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Find my hidden charm, Personal color with Kpop Makeup

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Available from 2024-04-29
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  • 1. A trendy broadcast stylist consultant will find your color!
  • 2. Use systematic diagnostic techniques, KCI diagnostics.
  • 3. Get your own optimal diagnosis using over 200 patented color diagnostic drapes!
  • 4. Based on the diagnosis, find the right makeup style for you!

Option and Inclusions

Tone Basic Personal Color Diagnosis
₩ 150,000

Date & Time


₩ 150,000

Option details

- Makeup color
- Cosmetic diagnosis
- Personal color diagnosis
- Personal color diagnosis paper
- Accessory color diagnosis
- women - cosmetic diagnosis and recommendation / men - face shap diagnosis, , eyebrow shape, eye wear recommendation

[Not Included]
Not mentioned in Inclusion
Tone and Beauty K-pop Makeup Class
₩ 200,000

Date & Time


₩ 200,000

Option details

- Makeup color
- Cosmetic diagnosis
- Personal color makeup lesson
- Personal color makeup demonstration

[Not Included]
Not mentioned in Inclusion


Get accurate personal color diagnosis and beauty consulting from a consultant with stylist experience!


Personal color is the color that is most harmonious with your natural body color. Using personal color, you can take advantage of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.


'Diagnostis only with skin color?' NO! 'Diagnostis of image and just feeling?' No!

Using the KCI diagnostic method, systematic diagnostic technology based on KS standard color system, the diagnosis is not made by the consultant's personal option.

Using more than 200 patented color diagnostic drapes, you can get your own optimized diagnosis.


'Just over once you're diagnosed~' No!

If you know the color but don't know how to use it, it's unuseable. We have prepared realistic and practical applications.

Each person has a different base color, shadow, lip color and fashion style.


'If you don't know what clothes to buy?' 'If you don't know what suits you?'

Worrying time only delays your heyday! Find out your charms!



Option Information

1. Tone Basic Personal Color Diagnosis

- Taking 1 hour
1. Write down a pre-questionnaire
2. Self-diagnosis of body color
3. Chroma/Lightness conceptual theorem
4. Detailed tone conceptual theorem
5. Draping
6. Check the Personal Color zone
7. Hair & Makeup color recommendations
8. Recommended accessories and colors for the skeleton
9. Cosmetic diagnosis and recommendation
10. Q&A1. Completing a Pre-Questionnaire

2. Tone and Beauty K-pop Makeup Class

- Taking 1hour 30 minutes 
* Makeup class
1. Write down a pre-questionnaire
2. Diagnosing the current makeup style
3. Analysis of strengths/weakness of face shape
4. Customer Image Diagnostics
5. Cosmetics diagnosis you have
6. Start self-styling
7. Posture correction and problem feedback
8. Recommendations for used and matching products
9. Q&A
10. Providing a medical certificate for makeup consulting


Reservation Schedule

Everyday / 10:00~19:00(1 hour intervals)



Number of Minimum/Maximum pax

One person / 2 people


National Holiday

How to use

1. After the reservation, please check the email voucher.

2. Please arrvie on time at the day of the experience. 

3. Please visit on time and show your voucher. 

4. Proceed the experience. 


1. Please be punctual. (Arrive before 10 minutes is essential.)

2. Other people's witness is not allowed. (If you have companies, they have to wait in the waiting area.)

3. Reservation may not be available on the desired date and time. In this case, our CS team will inform you via email. 

4. Up to 2 people can expereince it at one time. 

5. Please check your supplies

- Common : no makeup(Basic makeup+sunscreen), cosmetics that you used, glasses/lenses can be used(However, colored lenses cannot eyes diagnose during self-diagnosis.)

- Personal color diagnosis/Makeup class : color cosmetics that you used, tools

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 5 days 5PM(KST) : 100% Refund

• Cancellation before 1 day 5PM(KST) : 50% Refund

• Afterwards : No Refund

Guide Language

Korean / English


#b06, B1F, Hyosung Hongik Apartment(Officetel), 183 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
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Find my hidden charm, Personal color with Kpop Makeup

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