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[Railbike] Gyeonggang Railbike Discount Ticket

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Available from 2022-05-25
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  • 1. Passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the river under their railbikes while enjoying light exercise with their loved ones
  • 2. It is more thrilling than Gangchon or Gapyeong Railbike
  • 3. It is recommended for those who want to enjoy nature in a quiet place!

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Option and Inclusions

₩ 35,000

Date & Time


₩ 35,000

Option details

This option is 4-Seater Railbike for 3 ~ 4 people.

4-Seater Railbike

[Price Option]
3 ~ 4 people: 1 railbike
5 ~ 8 people: 2 railbikes


Gyeonggang Station, the filming location of the movie “The Letter,” has been preserving its old features of GanYi Station back in the days. Unlike Gapyeong and Gangchon Railbike, the place is such a quiet place and recommended for those who want to enjoy nature in a quiet place. Enjoy the nature passing through a 30m high railroad that runs across the flowing Bukhan River!



Gyeonggang Railbike Course

• Gyeonggang Station → Gapyeong Railway Bridge → Gyeonggang Station (7.2km)

Operating hours

Everyday: 09:00 ~ 17:00


All Year Round

How to use

1. Choose the option and reserve the product on the desired date.

2. Check mobile voucher or email voucher.

3. Please arrive 20 minutes before the reservation time on the day of the reservation.

4. Present voucher at the ticket office or tell the reservation number included in the voucher! (ex. RS123456)

How to go

• Get off at Exit 1 of Gulbongsan Station (Subway Gyeongchun Line) → Take bus no. 86 at the bus station front of the exit → Take off at "Seocheon-ri" and walk straight 200m towards Gapyeong Station


1. Children and elderly passengers must be accompanied by a guardian.

2. Infants under 36 months old are not allowed to ride the railbike for safety reasons. 

3. The number of participants cannot exceed 2-Seater or 4-Seater seats.

4. Please do not take unnecessary actions, such as sudden stoppage, unauthorized departure, and playing with other people while riding railbikes.

5. Be careful of your hands or feet not to get caught in rotating chains or wheels.

6. Please keep the safety distance at least 20m to prevent collision with other railbikes.

7. Drinking or smoking is prohibited while riding railbikes.

8. Please get off from the railbike after the railbike has stopped completely.

9. If you lose your ticket, you cannot board nor get a refund.

10. Pets are prohibited on the bike.

11. You must arrive at the station 20 minutes before departure.

12. For your own safety, operation hours may be rescheduled.

13. The normal operation even when it rains. (However, it may not be able to operate in case of heavy rain, typhoon, etc)


Q. After making a reservation, can I assume that I can definitely experience railbiking?

A. No! Since the railbike is a super popular product, your reservation cannot be made at a desired date and time. In this case, our CS Team will contact you via email. Please check your email until you receive the voucher.

Refund policy

- Cancellation on or before 3 days prior to the reserved date, before 5pm KST : 100% Refund

- Cancellation on 2 days prior to the reserved date, before 5pm KST : 70% Refund

- Cancellation on 1 day prior to the reserved date, before 5pm KST : 50% Refund

- Cancellation on the reserved date / No-show : No Refund

Notice of Promotion (From the 25th of May ~ 30th of June)

1. Send the CU Convenience store coupon (3,000won[KRW]) for those who purchase the product from the 25th of May to ~ the 30th of June.

2. Coupon will be sent 1 time per account and also it will be paid according to the amount of ticket product you purchased. (If you purchase the 3 ticket products per 1 account, then 3 amounts of coupons will be given. Please note that if you purchase additionally after the period, you will not be eligible for payment. 

3. Coupon will be sent with the voucher. 

Guide Language

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32-3, Seocheon-ri, Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
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MINO*****RANO from Japan
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[Railbike] Gyeonggang Railbike Discount Ticket

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