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Tongyeong Cable Car + Luge + Joongang Market + Dongpirang Village 1 Day Tour (by K Tour Story)

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  • 1. This tour will take you to Tongyeong, one of Best 5 local cities where Koreans want to go private tours
  • 2. Enjoy Tongyeong by round shuttle bus departing from Busan!
  • 3. You can enjoy “Luge,” in Tongyeong, one of a few places to experience Luge in Korea
  • 4. Have some delicious street foods at Joongang Market, Tongyeong’s noted market!
  • 5. Take a look at Tongyeong’s ocean at a glance at the top of Mireuk Mountain, the famous mountain in Tongyeong by cable car

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Option and Inclusions

Tongyeong Tour + Cable Car
₩ 70,000

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₩ 70,000

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Round Shuttle Bus
English / Chinese/ Japanese Speaking Staff
Tongyeong Cable Car

[Not Included]
Beverages / Meals
Travelers Insurance
Personal Expense

[Price Information]
Same for adult and child
Free admission: Under 35 mos (Must bring passport) (not occupying a seat on the bus)
Tongyeong Tour + Cable Car + Luge 3 Times
₩ 88,000
₩ 86,000

Date & Time


₩ 88,000 ₩ 86,000 (2% OFF)

Option details

Round Shuttle Bus
English / Chinese Speaking Staff
Tongyeong Cable Car
Luge 3 Times

Beverages / Meals
Travelers Insurance
Personal Expense

[Price Information]
Same for adult and child
Free admission: Under 35 mos (Must bring passport) (not occupying a seat on bus)


A small but beautiful and clean city where loved by artists, Tongyeong has a beautiful clean sea and interesting leisure sports. Since small islands famous for their quiet and peaceful beaches are surrounding Tongyeong, Tongyeong has been chosen as a great city to travel. The wonderful views of the sea and the mountains will sparkle your eyes, and cable cars and Luge will be a thrilling experience. Tongyeong is a place where all of the experiences, photo spots, and sports are gathered!



Mireuk Mountain Cable Car

Cable Car installed on Mireuk Mountain, Tongyeong’s famous mountain, is the longest cable car in Korea. There are many people watching Mireuk Mountain scenery on the cable car without riding a luge!


• Enjoy Mireuk Mountain scenery on the cable car!




Luge, which is already famous for its thrilling activity, is a fun and special activity that rides a single-seater car coming down Mireuk Mountain. 


• Enjoy running down from the top of the mountain! There are curved sections and corner sections, so you can enjoy safely.



Tongyeong Joongang Market

Tongyeong Joongang Market is a representative traditional market filled with various kinds of seafood and delicious street foods.

• Enjoy a vivid view of the Korean traditional market.

• Full of delicious food!



Dongpirang Village

Dongpirang Village, meaning “East Cliff,” is a village on the hill behind the Joongang Market. Colorfully painted walls of the village, where you can look over the river along the winding alleys at a glance, capture your eyes. When you walk up the winding alleys, you will find an observatory where you can see the Tongyeong coast and feel the happiness!


• Colorfully painted walls of Dongpirang Village


• A cup of coffee at a café where you can see the ocean from Dongpirang Village~


Yi Sun-sin Park

• Tongyeong representative park named by Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who is the most respected man by Koreans, is a famous tourist spot with promenades and observation decks.   



Operation day

Every Tuesday / Thursday



Minimum Pax




08:20 am Depart from Exit 5 of Haeundae Station

09:00 am Depart from Exit 12 of Seomyeon Station 

09:20 am Depart from Exit 1 of KTX Busan Station  

11:00 am Arrive at Tongyeong Joongang Market + Dongpirang Village (Lunch)

12:40 pm Leave for Admiral Yi Sun-sin Park

12:45 pm Arrive at Admiral Yi Sun-sin Park  

01:25 pm Depart to Tongyeong Cable Car + Luge 

01:40 pm ~5:00 pm Enjoy Mireuk Mountain and Luge (Option) by riding Tongyeong Cable Car

05:00 pm Leave for Busan

07:00 pm Arrive at Haeundae Station

07:20 pm Arrive at Seomyeon Station

08:00 pm Arrive at Busan Station



Meeting Point

• Busan KTX Train Station Exit 1

• Seomyeon Station Exit 12

• Haeundae Station Exit 5