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[Gunwi] Making Sulbbang (Korean tradtiional Alcohol bread) using Korean traditional drink

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  • 1. You can learn Korean traditional food using Korean traditional fermented foods.
  • 2. People of all ages and backgrounds can easily participate in this experience.
  • 3. You can taste the slow food that digests well.
  • 4. Appreciating the beautiful Hanbam Village scenery while you taking a walk.

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Making Sulbbang using Korean traditional drink
₩ 20,000

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₩ 20,000

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1 Sulbbang (Korean traditional Alcohol bread) - (250g)
1 cup of Coffee or 1 Yogurt-Rice
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Making Sulbbang(Korean traditional Alcohol bread) of Yejooga, where is full of fresh air and clean water.

Yejuga continues the tradition of Burim Hong Clan Brewery, which has 100 years of history and makes proper Korean traditional drink. Have a joyful time with your family making healthy Makgeolli Sulbbang using the Korean traditional drink!



• Looking around the Yejooga with more than 100 years of Korean traditional drink history!


• You can make tasty fermented bread using Chestnut Makgeolli(a Korean traditional drink).  


• Make a bread dough adding water and Makgeolli to the barley flour. 


• Put the dough into the bread mold and decorate the almond and raisin topping on top and bake.


• During the bread-making process, alcohol will evaporate. After then you can finally make the Barley Sulbbang which is full sweetness scent of chestnut Makgeolli and almond.



Operation Days

Monday~Sunday 10:30, 14:00 , 16:00



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

10 people / 40 people



Experience Process

Duration: 60 minutes

• Tour the Yejooga(10minutes) → Learning the difference between Instant foods and fermented foods(10minutes) → Prepare the ingredients and making(10minutes) → Making Sulbbang(20minutes) → Try the food and package/ Wrap up (10minutes)

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11, Hanbam 8-gil, Bugye-myeon, Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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[Gunwi] Making Sulbbang (Korean tradtiional Alcohol bread) using Korean traditional drink

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