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[Starbucks] Softy Castella and Coffee Dessert Set Gifticon

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1 Fresh Cream Castella +2 Tall-size Americanos
₩ 12,700

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₩ 12,700




Do you know what the "Gifticon" is? 

"Gifiticon" means "Gift" and "Icon". You can send a real present (Shown on the type of barcode on Mobile) to your precious people using instant purchase through the website. It lets you buy a product and send it to a recipient, who receives a bar code redeemable and can exchange a real product in shops including Starbucks, Coffee bean, A Twosome places, and so on. You can change the product without any additional procedure or for another product within the same amount. This will be a more popular payment method and spread to many further sections due to contactless payment will be much easier in the post covid world! 

• Send the Gifticon (Online gift card) without physical contact. 

• You can be available to exchange the product without any additional procedure or for another product within the same amount. (Please note that this condition depends on the brand.)

• You can use it whenever you want within the expiry date. 

How to use

1. Please select the sending date. 

2. Please enter the recipient's phone number and gift message. 

3. Gifticon (Online gift card) will be sent to the inserted phone number. (Order voucher will be sent to the purchaser.)

4. Recipient can use the Gifticon (Online gift card) at the available venue within the expiry date. 


1. Please enter the phone number without any typo. (※ Please note that the Gifticon will be sent to the recipient's MMS and the sender will be given the voucher.)

2. Other information which is included "How to use, Notice, Refund policy" will be sent with your order.

3. Gifticon (Online gift card) which has already been sent to the recipient's phone number will not be separately delivered to the purchaser

4. Extend the expiry date is unavailable and also please note that unused Gifticon (Online gift card) is non-refundable.  

5. You can enter the additional gift message on the purchase page. 

6. Name of the recipient will be delivered with your gift message and if you do not enter the gift message then only the recipient name will be written on the voucher.  

7. Delivery time might be delayed once you order the Gifticon (Online gift card) at off-hours (Operating hours: 9 AM ~ 6 PM). 

Expiry Date

• Within 30 days from the date of purchase / Extend the expiry date of the online gift card is unavailable. 

Refund policy

NO refund

• After purchase, refund is not possible.

Guide Language

Language is Irrelevant

[Starbucks] Softy Castella and Coffee Dessert Set Gifticon

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