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[Seoul] Find your color! Ocollor Personal Color / Personal Fit Consulting

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Available from 2024-07-28
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  • 1. Find your own color that defines you!
  • 2. Find your true style!
  • 3. Complete the head-to-toe K-styling with a certified professional!
  • 4. You can experience it at any branch you want among Shinsa and Yeouido branches.
  • 5. We share various styling know-how so that color types can be used in various directions.
  • 6. As the first personal color company in Korea, we offer precise and detailed analysis with 15 years of professional experience.
  • 7. We are a specialized style consulting firm that enhances individual beauty by analyzing not only personal colors but also body and facial fits.
  • 8. Knowing your personal color is the beginning of your style. Have an experience that allows you to focus more on yourself.

Option and Inclusions

Personal Color Experience
₩ 225,000

Date & Time


₩ 225,000
₩ 360,000
₩ 450,000

Option details

[Experience Time]
One person : 60 minutes
2 people : 90 minutes
3 people : 120 mintues

✔Detailed type analysis( Main 1 type and Secondary 2 type categories)
✔A description of your unique image based on your personal color analysis
✔Personalized suggestions are offered for Best and Worst Colors, along with the provision of seven Best Color Cards.
✔Makeup Color Palettes tailored to Specific Makeup Concepts, accompanied by Product recommendations.
✔Fashion Color Coordination, and Patterns
✔Hair Colors, Accessory Colors, Materials, including Jewelry, Glasses, Hats, Scarves, and Color Lenses
✔The lookbook with style examples for each personal color type.

Not mentioned in Inclusion
Personal Fit Experience(body)
₩ 225,000

Date & Time


₩ 225,000
₩ 360,000
₩ 450,000
Add Face fit(1 Person, 30 mins)
₩ 90,000

Option details

[Experience Time]
One person : 60 minutes
2 people : 90 minutes
3 people : 120 minutes
※ It will take 30 minutes more to add Face fit, and Face fit cannot be purchased separately.

✔Accurate measurement and analysis of body parts that determine your body shape
✔Recommendations for suitable sizes for fashion tops and bottoms
✔How to interpret different sizing charts when shopping online
✔Fashion tips on which details to avoid and which to choose based on your body shape
✔Look suggestions for various occasions that balance your upper and lower body to enhance your unique silhouette (lookbook provided)
✔Online guidance on which items to choose and which to avoid
※Provides when you add Face fit
✔Accessory selection tips (hats, glasses, jewelry) that complement your face shape
✔Recommended hairstyles that flatter your face shape, including length, volume, and bangs
✔Highlighting, shading, and blushing directions to enhance facial features

Not mentioned in Inclusion


A must-have course for style completion! Find the colors that define you in Korea.


We recommend Ocollor's Personal Color/Personal Fit experience as the first step in style transformation!



1. Personal Color

We will find the image and style know-how that suits you by diagnosing your own color that can compensate for the shortcomings of your skin and make it clearer and brighter!


We help you style smartly and strategically that naturally creates your own image.


[Personal Color Diagnostic Process]

 - Consultant Introduction: Accurate and detailed consulting of the same diagnostic system for all consultants


- Type analysis and Draping: Accurate color type analysis without misanalysis through a self-developed 

120-color drape.

- Style Consulting: Fashion Color Match and Accessory Curation suggestions on how to use items in pouches and additional shopping guides


[Consulting Gift]

- Consulting Review paper : Provide a consultation report

- Best Color Card : Provide color cards that correspond to the top 7 of your best colors

- Season Card/Tone Card : Summarize your type of color at a glance

- Beauty Card/ Lip Color Card : Card that directly compares the color for makeup with your type by various makeup part

Pattern Card / Makeup Brand Card: Card that directly shows recommended patterns on fashion and Makeup Items by Brand

- Curation Book : A lookbook displaying fashion recommendation styles and color combinations by concept


★ We recommend it to people like this!

Anyone who has been confused by different diagnostic results every time! 

Who doesn't know how to apply the color into the style!

Who wants to know how to use colors that vary according to various fashion concepts! 


2. Personal Fit

We classify your basic body shape and face shape into 7 types and 5 types, respectively, that will never change no matter how much you gain weight and lose weight. Rather than styling that is dragged around by the trend, we help you style that maximizes the strength of the silhouette according to your body type.


[Personal Fit Analysis Process]

- Consultant Introduction and Personal Fit Description: Scientific consulting that enables accurate analysis with a body type calculator


- Measurement of Body Size: After measuring body sizes, we categorize them into seven types based on the proportions of body size.


