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[KPOP] Ktown4u K-pop Vocal One Day Class + Video Shooting Experience

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Available from 2024-06-24
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  • 1. The place where make your K-POP dreams to reality! It is Ktown4u coex Academy.
  • 2. The pleasant facilities of COEX Artium and various attractions located on each floor! Class will be held at hot place of KPOP.
  • 3. Experience all joys of K-POP in Ktown4u, which also appeared on famous Korean show.
  • 4. You can get lessons from a trainer used to real K-pop Idol!

Option and Inclusions

[Group] K-pop Vocal Class+ Shorts Video Shooting
₩ 110,000

Date & Time


₩ 110,000

Option details

Group Vocal Class
3 Snapshots + 1 Shorts Video
A special gift by lottery

Not mentioned in Inclusion
[Private] K-pop Vocal Class+ Shorts Video Shooting
₩ 165,000

Date & Time


₩ 165,000

Option details

Private Vocal Class
3 Snapshots + 1 Shorts Video
A special gift by lottery

Not mentioned in Inclusion


Ktown4u coex Academy - The place where make your K-POP dreams to reality!

Ktown4u coex Academy, located on the 3rd floor of Coex is a professional academy with the best K-POP trainers. We'll make you as a K-POP star.


4층에는 K-POP 아이돌 팝업스토어,  2층에는 다양한 K-POP 굿즈와 앨범을 만날 수 있습니다. 

You can find a K-POP Idol Pop-up store on the 4th floor, and you also find various K-POP goods and albums on the 2nd floor.
In addition, shooting "Four Custs photo", a must-have course in Korea! Experience all the joys of K-POP in one place.


Let's fall in love with charm of K-POP at Ktown4u coex, a popular tourist destination in Korea, such as appeared the popular Korean program of MBC 'Welcome~ Is it the first time in Korea?'


Vocal Class

We'll give some tips on how to sing smoothly and express your emotions!


Trainers who used to be K-pop Idols proceed your training directly.

Learn the training process of K-pop Idol groups!



In the professional shooting environment of Ktown4u Studio, you can experience the actual K-pop Idol shooting scene with professional shooting equipment!


You can also take personal photos!



Class Schedule

Monday ~ Friday / 11:00 , 13:00 , 14:00 , 15:00

Saturday ~ Sunday / 17:00 , 18:00 , 19:00



Special Benefits

Present special gifts through a lottery among class participants

Provide video + snapshot to all class participants



Minimum/Maximum number of proceed

Group : 2 people / 40 people

Private : One person / 40 people



60 minutes

How to use

1. Purchase your desired date and time. (Must write down your Instagram ID.)

2. Check mobile voucher or email voucehr.

 ※ Voucher will be sent after the operator confirmed your reservation.

3. Please arrive on time at the experience place. 

4. Show your voucher to the staff and start experience. 


1. It's a global experience program, class will be proceed in English.

2. If the minimum number of people were not gathered, class may canceled. In this case, we will notify you in advance via email.

3. If the class is canceled due to the operator's situation, a full refund will be made.

4. Voucher is only valid on the designated date and time.

5. Over 7 years old can participate in this experience.

6. Please arrive at the academy 30 minutes before.

7. Please be sure to the safety rules and follow the teacher's guidance. 

8. If it is difficult to proceed a class on your reservation date due to the academy's situation, you can change the date.

9. Please write down your Instagram ID (set to approve searching). when you make a reservation. Song information and details will be checked directly with the operator through Instagram DM. 

10. If you are late more than 30 mintues, it will be considered NO-SHOW, in this case, refund is impossible.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 2 days 5 PM (KST) : 100% Refund 

• Afterwards : No Refund

Guide Language

Korean / English


Ktown4u coex Academy : 3rd floor, Coex Artium, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
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[KPOP] Ktown4u K-pop Vocal One Day Class + Video Shooting Experience

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