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[DIY KIT] Making custom-made Stamp DIY KIT

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  • 1. Freely enjoy making custom-made stamp experience at Home!
  • 2. You can make your very own custom-made stamp that contains a retro vibe!
  • 3. Present it as a special gift to your family, friends, and loved ones.

Option and Inclusions

Making Stamp DIY KIT
₩ 33,000
₩ 24,000

Date & Time


₩ 33,000 ₩ 24,000 (27% OFF)

Option details

Making Stamp KIT
Delivery Fee

[Not Included]
Jeju/ The other Island additional delivery fee: 3,000 won[KRW]

• This option can only be additionally purchased as you've purchased this experience.
Additional Experience SET
₩ 5,500
₩ 5,300

Date & Time


Craft per piece
₩ 5,500 ₩ 5,300 (4% OFF)

Option details

Draft, Stone, Carbon paper, Tracing paper, Napkin, Boomark, Stamp Wallet

• This option can only be additionally purchased as you've purchased this experience.


Making custom-made stamp DIY KIT make your life richer!
We prepare the meaningful experience 'Custom-made Stamp DIY KIT' for you! 
How about feeling the retro-vibe while making your very own custom-made stamp? 





Basic KIT

• This the KIT which you will be received. 


• You can make the custom-made stamp using All-In-One KIT.


• KIT included the Printing press, Red stamping ink, Stone, Napkin, Tracing paper, Carbon paper, Bookmark, Stamp wallet, Electric engraving carve pen, Ballpoint pen, Sample design, Guidebook, Glove.

• Please note that the different designs and shapes can be delivered.



Additional SET

• You can additionally purchase the set which included the Sample Design, Stone, Carbon paper, Tracing paper, Napkin, Bookmark, gloves.  

How to use

1. Purchase the desired product. 

2. Kit will be sent to the address you filled out as you ordered. 
(The delivery period normally takes up to 3 business days after you've purchased.)

3. Check the Kit. 

4. Proceed with the experience as you watch the explanation video through QR Code included in the Guidebook.


1. Please note that children must be accompanied by the guardian due to using tools.

2. Do not place your hand in the direction where the engraving carve pen goes out.   

3. Please must wear a glove on the opposite hand as you hold the engraving carve pen and engrave the design. 

4. Do not blow the stone powder. 

5. If the engraving carve pen can not be carving smoothly on the paper, do not force it campily and slowly engrave it again.   

6. The texture of the stone is very soft, so please note that the stone may become damage if force is given. 

Return/Refund Policy

• Officially, Return/Refund cannot be available due to this product is custom-made. 

 Exchange/Refund within 7 days can be available after you received depending on the different notice from the advertisement or product defects. 

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[DIY KIT] Making custom-made Stamp DIY KIT

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