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[Incheon Gaehangro] Chinatown Black and White Photo Experience

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  • 1. Take black and white photos at Incheon Chinatown and print them on the spot!
  • 2. An expert will suggest several poses, so even those who awkward when taking photos can enjoy with ease!
  • 3. Family, lovers, friends, and solo shots are all available!
  • 4. The selected photo will be printed in 5 minutes!

Option and Inclusions

Black-and-White photography
₩ 5,000


₩ 5,000

Option details

Professional photographer
black and white photograph x1
Original File (Can only be received via KakaoTalk)

[Not Included]
Original files of the remaining cuts. (Except the selected photo)
Black-and-White photography + Costume Rental SET
₩ 30,000
₩ 29,500


₩ 30,000 ₩ 29,500 (2% OFF)

Option details

Professional photographer
black and white photograph x1
Original File (Can only be received via KakaoTalk)
Gyeongseong period 2 hours Costume Rental
(Gyeongseong period Costume, Bag, Accessories Rental )

[Not Included]
Original files of the remaining cuts. (Except for the selected photo)


Wear Retro clothes from the Gyeongseong period worn by rich people in Korea 100 years ago and take black and white photos in Incheon Chinatown!

How about a black-and-white photograph with a completely different charm from a photo taken on a mobile phone? Put on the retro costume and pose in front of a professional photographer for a perfect shot! Select 1 photo after the photoshoot and wait just five minutes for the photo to be printed! Couples, families, and solo photos are all available, so come and capture a special moment with the person you are traveling with.


• Professional photographers will be there to help with the poses, so even those who are awkward when posing don't need to worry.


• After completing the shoot, you can select the photos yourself! The selected photos will be printed in 5 minutes.


• How about writing a date and a memo on the white frame of the photo as a souvenir of your trip to Korea?


• If you are a KakaoTalk user, you can receive the original file of the selected photo via Kakao Talk.

Operating hours

Everyday: 10:00~19:00



How to use

1. Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile APP after making the reservation.

2. Visit at your desire time and present the QR-code on the voucher to proceed.

3. Follow the instructions to proceed with the experience.

How to go

• Incheon Station Exit 3 →  Walk straight passing 1 block → Go into Chinatown Main road ("Chinatown-ro 44beon-gil") → continue walking up until you reach "Jang Boutique" building on your right-hand side.


1. The photo will be printed as it is, and there will be no additional photo editing.

2. Only the original file of the selected photo can be received via "Kakao Talk". You cannot receive the original files for the remaining cuts.

3. If you want several photos to be printed, it can be purchased on-site. The cost will be calculated by the quantity.

4. If there's a large number of customers on the day, the time to print the photos may take longer.

Refund policy

• 100% Refund for Unused Ticket

• Unused tickets within the expiry date are 100% refundable.

Notice of Promotion (From the 25th of May ~ 30th of June)

1. Send the CU Convenience store coupon (3,000won[KRW]) for those who purchase the product from the 25th of May to ~ the 30th of June.

2. Coupon will be sent 1 time per account and also it will be paid according to the amount of ticket product you purchased. (If you purchase the 3 ticket products per 1 account, then 3 amounts of coupons will be given. Please note that if you purchase additionally after the period, you will not be eligible for payment. 

3. Coupon will be sent with the voucher. 

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7, Chinatown-ro 44beon-gil, Jung-gu, Incheon
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[Incheon Gaehangro] Chinatown Black and White Photo Experience

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