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[Goryeong] Making Daegaya treasure style bracelet experience

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  • 1. Making a Daegaya (a City-state in the Gaya confederacy during the Korean Three Kingdoms period) style sliding knot bracelet in Goryeong!
  • 2. You can make a sliding knot bracelet with ease as a side job at home or a hobby.
  • 3. This experience is not difficult to make the bracelet, so people of all ages and backgrounds can make the bracelet with ease and can be enjoyably participating.
  • 4. Have a relaxing time while tying a knot each by one by one!
  • 5. Complete the fancy artwork as you adding your own style to a bracelet.

Option and Inclusions

Making Daegaya treasure style bracelet
₩ 15,000

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₩ 15,000

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Thread for Knotting X 2 pieces
Daegaya Treasure Shaped Decoration

[Not Included]
Any other supplies
Add the accessories


Make your very own handmade knot bracelet! 

'Moomoogonbang' is the special venue that you can experience a variety of handmade craft classes such as 'Making sliding knot bracelet, 'Making pottery & Having Tea time', 'Making Jang-myung-roo bracelet: Traditional Korean bracelet made of five-colored threads -- red, yellow, blue, black and white' and many more. Make your very own handmade knot bracelet in the cozy place where the fancy potteries placed that made by CEO and learners. 


• Learn the traditional knotting using various knot types of threads and accessories.


• Choose the preferred thread and learn and practice the basics of traditional knotting, then anyone can become a knot master!


• Make your very own traditional knotting bracelet once you attach the accessories inside the knots.


• Do not forget to appreciate various types of artworks made by Moomooongbang after the experience. 



Operation Days

Tuesday~Sunday 10:00/14:00/16:00/18:00 



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

1 person / 20 people



Experience Process

Duration: Approx 50 minutes

• Greetings and Orientation(5minutes) → Introduce the ingredients for making bracelet and how to make it(10minutes) → Making Bracelet(30minutes) → Wrap up(5minutes)

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Moomoogongbang, 24-5, Sijang-gil, Daegaya-eup, Goryeong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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[Goryeong] Making Daegaya treasure style bracelet experience

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