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[Busan] Busan Vaunce Trampoline Yongho W Center Discount Ticket

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  • 1. Have fun at Vaunce Adventure & Trampoline park located in Busan!
  • 2. From trampoline zones to jungle gym, challenge and multi-sport zones, you can experience various sports contents.
  • 3. Ticket prices are only charged for Trampoline users. If you don't want to participate, purchase a ticket for "Just Viewing" to watch your kids play comfortably.

Option and Inclusions

2 Hours Pass+Socks SET
₩ 28,500
₩ 25,650


₩ 28,500 ₩ 25,650 (10% OFF)

Option details

Vaunce Trampoline Park 2 Hours Pass (For customers over 100cm)
Official Vaunce Socks (1 Pair)
Locker Room

[Not Included]
Guardian Admission Ticket (5,000won)
Extra charge (2,000won[KRW] per 10 minutes - pay after use)
Please note that adult who is over 19 yrs old can not be available to use.


Korea's first and largest trampoline park! Trampoline, designated as a sports event for the 2000 Olympic Games, is a sport and sports tool that can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age.
Vaunce is the largest indoor trampoline park located in Seoul, Yongin, Daegu, and Busan, where children and adults can enjoy together. Don't think it's just a place to jump and end! At Vaunce Yongho W Center, in addition to the basic trampoline, it also has spaces to help children develop their bodies, including Sky Climbing, Multi-Sports Zones for various physical activities and facilities for measuring their physical strength. Anyone over 100cm can participate. For those who only wishes to see the children play, purchase the ticket for guardian at the venue and receive a free coffee and seat back relax!


• Trampoline that everyone can enjoy! You can use a trampoline for one person, so you don't have to worry about running into the people next to you.


• The walls are also equipped with all the safety devices, and is also used for climbing and going down the walls, so you can enjoy various levels of difficulty.


• There is a room for various sports activities such as trampoline and soccer.


• Maze-like Jungle Gym can enhance spatial awareness.

• If you get tired running, go to the fluffy Foam Fit Zone and take a rest!

• Anyone who doesn't want to participate in the Jump, can drink a cup of coffee and watch their friends or children play for only 5,000 won! You can recharge your energy consumption with a variety of foods and beverages in the cafe.

Operating hours

Everyday: 11:00~19:00(Last admission 18:00)



How to use

1. Check the voucher sent to mobile/email after making the reservation.

2. Present the voucher at the ticket booth.

3. Follow the instructions from the staff to enter.

4. Enter and enjoy the jump!

How to go

• Subway Line Number 2 Namcheon Station Exit 3 → Walk straight until 4 intersection road then turn left → Walk straight until you reach 5 intersection road (Approx. 15 mins) → On your right there will be a W Square Center → Go to Entrance B-dong then head to B1 for Vaunce. 


1. Please follow the instructions from the staff for your safety. Any problems caused due to not following the instructions will be your responsibility.

2. Customers with High Blood Pressure, Heart-related problems, asthma, and pregnant women may not able to participate for safety reasons. 

3. If you lose your entry sticker and bracelet, please inform the front desk. In this case, you will incur a lost charge of 13,000won.

4. You will be charged 2,000won per 10mins when time is exceeded. The amount charged must be paid on site. 

5. Food or Pets will be restricted to brought in.

6. For stability reasons, non-slip socks are mandatory.

7. If the number of maximum people is exceeded, it may cause restrictions or wait. A refund for this will not be given.

8. This ticket can only be purchased and available for people over the height of 100cm and over 36 months.  (Please note that adults can not be available to use.)

9. For those who wish to only see the activity, please purchase the separate "GUARDIAN TICKET" at the venue for 6,000won(KRW). You can exchange a cup of coffee with the guardian ticket.

10. Re-enter without the bracelet will not be allowed. A refund for this will not be given.

11. You may not be able to enter on the desired date due to a large group of customers. 

12. During the weekends, there may be restrictions on the use of the lockers as there may be a lot of customers.

13. There is a maintenance time of 55 minutes to 5 minutes every hour.

Refund Policy

100% Refund for Unused Tickets

• Unused tickets within the expiry date are 100% refundable.

Guide Language

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B102 W Square 145 Bunpo-ro, Nam-gu, Busan
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[Busan] Busan Vaunce Trampoline Yongho W Center Discount Ticket

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