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[Yangyang] WAVE WORKS Yangyang Worcation Center - Seat/Conference Room

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디지털 관광주민증 할인석(Only available for Korean)
₩ 15,000

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₩ 15,000

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Work Desk for one person

All Day : 10:00~18:00

- Only available for those who have a Korean ID card.


WAVE WORKS Yangyang Worcation Center is a place where you can find the balance of work and life.

It provides opportunities for people who love their work to be happy and have new experiences while doing their daily works.


[TABLE Seat]


A large sharing table has sockets for working with your laptop.
In order to make a new mood just by leaving the office or house, and being in the space of WAVE WORKS Yangyang, we used the various materials, lighting fixtures and elaborated furniture. Trough these, we create a space that you like more and more.

We propose a space that captures memorable time, imagining a situation where you work briefly and can enjoy Yangyang longer.

In the daily space of the trip, You can always come and stay comfortably.



[LAB Meeting Room]


‘Lab E’ and ‘Lab W’ are the good meeting spaces for workshops, conference, one-day classes, lectures, etc.
Both are the same size of conference rooms for 8 people. It can be used as a room for 16 by connecting between the space of two rooms.

If you need new ideas outside of a stuffy office, or if you need a new place rather than an everyday space, you can use it as a work and meeting space.
It's always open when you want to spend special time with friends, concentrated on team tasks, or when you need private space for meetings and interview.


- Conference Room Area : 4m * 4m
- Conference Room Facility : Wireless Internet




Every Sunday

Refund Policy

[Worcation Seat]
※  100% Cancellation and Refund until 23:59:59 on the day before the reservation date
※  Refund is impossible on the day of reservation
※  However, if there is an emergency closure notice in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the government or local governments, the usage fee will be fully refunded.

[Meeting Room]
※ 100 Cancellation and Refund until on 3 days before the reservation date
※ Refund is impossible on the 2 days before the reservation date and after the reservation date

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12-4 Sibyeon-ri, Hyeonnam-myeon, Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea
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[Yangyang] WAVE WORKS Yangyang Worcation Center - Seat/Conference Room

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