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[Yeosu] Yeosu Martial Arts Non-verbal Musical Show ticket [Taekwon Musical Hon]

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Available from 2023-09-29
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  • 1. This is a Korean Taekwondo musical performance that has been acknowledged and invited from 15 foreign countries and 105 cities.
  • 2. Officially invited to the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and has lead to highly acclaimed performances by many foreigners.
  • 3. From the splendid and remarkable Taekwondo moves, you can see dance performances performed to the representative melody Arirang of Korea.
  • 4. An exceptional performance recommended to everyone visiting Yeosu!
  • 5. After the performance, don't miss out on the photo time with the actors!

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Taekwon Martial Arts Performance Admission Ticket
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₩ 22,900

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Non-verbal Musical Admission Ticket

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Adult: from 20 years old and over
Youth: from 14 years old to 19 years old
Child: from 36 months to 13 years old


Watch the colorful and vibrant Taekwondo performance happening right before your eyes!

Taekwon Martial Arts Hon is a nonverbal performance of Taekwondo performance. It is the most representative cultural content of Korea that combines the three representative cultural elements of Hangul, Taekwondo, and Arirang, showing the spectacular Taekwondo actions, the beauty of Hangul and the charming melody of Arirang. 

It is a musical about love and friendship blossoming in Yeosu, and about drawing peace and freedom from the inside nature of human beings through a confrontation between good and evil. In order to get back the lover who was kidnapped by the villain, learning the martial arts Taekwondo and building physical strength to bring back the lover. The story itself is based on a love story, but each scene and performances,  are filled with great actions which you cannot get your eyes off from. If you are visiting Yeosu, make sure to watch the Taekwon Martial Arts Performance at the Yeosu Expo International Center!


​• It is composed based on traditional melody and Arirang, delivering a deep resonant sound. You won't be able to take your eyes off this splendid Taekwondo performance.


​• Since it's a non-verbal performance, foreign tourists can enjoy watching it without any difficulty!


​• Time to admire the beauty of traditional fan dance!


• You won't be able to stop saying the word "WOW"! Decorate the opening and closing with a great laughter.


• There are no separate classes within the seats as the concert hall is not quite big. The seats are also not designated therefore allows you to freely choose your own seat!


• Don't leave too quickly! If you leave too soon, you will miss out on the photo time is available after the performance with the actors and actresses. 



Performance Schedule

Everyday 2PM, 4:30PM

* 10:30AM Performance will be happening on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday




60 Minutes



How to go

• Come out from Yeosu Expo Station and cross the road  Walk straight passing two blocks then turn right → Head to the very last building of the street on the left-hand side. 


1. Performance is available from infants 36 months. Infants under 36 months are not allowed to enter.

2. The ticket booth will open from 2 hours before the start and admission is allowed from 1 hour beforehand,

3. Photographs and videos are not allowed during the performance.

4. Food and drinks are not allowed to be brought in. (Water accepted)

5. Re-enter may be restricted. To ensure the performance running smoothly, please make sure to enter at least 10 minutes before. 

How to use

1. Check the voucher sent to the email after making the reservation.

2. Present the voucher at the ticket booth at least 15 minutes before the starting time.

3. Redeem the physical ticket to enter.

Refund Policy

No Refund

• After purchase, a refund is not possible.

Guide Language

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#102, A Block, 1, Bangnamhoe-gil, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
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[Yeosu] Yeosu Martial Arts Non-verbal Musical Show ticket [Taekwon Musical Hon]

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