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[Seoul Gangnam] Making shot glass and keychain one day class in Gangnam

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  • 1. Participate in the resin craft class, which is popular for its simple production, and fall into the charm of clear resin craft!
  • 2. You can choose your preferred flower among the colorful pressed flowers and design your own shot glass using glitter powder and spangles.
  • 3. Special time to make your very own work while drinking a beverage.
  • 4. Present this amazing artwork as a gift to your family, friends, and loved ones.

Option and Inclusions

Making Resin art Keychain
₩ 35,000
₩ 33,600

Date & Time


₩ 35,000 ₩ 33,600 (4% OFF)

Option details

Ingredients for making 1 Resin art Keychain
Lesson fee
Making My Own Pressed Flower Soju Glass
₩ 35,000
₩ 33,600

Date & Time


₩ 35,000 ₩ 33,600 (4% OFF)

Option details

Ingredients for making 2 shot glasses

[Not Included]
Extra fee for making shot glass (5,000 KRW per 1 glass)



연분홍공방(Pink Yeon Atelier) provides a variety of classes such as resin art, jewelry art, herbarium, and many more.  Special space where you can make the only soju glass in the world by decorating the keychain with resin and shot glass. If you would like to make a memorable prop with your family or friends, then do not hesitate to visit the Pink Yeon Atelier.


Making My Own Pressed Flower Soju Glass Option

• Experience making pressed flower shot glass! Design your own shot glass using glitter powder and spangles. 


• Put a resin liquid on top of the placed ingredients and harden it to complete your own special shot glass. Present your very own soju glass set as a gift to your precious people!


Making Resin art Keychain option

• Popular experience for one-day class! Make your very own special keychain by yourself. 


• Make your very own resin keychain as a gift to your loved ones. 



Operating Days

• Weekdays : 3pm/5pm/7pm

• Weekends, Public Holidays : 1am/1pm/3pm/5pm




1 hour and 30 minutes ~ 2 Hours



Min / Max number of people to proceed

1 person / 4 people

How to use

1. Make the reservation on the date and time of your choice.

2.Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile phone.

 ※ A voucher will be sent right after your booking is confirmed.

3. Make sure to arrive at least 10 mins prior to the reserved time.


1. If your reservation cannot be made at a desired date and time, our CS Team will contact you via email. 

2. Please note that the class proceeded with in Korean or English. 

Refund Policy

• Cancellation 3 days before 5PM( KST): 100% refund

• Cancellation 2 days before ~ On the date of reservation: No refund

• Change of reservation: Available 3 days before 4 PM (KST)

How to cancel

1. Visit the order confirmation page (Click Here) and insert your email address and reservation number (Booking ID starting with 'TV').

2. Once you have found your booking, click 'Request Refund' to request a cancellation and refund. 

※ Please note that must check the refund policy as you canceled. Cancellation will be applied as you click the "Request Refund" button. 

※ Refund may take time to process a refund as you cancel the reservation except for working time. (Weekdays 9:00~18:00 ) 

※ Refund normally proceeds on Monday as you cancel your reservation on the weekends. 

Notice of Promotion (From the 25th of May ~ 30th of June)

1. Send the CU Convenience store coupon (3,000won[KRW]) for those who purchase the product from the 25th of May to ~ the 30th of June.

2. Coupon will be sent 1 time per account and also it will be paid according to the amount of ticket product you purchased. (If you purchase the 3 ticket products per 1 account, then 3 amounts of coupons will be given. Please note that if you purchase additionally after the period, you will not be eligible for payment. 

3. Coupon will be sent with the voucher. 

Guide Language

Korean / English


B1, #7, Chungsil-Complex building, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
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[Seoul Gangnam] Making shot glass and keychain one day class in Gangnam

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