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[Online] Korean Local Food Trip with a Kimchi Chef - Andong

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Available from 2022-05-19
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  • 1. A virtual food trip to the center of culture and folk traditions, Andong.
  • 2. Cook together the most famous food in Andong with a Kimchi Chef.
  • 3. Enjoy a real-time tour of Korea at your home with a cozy atmosphere!

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[Andong] Korean virtual Local Food Trip
₩ 15,000

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₩ 15,000

Option details

- Virtual tour
- Online cooking class
- Recipe
* The ingredients list will be provided once your booking is confirmed

[Not Included]
- Ingredients for the cooking class


Andong, the capital of North Gyeongsang Province is known as a center of culture and folk traditions.
While you are staying at home, let us take you to the most interesting places in the city.
After the virtual trip to Andong, we will cook together the most famous food in Andong.
We will make you a professional Korean restaurant chef!
If you want to learn about the locals of Korea, culture, and food, please join this amazing Andong tour with us!


1. A virtual trip to Andong

Walk around the historical neighborhoods in the city with your local guide. We will make you feel like you’re walking and seeing the city with us.

• Andong Hahoe Village


• Woryeonggyo Bridge


• Traditional Market


2. Cooking with a Kimchi Chef

Let’s cook together the most famous local food in Andong. You can enjoy your own style dish by the end of the class.

• We will send you the prep guide before starting the class.


• Cook with a chef from the comfort of your own home.


• Enjoy the dish you just cooked!



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Minimum Reservation Pax

2 People



Tour Process

• A virtual trip to Andong (Andong Hahoe Village, Woryeonggyo Bridge, Traditional Market) → Cooking the delicious dishes with a Kimchi Chef at your home.


New Year's Day, Chuseok (Not Included the first day of the holiday)

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[Online] Korean Local Food Trip with a Kimchi Chef - Andong

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