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[​Korean Flower Tea Culture Academy] Korean Flower Tea Culture Experience

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  • 1. Learn about the stunning effect of flower tea and also the culture of Korean flower tea.
  • 2. Professional tea ceremony expert will teach you the process of the tea ceremony as well as the way of making flower tea.
  • 3. Try to use the seasonal flower to make your own flower tea!
  • 4. Korean Flower Tea Culture Academy provides over 30 kinds of flower tea, where you can find the flower tea recipe that is good for your body.

Option and Inclusions

Flower Tea Culture Experience
₩ 50,000

Date & Time


₩ 50,000

Option details

Flower tea culture experience class
Flower tea ingredients
Gift-wrapping of the completed flower tea


Korean Flower Tea Culture Academy (KFTCA) offers tea ceremony classes such as Flower Tea Making with edible flowers or fruits and Tea Therapy class, for those who are interested in flower teas and tea specialists.

Watch flowers with dozens of scents and colors, and experience Korea’s flower tea culture. While drinking warm tea brewed by an expert, you can learn about Korea’s traditional tea ceremony. Come and experience the process of making aromatic flower tea. The scent of flower tea that you make will relive your stress and fatigue. 


・Colorful flower petals are exhibited at KFTCA(Korean Flower Tea Cultural Academy).


・Drink a cup of aromatic flower tea. Your whole body will be full of warmth, and you will feel relaxed as well. 


・The expert will teach you the traditional tea ceremony and how to brew flower tea. The tea ceremony is a way of drinking tea with a formal setting and etiquette. Learn the excellent benefits and the culture of flower tea. 


・Edible flowers of each season are used to make flower teas. 


・First, prepare flowers and divide them into sizes that are suitable for drinking. Slightly roast the flowers on the pan. Cool off the roasted flowers with a fan, and set the flowers afloat on warm water. Flower Tea will be slowly brewed. 


・There are many types of flower teas with different benefits. For example, magnolia tea gives warmth to cold body, chrysanthemum tea reduces body fatigue, and rose tea is good for the skin. 


・Learn about the recipe for flower tea and enjoy afternoon tea at home! It’ll be the best way to calm your mind and body.



Duration: 90 minutes

Introduction (20 minutes): Flower Tea tasting and refreshments making
Explanation (10 minutes): Introducing the culture and benefits of Flower Tea
Experience (40 minutes): Edible flower trimming and Flower Tea making
Packaging (20 minutes): Gift-wrapping of the completed Flower Tea


Minimum/Maximum pax for reservation

2 / 10 Pax

( The reservation is available from 2 Pax )

Operating hours

Mon: 14:00~15:30
Wed: 11:00~12:30


Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Weekend

How to use

1. Reserve the product on the desired date.

2. Check the mobile voucher or email voucher.

3. Please arrive on time on the day of the reservation. (Please arrive 10 minutes before the lesson time)

4. Present the voucher to the staff and start your experience!

How to go

・Come out from Gunja Station Exit 2 and walk along Neungdong-ro(능동로) for 122m  → Turn left at Neungdong-ro 39 gil (능동로 39길) → Walk for 62m and turn right to the direction of Gingorang-ro (긴고랑로 14길→ Walk for 112m → You will see the "​Korean Flower Tea Culture Academy"(한국꽃차아카데미) on your left! 


1. If your reservation cannot be made at a desired date and time, our CS Team will contact you via email.

2. Please make a reservation at least 3 days before.

3. There is no age limit.

4. The class will be conducted in English, Chinese and Japanese.

Refund Policies

• Cancellation before 3 days (before KST 5PM) : 100% Refund

• Cancellation before 1-2 days (before KST 5PM): 70% Refund

• No refund after that

*Change of reservation: Up to 3 days before the reserved date (before KST 4PM)

Guide Language

Korean / English / Japanese / Chinese


1F, 72, Gingorang-ro 14-gil, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
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[​Korean Flower Tea Culture Academy] Korean Flower Tea Culture Experience

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