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4G/LTE Unlimited DATA USIM 5 days (Wide Mobile)

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  • 1. Can use unlimited 4G(LTE) data for 5 days.
  • 2. 3 in 1 sim card that can be used regardless the type of phone.
  • 3. Can use LTE from SKT Telecom
  • 4. Located right in the middle of the hall, you can pick it up instantly at the wide-mobile booth just ahead of you.

Option and Inclusions

5 Days USIM
₩ 25,000
₩ 24,000

Date & Time


₩ 25,000 ₩ 24,000 (4% OFF)

Option details

5 days USIM
Unlimited Data


Enjoy the speed of the Internet in Korea. You can freely search restaurants, SNS, tourist attractions and even contact your friends and family without looking for a Wifi. No need to carry around a separate device!

• With 365 days service, you can purchase it anytime and anywhere.

• No more trouble looking for Wi-Fi!



Device Information

• Valid Date: 5 days from the date of use.

• Data: Unlimited

• Domestic call: X

• International call: X


How to use

1. Check the voucher sent to your mobile/email after reservation.

2. Arrive on time on the day.

3. Show your passport and voucher at the booth.

4. Collect the sim-card at the booth.

5. Turn off the phone then insert the sim card.

6. Turn the phone back on then turn on the data roaming.

Pickup Place

1. Incheon International Airport (1st floor in the Passenger Terminal 1)

 Location: Gate 7, 1st floor, WIFI Rental, Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 1)

• Operating hours: 24 hours / All Year Round

2. Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 2)

• Location: Gate 1, 1st floor, Incheon International Airport (Passenger Terminal 2)

• Operating hours: 24 hours / All Year Round

3. Gimpo International Airport

 LocationDeparture Hall on the 3rd floor of Gimpo International Airport, Wi-FI Doshirak Roaming Center opposite of "Seven-Eleven".

 Operating hours: 06:00 ~ 21:00

4. Daegu International Airport

 Location: Level 1, next to Gate 1, Daegu Airport

 Operating hours: 05:00 ~ 22:00 (Please return to the Return Box, when returning after 22:00)

5. Gimhae International Airport 

 Location: Level 1, Gate 3, Roaming Center, Gimhae International Airport 

 Operating hours: 05:30 ~ 22:30 (Please return to the Return Box, when returning after 22:30)

6. Cheongju International Airport 

 Location: Level 1, Gate 3, Roaming Center, Cheongju International Aiport

 Operating hours: 06:00 ~ 22:00 *Operating hours may vary depending on the Airport operating time

7. Busan Port International Passenger Terminal

 Location: 1st floor, next to Gate 1


1. The COUNTRY LOCK on the device must be disabled for SIM use. 

2. Depending on the device type and frequency band, it may not be available.

3. Only data is available to use. (Phone call not available)

4. The customer must install the SIM card themself, and it can only be used on the mobile phone.

5. Recharge and extension are not available. (If using more than 6 days please purchase more than)

6. Until Oct 31, Gimpo Airport/ Cheongju Airport / Daegu Airport / Gimhae Airport / Port of Busan will be temporarily closed. 

7. Incheon Airport T1/T2 operating hours will be temporarily changed 6 am ~10 pm. 

Refund Policy

 Cancellation before 1 day 5PM(KST) : 100% Refund

• Cancellation after : No Refund

Guide Language

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4G/LTE Unlimited DATA USIM 5 days (Wide Mobile)

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