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[Gyeongsangbukdo Gyeongju] RASUNJAE Pulweoiljeui 50 side dishes (Korean Dessert + Provide Lunchbox)

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Available from 2023-02-01
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  • 1. Opportunity to learn and experience the food culture of Shilla period!
  • 2. You can make your very own traditional dessert that Shilla period people ate with Master.
  • 3. This experience will proceed in a clean and safe venue.
  • 4. People of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the experience more fun.

Option and Inclusions

Korean Dessert + Provide Lunchbox
₩ 75,000

Date & Time


₩ 75,000

Option details

Ingredients for making Bento
Completed Bento
Ingredients for making handmade dessert
Completed handmade dessert
Packaging vinyl bag
Disposal Apron

[Not Included]
Korean wrapping clothe for packaging dessert (6,000won[KRW])


'RASUNJAE' is the representative food brand of Gyeongju that meaning the 'spread the food to the world'. 


• RASUNJAE provides various types of cooking experiences for letting you know how to eat food properly. People of all ages and backgrounds can learn cooking with ease! Do not ever miss out on this great opportunity.  


• You can make your very own Korean dessert Juak(Korean traditional donut). Korean traditional drink included in the Juak. Mix the glutinous rice flour with flour and filtering it.  


• Makgeolli included in the dough. Therefore, please mix it with water and make a sticky dough. 


• Shape the aged glutinous rice flour dough round and you can smell the scent of dough included Makgeolli(Korean traditional drink). Push the middle part to prevent the swollen.  


• You need to adjust the flame as you fry Juak(Korean traditional donut). 


• Coating the fried Juak(Korean traditional donut) with the Jocheong(Crafted Honey) and garnish the Juak with various types of topping ingredients.


• Add the luxury in the completed Juak(Korean traditional donut) as you wrap it well with the traditional wrapping cloth!


• Experience the food culture of the Silla dynasty as you taste the Juak(Korean traditional donut) and lunchbox you've made at RASUNJAE.



Operation Days

Monday~Sunday 10:30, 14:00



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

1 person/80 people 



Experience Process

Duration: Approx 1 hour ~ 1 hour and 30 minutes

• Greetings and introduce the RASUNJAE (5minutes) → Listening to the history of Juak(Korean traditional donut)(5minutes) → Explanation of tools Juak and ingredients of Juak (10minutes) → Demonstrated the Juak(20minutes) → Making Juak and wrapping (10minutes) → Take a photo and wrap up(10minutes)

How to use

1. Make the reservation after choosing the desired date and time.

2.Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile phone.

※ A voucher will be sent right after your booking is confirmed.

3. Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand.

4. Present the voucher to the staff and proceed with the experience.

How to go

• [Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal] Get on the Taxi/Vehicle to [RASUNJAE] → approximately 13 mins (approx. 8,600 won [KRW])


• [RASUNJAE] parking lot available.  


1. If the reservation is unavailable due to the company's situation or weather condition, you will be contacted by the CS Team via email.

2. This experience is available for all ages to participate.

3. After the experience, you can purchase the lunch box or various types of side dishes on-site that are selling from RASUNJAE.  

4. After the experience, you can purchase a fancy wrapping cloth(6,000won[KRW]) that can wrap the handmade dessert you've made.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation 3 days before booking date (5 PM KST): 100% Refund

• Cancellation after: No Refund 

※ To change the reservation please make sure to inquire at least 3 days beforehand (4 PM KST) 


• Inquiry:  RASUNJAE [라선재] Tel) +82-507-1365-6040

Guide Language

Korean / English


443-51, Yongdam-ro, Hyeongok-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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[Gyeongsangbukdo Gyeongju] RASUNJAE Pulweoiljeui 50 side dishes (Korean Dessert + Provide Lunchbox)

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