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[Seoul] Travelers insurance for foreign travelers visiting Seoul

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Available from 2024-04-23
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  • 1. A reasonably priced travel insurance for travelers traveling to Seoul.
  • 2. Register available from age 0 to 89 years old!
  • 3. You can also sign up on the day of the trip, so those who have not registered travelers insurance in advance can travel without worrying.

Option and Inclusions

General Insurance
₩ 3,000
₩ 2,000

Date & Time


₩ 3,000 ₩ 2,000 (33% OFF)

Option details

Accidental Death
Accident Disability
Hospitalization fee for domestic injury/Commuting Expenses (Out-Patient)/Medical Expenses (Medicines)/Property Damage/Personal Liability

Personal Expenses


The best travelers insurance for foreign travelers visiting Seoul! 

Purchase  which is available to register on the day of departure and enjoy safer and better travel!

Your travel partner can sign up together for up to 1 month!



Insurance Information

• Type : General Type

• Guaranteed Age Limit : 0 ~ 89 years old 

• Period of Insurance : 1 day~1 month

• Acquisition Insurance Company : Hyundai



Coverage Category

• Accidental Death : A maximum of 100 million won (Applicable only to 15 years of age or older)

• Accident Disability : A maximum of 100 million won (Applicable only to 15~79 years old)

• Death or serious disability resulting from illness : A maximum of 10 million won

• Hospitalization fee for domestic injury : A maximum of 10 million won

• Commuting Expenses (Out-Patient) for domestic injury : A maximum of 250,000 won

• Medical Expenses (Medicines) for domestic injury : A maximum of 50,000 won

• Property Damage : A maximum of 200,000 won (loss exclusion) 

• Personal Liability : A maximum of 5 million won

Operating hours

Everyday: 09:00~18:00

How to use

1. Please complete the purchase according to the number of days of the trip.

2. Please enter additional information within the payment page.

3. You will be sent an email of Certificate of Insurance within 24 hours after purchase.

4. In the event of an accident, please send the relevant documents to <> to claim.


1. Insurance documents are provided in Korean / English Versions only.

2. The insurance age is based on the age of the insured on the date of insurance. (For example, if you have turned 25 less than 6 months ago, your age is calculated as 25. However, if you have turned 25 over 6 months ago, your age will be calculated as 26).

3. All insurance claim documents must be prepared by the insured.

4. Insurance coverage is restricted for those under the age of 15, mentally and physically disabled or mentally weak. 

5. Depending on the circumstances of each person, self-burden may be incurred.

6. Depending on the judgments made by the Insurance company, compensation may vary or be limited. 

7. If a customer is a [non-insurance type], he/she will not be able to claim any compensation upon purchase, and a refund will not be available. 

8. Only up to 40% of medical expenses (residential expenses, commuting expenses, medication) are guaranteed.

9. Please contact the CS team of the Insurance Company for inquiries regarding the billing documents. (CS : Insurance Company  CS Team : 

[Compensation for theft/damage of personal belongings]

1. If a loss occurs due to an individual's carelessness or negligence, it is not covered by the insurance.
(Please note that if you put your bag, camera, or other belongings somewhere and they go missing or lost, they are not considered as stolen under the terms and conditions of the law. Therefore, compensation will not be provided even if you have a stolen certificate or a police report.)

2. The amount of damages is calculated on the basis of the depreciation price of the article, and in order to obtain the amount of compensation, please be sure to provide photographs of the damaged article.
(e.g. If the current value of the 200,000 won product is 100.000 won, only 100.000 won will be compensated.)

3. Please make sure to send all relevant documents requested by the Insurance Company via email for insurance payment. 

4. Please make sure to send a photo of the damage before compensation to, and the insurance company may request to submit the damaged item depending on the circumstances.

[Non-Insurance Type]

1. Those who have been hospitalized or had surgery on 10 major diseases within the last 5 years.

2. Those who have received treatment, hospitalization, surgery, medication, and diagnosis of disease within the last 3 months. 

3. Travelers who have focused on high-risk activities such as professional mountain climbing, skydiving, and much more.

   *Examples of high-risk activities) Scuba Diving, Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Skydiving, Water Skiing, Motorboat, Car/Motorcycle Racing, Bungee Jumping, Ice/rock walls or mountain climbing, mountain bikes, jet skiing, rafting, ski and board, marathon, etc

4. For business travel purposes.

Refund Policy

NO refund

• After purchase, a refund is not possible.

Guide Language

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[Seoul] Travelers insurance for foreign travelers visiting Seoul

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