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[Busan - Yeosu] Yeosu 1 Day Tour (by K Tour Story)

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  • 1. 1 Day Tour to sightseeing the various tourist attractions of Yeosu all day departing from Busan.
  • 2. 1 Day Tour to enjoy the leisure and play from the representative tourist attractions Hyangiram, Cable Car to Ocean Rail Bike of Yeosu.
  • 3. Feel the beauty of the Yeosu sea which has a different charm from the Busan sea.
  • 4. Enjoy the tour more by following the Chinese & English speaking staff.

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Yeosu 1 Day Tour
₩ 80,000

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₩ 80,000

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English, Chinese Staff
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Feel the beautiful natural scenery of Yeosu sea which has a different charm from the Busan sea. 

Depart from Busan 1 Day Tour to sightseeing the all the various tourist attractions of Yeosu, starting with Hyangilam, one of the 4 major prayer centers in Korea, there are Maritime Cable Cars on the sea that make you feel like you're flying over the sea, and Ocean Rail Bikes that run along the blue coastline of Yeosu, and there are plenty of courses to enjoy Yeosu.


• Hyangilam, which means "Looking at the Sun," is one of the four major prayer centers in Korea.


• Take the Yeosu Maritime Cable Car and feel the thrill of flying on the sea!


• Take a look at the wonderful view of Yeosu's downtown and the sea!


• Don't miss your chance to take in the panoramas of the coastline from the Yeosu Ocean Railbike!


• Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike is ergonomically designed, so you can enjoy the scenery and experience it without any difficulty.



Operation Period

2020 June 1st ~ 2020 December 31st

Every Tuesday




07:20am Depart from Nampo Station Exit 5
07:40am Depart from Busan KTX Station Exit 1
08:00am Depart from Seomyeon Station Exit 12
11:30am Arrive at Yeosu Hyangiram
11:30am~1:30pm Sightseeing the Yeosu Hyangiram
1:30pm Depart to Yeosu Maritime Cable Car Boarding Point
2:00pm Arrive at Yeosu Maritime Cable Car
3:00pm Depart to Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike Boarding Point
3:20pm Arrive at Yeosu Ocean Rail Bike
4:20pm Depart to Busan
8:00pm Arrive at Seomyeon Station
8:20pm Arrive at Busan KTX Station
8:40pm Arrive at Nampo station


Meeting Place

 Nampo Station Exit 5