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[Seoul] RaRa:PM Hairshop Hair & Make-up Experience

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  • 1. RaRa:PM Beauty shop is a famous Korea Hair salon where talented professionals gathered.
  • 2. It is a popular beauty shop for trendy & stylish hair and makeup styling.
  • 3. RaRa:PM is a beauty shop famous for its stylish makeup as well as hair.
  • 4. It located in 7 minutes’ walk from the Apqgujeong Rodeo Station, it is very convenient to use.
  • 5. RaRa:PM pursue the most personalized design with communicating each customer.

Option and Inclusions

Travel with K-POP Idol Styling
₩ 200,000

Date & Time


₩ 200,000

Option details

[Service Time]
90 minutes

Dry/Shampoo, Makeup

[Not Included]
Not mentioned in Included
Omakase Clinic Color
₩ 250,000

Date & Time


₩ 250,000

Option details

[Taking Time]
150 minutes

Scalp Clinic/Personal Color/Dyeing

[Not Included]
Not mentioned in Included


RaRa:PM present you who preparing a special moment for the best afternoon.

'RaRa:PM' is responsible for making customers feel full of joy for their five senses through interior, music and fragrance.


RaRa:Pm is a beuty shop created by the best professionals which located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, and is responsible for the style of many top stars and trend-setters.

It is a first toal beauty shop that provides not only hair and makeup, also the largest wedding make up and styling services in Korea. It offers customized styling for each customer with the brand idea of presenting the best to their customers.

It provides the best directing to customers who visit to experience K-beauty, and all the styling of famous Korean actors and actress that want to excperience it at least once is available at RaRa:PM. In addition, RaRa:PM strives to give happiness and pleasant memories to customers with excellent skills, a clean and relaxed atsmosphere and premium services. 


If you want to enjoy a special travel in Korea, mkae a reservation now!



[1. Travel with K-POP Idol Styling]

RaRa:PM's product 'Travel with K-POP Idol Styling' is a package where you can get hair styling and makeup together, and premium services are only available at reasonable prices here.

From charm and beautiful styling to fancy styling like a K-POP star! You can create the style you want.


RaRa:PM's experts help you switch to the hottest and most up-to-date popular style. If you want to try a stylish and trendy style, try with RaRa:PM!


[2. Omakase Clinic Color

Healing for scalp and hair that requires perfect styling and rest! Le Sop's 'Scalp Scaling +Hair Care+Styling' product is a care+styling package that allows you to use premium services at a reasonable price.

RaRa:PM's Omakase Clinic Color Package is a personal color analysis+personal color dyeing+scalp clinic that offers superior services at a reasonable price.
With RaRa:PM's specialized clinic procedure, you can put energy into your tired scalp and dye your hair beautifully.
You can create any dyeing style you want from charm to colorful. If you want to turn into a trendy, try it on RaRa:PM!



Operating Date

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday



Reservation Available Time

10:00~17:00 (30minutes interval)



Maximum number of concurrent Reservation

3 people



Treatment and Program Taking Time

1. Travle with K-POP Idol Styling!

90 minutes ,  Dry/Shampoo + Makeup

2. Omakase Clinic Color

150 minutes,  Hair - Scalp Clinic/Personal Color analysis/Dyeing

How to use

1. Choose a desired option and Purchase a reservation.

2. Check your mobile voucher or email voucher.

※ The Voucher will be sent after the operator confirms the reservation.

3. Please arrive before 10 minutes. 

4. Show your voucher, and take hair service.


1. All procedures must reserved, you must arrive on time. If you are late, your reservation may be delayed.

2. It is a popular hair shop for Koreans, reservations may not be available on your desired date and time. In this case, CS team will contact you via email and messenger. 

3. Operating hours will be extended until the last reservation is completed.

4. All age can available to get services, and the price is the same regardless of age.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 24hours (KST) of reservatopm time: 100% Refund

• Cancellation afterwards : No Refund

• Change the date  after the reservation is confirmed :  Up to before 2 days

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33-2 Dosan-daero 81-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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[Seoul] RaRa:PM Hairshop Hair & Make-up Experience

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