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Gangnam Attraction Package 2(COEX Aquarium + Legend Sports Heroes + Gangnam City Tour Bus)

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  • 1. if you are doubting about what to do in Gangnam, how about visiting the aquarium with sports related activities?
  • 2. Various fishes, sharks and performances are waiting for you!
  • 3. Legend Sports Heroes consists of 10 kinds of games such as indoor screen sports, baseball. bowling, horse riding and curling.
  • 4. Take the Gangnam City Tour Bus and visit places including COEX Aquarium and Legend Sports Heroes

Option and Inclusions

₩ 62,000
₩ 42,000


₩ 62,000 ₩ 42,000 (32% OFF)


This ticket package allowes you to enjoy the indoor attraction - Legend Sports Heroes in Gangnam, the COEX Aquarium near Samsung station and Gangnam City Tour Bus at a low price. After visiting the Legend Sports Heroes, you can take the Gangnam City Tour Bus and visit the COEX Aquarium.


• Observe the fish living from the fields to valleys zone


• A huge water tank where 40 sharks living together from Sand Tiger sharks to magpie sharks


• Interesting performances and feeding time!


• There is no time to be bored with 10 games like baseball, bowling, horseback riding, curling, gun fighting, etc.


• Your order number is shown on the waiting board that you can enjoy as many games as possible within a given time.

• Feel like playing real sports with vivid screen and sound!


• It is a "hop on hop off bus" which you ride on/get off at the main tourist spots in Gangnam. Feel the beauty and charisam of Gangnam by visitng places like COEX, Gangnam Station and Garosu Road.


• Course : Gangnam Station → Le Méridien Hotel, Novetel → Samsung Hotel → Seonneung and Jeongneung, Ramada Seoul Hotel → Bongseunsa, Lotte Duty Free → CPEX, SM Town → Lottle World → Lotte World Tower → Olympic Park → Jamsil Sports Complex → Samsung Station → K-POP Entertainment Buildings → Hallyu Star Street → Apgujeong Rodeo → Tourist Information Center, Hyundai Department Store → Southern part of Garosu Road → Floating Island → Express Terminal Shopping Mall, SInsegye Department Store → Sorae Village → Seoul University of Education Station → Samsung D'Light → Gangnam Station




• COEX Aquarium : 10:00 – 20:00 (Last Admission 19:00)

• Legend Sports Heroes  : 11:00-24:00

• Gangnam City Tour Bus : 10:30분 ~17:30분 / Intervals : Around 60~70 minutes




COEX Aquarium entry ticket

Legend Sports Heroes entry ticket 

Gangnam City Tour Bus boarding pass


Gangnam City Tour Bus: Monday

How to Use

1. Reserve at Seoul PASS.

2. Visit the two places at the time you want.

3. Show your voucher at both places in exchange for entry tickets!

Ticket Box

1. COEX Aquarium

• Come out from Line No.2 Gangnam Station Exit 9 and go straight → Turn right and get in "Seochodae-ro 75-gil(서초대로 75길)" → Go straight and you will see the Legend Sports building on your left. Go down to the B1/F.

2. Legend Sports Heroes @ Gangnam

• Come out from Line No. 9 Bongeunsa Station Exit 7 and go inside the COEX building → COEX Aquarium (B1/F) ★ The Closest! ★

• Come out from Line No.2 Samsung Station Exit 5 and go inside the COEX building → Walk for 10~15 minutes

3. Gangnam City Tour Bus

• Subway: Line No.2 Gangnam Station Exit 11 and walk for 150m (Next to Megabox)

※ Except for Gangnam Station which the get-on/get-off spot is fixed, you can choose where to get off for the other bus stops.

Important Notes

• You must present your voucher at both ticket boxes.

 You can visit two places on a different day.

 Those aged below 36 months are not able to enter the Legend Sports Heroes, but can enter the COEX Aquarium for free

[Legend Sports Heroes]

• You will be charged when you lose the card.

• The ticket is valid for 2 hours. 2,000 KRW will be charged for additional 10 minutes.

• Gangnam Branch offers unlimited beverages and popcorn.  

[COEX Aquarium]

• Re-entry is not allowed.

• Pets are prohibited to enter.

• This ticket is for FIT travelers only. Group travelers with tour guides are prohibited from use.

• Visit the official website and check the program schedule. → 

[Gangnam City Tour Bus]

1.Bus intervals may differ due to the bus condition or the booking situation.

2. Bus model may differ due to maintenance or the booking situation. 

3. It is a circular bus where you can get on or get off freely. Therefore, the seats are not assigned and usually, you can choose your own seats if you take the bus at Gangnam Station. If you take the bus at other stops, you may have to stand when there are no extra seats.

5.It may be cold due to the strong wind at night starting from October. Please wear enough clothes to stay warm.

6. During weekends or weekdays, the bus may get fully occupied quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that you come early.

Refund Policies

• Unused tickets are 100% refundable.

• Tickets cannot be refunded if you have visited at least one of the places.

Guide Language

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Gangnam Attraction Package 2(COEX Aquarium + Legend Sports Heroes + Gangnam City Tour Bus)

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