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[Suwon] Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley boarding ticket

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  • 1. Sightseeing the best tourist spot in Suwon Hwaseong by taking the Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley.
  • 2. You can select to boarding between tour type and circulation type trolley.
  • 3. Provide Korean/English/Chinese/Japanese audio, so all the ages can enjoy the tour with ease.



Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley is a tourist train that circulates the main tourist attractions of Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon and is based on the motif of Sunjong's car and the king's sedan chair during the Joseon Dynasty. 

From Hwaseong Haenggung Palace, choose a tourist type of trolley that tours major gates and a circulate type that tours major military facilities, and travel comfortably and pleasantly to Hwaseong Haenggung Palace!

•​ Admiring the Hwaseong haenggung as you board on a Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley. 


•​ Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley consists of a total of four vehicles, including one power vehicle and three passenger cars. A trolley runs at about 20km per hour, so you can enjoy it comfortably and safely.


•​ Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley supports Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese commentary are provided during operation. The audio system is provided for each seat.



Operating Days

Tour: Everyday 9:50 ~ 16:40

Circulation: Everyday 9:40 ~ 17:00



- Tour: Depart from Hwaseong Haenggung (Tour type/ Can not hop-on): ① Hwaseong Haenggung → ② Yeonmudae (Available to hop-off) → ③Hwahongmun (Available to hop-off) → ④Hwaseomun (Available to hop-off) → ⑤Paldalsan (Available to hop-off) → ⑥Hwaseomun → ⑦Janganmun → ⑧Hwaseong Haenggung(Museum)


- Circulation: Departing from Yeonmudae (Circulation): ①Yeonmudae → ②Hwahongmun (Available to hop-off) → ③Janganmun → ④Hwaseomun (Available to hop-off) → ⑤Hwaseong Haenggung(Available to hop-off) → ⑥Yeonmudae

How to use

※ If there is a reason such as insufficient seats, the order and payment will be automatically canceled.

※ Reservation date and timeslot cannot be changed after payment, and a penalty fee may be charged for cancellation.

1. Make the reservation on the date and time of your choice.

2. Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile phone.

3. Boarding the Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley and enjoying the experience.

※ Please check the voucher sent via text message after purchase (not available for KakaoTalk vouchers).


1. You will be notified by the Travolution Inc. CS Team via email/phone call if the tour is unavailable on the day you desire.

2. Parking lot is not provided. Please park nearby the Paldal public parking lot

3. Please note that the trolly is not operating on snowy, rainy days. 100% refundable is available due to weather conditions or world force majeure. 

4. Trolley can not be available to hop on as you hop off at the middle station.

5. Do not stand up or play in the trolley and also do not stick your hands or head out of the trolley for safety reasons.

6. Please follow the staff's instructions as you hop on and hop off the trolley. 

7. Please keep your belongings such as your cell phone, wallet, etc. Operators are not responsible for any loss and damages.

8. Please fasten your seat belt due to safety reasons. 

9. Children and the elderly must be accompanied by a guardian due to safety reasons. 

※ If there is a reason such as insufficient seats, the order and payment will be automatically canceled.

※  Reservation date and frequency cannot be changed after payment, and penalty fee may be charged if canceled.

※ Please check the voucher that will be sent to you via text message after purchase (KakaoTalk voucher not available).

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[Suwon] Hwaseong Fortress Tourist Trolley boarding ticket

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