- Body type and Facial type Analysis: Accurately analyze the strengths and weaknesses of body type to proceed with fashion structure guide and hair/accessories curation through facial type analysis

- Provide Shopping Guide: Online Shopping wishlist feedback and highlights advantages, provide shortcomings cover styling guide, Recommend season trending items, provide additional shopping guide


[Consulting Gift]

- Body type Review Paper: Provide a review paper that summarizes the measurements of each body part such as accurate sizes and characteristics

- Facial shape Analysis Paper: Provides analysis paper with facial proportion and face shape features (when you add Face fit)

- Style Book: Provides easy reference materials for various styles and explains how to choose sizes and item details that are suitable for you when shopping online. Additionally, we offer recommendations for hair (length, bangs style, volume) and accessories curation


★ We recommend it to people like this!

Anyone who has ever failed to shop while buying best-sales ranking items or auto-recommended clothes!

Who gets tired of wearing the same style of clothes every time!

Who often don't fit the size they always wear because of the different size sizes for each brand!



Experience hour

- Personal Color / Personal Fit

One person: 60 minutes

2 people: 90 minutes

3 people: 120 minutes

※ It will take 30 minutes more if you add Face fit option


Available Reservation Time

10:00, 13:30, 16:00



Number of Minimum/Maximum pax

Sinsa Branch : One person / 12 people  3 Consulting Room (Can accommodate 4 people per room)

Yeouido Branch :  One person / 8 people  2 Consulting Room (Can accommodate 4 people per room)

How to use

1. Choose your desired date and time.
2. Check mobile voucher or email voucher.
※  The operator will send the voucher stating the exact reservation time. Please make sure to check that contents.
3. Please be on time at the experience place and show your voucher. 
4. Enjoy your experience.


1. Please arrive 10 minutes before the consultation.(Consultation time will be deducted if you are late after reservation time)

2. Video and audio recording are not allowed. (Advance consent is required for video recording.)

3. Photography is possible, and short videos within 10 minutes are also possible.

4. The personal color is available over 8 years old, and the personal fit is available over 18 years old.

5. Introduction to supplies

- Personal Color: We recommend you to wear minimal makeup, and make sure to bring a makeup pouch. (Eye Makeup Remover and Cleansing Water are provided.)

- Personal Fit: Please prepare clothes that fit your body for both the top and bottom. Please prepare long pants such as leggings or training pants for the bottoms. As part of the consulting program, we are also conducting online shopping coaching, so please add the products you are interested in to your wish list. (There is a dressing room where you can change your clothes.)

6. The translation language will be in Chinese/English, and please write down what language to proceed when making a reservation.

7. Only Personal Color products are available for male customers. (Personal Fit not available.)

8. We recommend that you make a reservation at least 1 week in advance to ensure your desired schedule since there may be many pre-confirmed schedules.

9. Face fit included the Personal fit cannot be purchased separately.

Studio Location

1. Ocollor Sinsa Branch (Colozart) Consulting Studio : 2nd floor, 20 Gangnam-daero 156-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

 Google Map URL :

2. Ocollor Yeouido Brand(Colozart) Consulting Studio : #1106, Manhattan building, 33 Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

▶ Google Map URL :


Q.Can men get Personal Fit?

A. Personal Fit consulting is currently only available for women, and it will be opened later.

Q. I'm currently on a diet, can I get a Personal Fit? Does my body type change when I gain weight or lose weight?

A.Personal Fit consulting measures the ratio of natural body size, and the body shape does not change significantly due to weight changes. The body type is analyzed by looking at the balance of shoulder, chest, waist, and pelvis sizes, so even if you gain weight, the deviation of each size remains the same and does not change.

Q. Can I wear makeup when I get Personal Color consulting?

A. We recommend that you come without makeup as much as possible, and a light sunscreen is fine.

If you come without removing your makeup, there are cleansing water and eye remover in the consulting room, cotton swabs, cotton pads, etc., so you can come and remove it.

Q. Can I take my shorts with me when diagnosing a Personal Fit?

A. Please prepare leggings or training pants for the bottom and thin and tight clothes for both the top and bottom.

Q. Is it possible to visit other than experienced people?

A. In the case of a minor's own experience, parents are allowed to visit and you have to inform them in advance.

Refund Policy

- Cancellation 72 hours before reservation time:  100% Refund and Change available

- Afterwards: No Refund/No Change

※ If it is difficult for you to attend, you can use it by proxy. Please inform the name and contact number of the proxy user to along with the reservation number.

Guide Language

English / Chinese / Japanese


Sinsa Branch : 2nd floor, 20 Gangnam-daero 156-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea / Yeouido Branch : #1106, Manhattan building, 33 Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
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[Seoul] Find your color! Ocollor Personal Color / Personal Fit Consulting

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