By walking

• Time required: About 40 minutes

- Get off of Exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station (Subway line 4) and walk through the alley and stay to your right, passing the 7-Eleven (convenience store), and continue about 7-8 minutes between the Pacific Hotel and the GS25 (convenience store). Namsan Cable Car is at the top of the hill near the Chinese Consulate.

2. By cable cars

• Time required: About 15 minutes

• Operation hours: Namsan Oreumi escalator 09:00 - 23:00 / Namsan Cable Car 10:00 - 23:00  

- Go straight from Exit 4 of Myeong-dong Station (Subway line 4) to Hoehyeon intersection (towards Shinsegae Department Store), then turn left at the intersection. Walk about 5 minutes to reach the Namsan Cable Car Ohreumi/Incline Elevator.

- Arrive at the cable car station by Namsan Oreumi escalator, then go to N Seoul Tower at once by Namsan cable car.

3. By Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus No.2 

• Time required: About 15 minutes

• Rates 1,200 KRW / 1,100 KRW with transportation card (transfers possible)

• Operating hours: 07:00 ~ 23:30 / Distribution interval 16 minutes

- Take a bus at the bus stop 1-minute walk from (Subway line 3, 4) Chungmuro Station Exit 2 (in front of Daehan Cinema) 

- Get out from Exit 6 of Dongguk University Station (Subway line 3), go behind the exit 6, walk to Jangchung gymnasium, take a right of Jangchungdong Park and go straight.


1. If you have any allergies or food you can't eat, please let the staff know in advance. However, refund due to allergies will not be provided.

2.Please notify the staff if you are a vegetarian at the venue.

3. When there is a specific event happening, you may not be able to book in the day of your choice. If so, you will be contacted by the Customer Service Team.

4. Please take the reservation time and last order time in mind! 

5. Reservation of  Han River View seats in advance is not allowed. The seats will be arranged in order of reservation and you can check the seats at the site. (If there are not many reservations made, the seats will be arranged as first-come-first-served basis)


2F, 105 (Namsandong 2-ga), Namsangongwon-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
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  • - After purchase, refund is not possible.
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[The Place Dining] N Tower Italian Restaurant Couple Set Dining Ticket

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