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[Seongju] Seongju Korean Melon Farm Party experience

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Available from 2024-05-26
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  • 1. Make the Korean Melon Pickles using Seongju's well-known local specialty-Korean Melon and enjoy the Barbecue Party.
  • 2. You can be picking the vegetables in the veggie patch for the barbecue party.
  • 3. You can smell fresh grass with soil at a fancy decorated Hahasoomii farm and becoming one with nature.
  • 4. Great chance to enjoy the Barbecue party with rural scenery and have a relaxing time to escape the busy city life.
  • 5. Feel the joy of harvest the fresh vegetables which are grown on an eco-friendly farm.

Option and Inclusions

Making Korean Melon Pickle + Farm Party Experience
₩ 40,000

Date & Time


₩ 40,000
₩ 28,000

Option details

Making Korean Melon Pickle Experience
500g of Korean Melon Pickle
Harvesting Vegetables in Veggie Patch Experience
Ingredients for Barbecue Party
(320g Samgyupsal [Grilled Korean pork belly])

[Price Information]
Adult: Over 8 yrs old
Child: Under 8 yrs old


Have a relaxing time at Hahasoomii where you can make the pickles using the Korean Melon and enjoy the barbecue party with a cozy atmosphere! 


• Spend a special time in the countryside where suits well with the non-contact era!


• You can smell of grass and soil at the fancy decorated farm Hahasoomii and have a relaxing time. 


• Time to making Korean Melon Pickles using Seongju's well-known local specialty - Korean Melon!   


• Also, you can enjoy the Barbecue party in the background of rural scenery. 


• Experience the interesting rural village activity and picking the vegetables at the Hahasoomii farm!  



Operation Days

Every Saturday, Sunday 11:00



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

8 people / 20 people



Experience Process 

Duration: 3 hours

• Orientation and Introduce the Hahasoomii Farm (15minutes) → Picking Vegetables in Veggie patch, Trimming and cleaning the Vegetables (30minutes) → Prepare the Samgyupsal (Grilled Korean pork belly) and Sausage Barbecue(15minutes) → Making Korean Melon Pickle (30minutes)  → Barbecue Party and Play a game mission (60minutes) → Wrap up (10minutes) → Listening and sharing to the Game Mission winner's acceptance speech (20minutes)

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Hahasoomii, 72, Daesan 2-gil, Wolhang-myeon, Seongju-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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[Seongju] Seongju Korean Melon Farm Party experience

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