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[Andong] Mukgyeseowon Treasure Hunter

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Available from 2024-06-21
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  • 1. Experience an energetic cultural heritage tour using smartphones and secret maps like the famous Korean TV program Running Man!
  • 2. You can learn more about traditional cultural assets by completing the game missions, not only JUST watching cultural assets.
  • 3. You can be having a relaxing time with nature at the traditional cultural sites.
  • 4. At Manhyujeong, where is the background of Mr.sunshine filming location, you can take wonderful photos as if you are the main character of the drama.

Option and Inclusions

TreasureHunter Experience
₩ 6,000

Date & Time


₩ 6,000

Option details

Entry fee for Treasure Hunter program
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[Not Included]
Drinking traditional tea experience(3,000 KRW)
The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl Dress Up experience(3,000 KRW)


With a smartphone and a secret map, even the quiet and cozy Hanok (Korean old House) can be turned into an exciting activity place!

You can experience the Mukgyeseowon where is the background of Mr.sunshine filming location much more. Appreciate the beautiful scenery of Mukgyeseowon and Manhyujeong, and play various game missions all at once! Have an enjoyable time with your friends, family, and loved ones.


•Download the app on the play store and complete all the various game missions as you looking around the Manhyujeong and Mukgyeseowon.


• You can be having a relaxing time with nature at the traditional cultural sites while playing a game.


• At Manhyujeong, where is the background of Mr.sunshine filming location, you can take wonderful photos!


• You can also have tea time at the quiet and cozy old cafe as you purchase an additional 'traditional tea experience option'.


• Feel the atmosphere from the Hanok(Korean old house) and the compelling of the mission game all at once with the Mukgyeseowon Treasure Hunter!



Operation Days

Monday ~ Sunday 09:00~17:00



Minimum / Maximum Reservation

1 person / 5 people



Experience Process 

Duration: 60~ 90 minutes

• Orientation- Purchase the treasure map and download the app(10minutes) → Move from the Manhyujeong to Mukgyeseowon and Head Residence of Andong Gim Clan and clear the missions (60minutes) → The Cowherd, and the Weaver Girl Dress Up (30minutes)

How to use

1. Purchase your desired date and time. 

2. Check mobile voucher or email voucher.

※ Voucher will be sent after the operator confirmed your reservation.

3. Please arrive before 10 minutes at the experience place.

4. Presnet your voucher to the staff and start the experience.

How to go

• It takes about 30 minutes (about 52,000 KRW) by taxi from [Andong Terminal] to Mukgye Jongtaek

Parking Information

• Parking lot of Mukgye 1-ri Village, Mukgye Jongtaek, Manhuejeong, and Mukgye Seowon are available.


1. If reservations are not available due to the operator's circumstances or weather conditions, our CS team will inform you via e-mail. 

2. Age over 13 years old can participate in this experience due to the difficulty of the mission. 

3. You can purchase an additional Hanbok experience option (3,000 KRW per person) / Traditional tea experience (3,000 KRW per person) at the site. 

4. The mission will be proceed outdoors through a smartphone application. If you don't have the Internet, you can't proceed with the mission.

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 7 days 5PM(KST) : 100% Refund

• Afterwards : No Refund 

※ If you want to change the reservation schedule, please request before 3 days 4PM(KST).

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1736-5, Chunghyo-ro, Giran-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
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[Andong] Mukgyeseowon Treasure Hunter

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