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[City Tour Bus] Daegu Hop on Hop off City Tour Bus Discount Ticket

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Available from 2024-07-21
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  • 1. You can easily tour famous tourist attractions in Daegu by Hop on and Hop off bus.
  • 2. Enjoy the view around Daegu while feeling the nice air!
  • 3. A multilingual audio guide is provided on the bus, which gives an advantage to listen to the description of Daegu with the desired language.
  • 4. Present your voucher from the desired bus stop to board on!

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Alid***ouws from Australia
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Apart from the fact that we could not get a English program, all just in Korean, we coped with our translat...
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Daegu City Tour Bus Discount Ticket
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Daegu City Tour Bus one day ticket
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Adult : 19 ~ 65 years old
Youth : 14~18 years old
Child : 48 months ~ 13 years old / Age over 65 years old
Infant : Infant under 48 months (Passport Required)


This is a Daegu City Tour Bus, where you can tour around Daegu while listening to the Storytelling of Daegu.

This bus circulate main Spots of Daegu, starting from Dongdaegu Station, the transportation mecca of Daegu with various facilities, to Kim Gwang-seok Road, Dongseongno Jungang-ro Station, Modern Culture Alley, Seomun Market Cheongna Hill Station, Duryu Park E-World, Apsan Mountain Haeneomi Obesrvatory, Apsan Park Apsan Obesrvatory, Gosan-gol Dinosaur Footprint Fossil, Metasequoia Street, Suseong Lake, Daegu Art Museum, Kansong Art Musuem, and Dongchon Amusement Park.

Since it is a Hop on and Hop off type bus, get off where you want to go, board again for free and travel to other tourist destinations! Highly recommended for those who have never been to Daegu before or who are afraid to ride in public transportation.


• The city tour bus is a city-circulated bus that circulates through the city center, and you can take it from each bus stop without separate reservations.


• If you would like to listen about Daegu in more detail, please use the multilingual guide provided in the vehicle.



Course Information

1. Dongdaegu Station

• It is an important transportation hub in Daegu where you can use KTX and express bus, etc.

• Bust Stop : Next to the Bus stop of Dongdaegu Station Square
• Contact : +82 53-939-0080 (Dongdaegu Station Tourist Inforamtion Center)
• Near Tourist Attractions : Shinsegae Department Store Daegu, Hyundai City Outlet
• Food : Dongdaegu Station Termianl Food Street, Pyeonghwa Market Grilled Chicken Gizzards Alley 


2. Kim Gwang-seok Road

• It is a beautiful cultural and artistic street filled with old-fashioned music by Kim Gwang-seok, a famous '90s singer in Korea. Visitors can enjoy various cultural and artistic experiences while enjoying the unique murals, and you can also experience various cultural experieneces at the artist's workshop.

• Bust Stop : Opposite side of Bangcheon Market (Kim Gwang-seok Road)
• Near Tourist Attractions : Daegu Department Store Plaza, Bongsan Culture Street, Daegu Hyanggyo
• Food : Bangcheon Market, Cafe, Brewery, etc.


3. Dongseongno Street / Jungang-ro Station
• It is the busiest street representing Daegu. It has shopping malls, department stores, movie theaters, performance halls, pubs, and clubs all in one place.

• Bust Stop : Next to the bust stop across from the 2.28 Jungang Memorial Park
• Contact : +82 53-252-2696 (Dongseongno Street Tourist Information Center)
• Near Tourist Attractions : 2.28 Jungang Memorial Park, Gukchaebosang Memorial Park, Spark Land, Gyeongsanggamyeong Park, Daegu Literature Museum, Daegu Modern History Museum, Korea Front-line Culture Center
• Food : Gyodong Market, Ttaro Gukbap Alley, Dongindong Jjim Galbi Alley, Cafe Alley, Tteokbokki Alley


4. Modern Culture Alley

• It is an alleyway that has a 100 year history of Daegu that passes through the Dongsan Missionary House, which was built around the area where missionaries lived in the 1900s, and runs through the March 1st Independence Movement Road and the Gyesan Cathedral, the old house of Lee Sanghwa and Seo Sangdon, Jeil Church, Yakryeong City, and Jin Alley to Jongno.

• Bust Stop : In front of the Eldis Regent Hotel
• Contact : +82 53-661-2194 (Daegu Junggu Alley Tour)
• Near Tourist Attractions : Cheongnaundeok, March 1st Independence Movement Road, Jeil Church, Gyesan Cathedral, Gyesanyega, Old house of Lee Sanghwa and Seo Sangdon, Hyundai Departement Store Daegu, Donga Shopping Center, Yakryeong City (K-medi town), Banwoldang underground shopping area
• Food : Yeommae Market, Rice cake Alley, Sweet readbean bun, Samgyetang etc. Food Alley


5. Seomun Market (Cheongna Wondeok Station)

• Seomun Market, which was one of the three largest markets during the Joseon Dynasty, is still a large market, including textile-related items, while Dalseong Park next to it is the oldest Saturn in the history of Korean fortress.

• Bus Stop : Exit 1 of Cheongna Hill Station
• Contact : Seomun Market Tourist Information Center +82 53-661-3288 / Dalseong Park Tourist Information Center +82 53-521-6407
• Near Tourist Attractions :  Seomun Night Market, Dalseong Park, Dalseong Toseong Village, Daegu Art Factory, Suchang Youth Mansion  
• Food : Noodle, Sweet Rice Dough Soup, Flat Dumpling, Hotteok, Barley Rice, etc.


6. E-world / Duryu Park

• E-World is a European-style theme park with various amusement facilities centered on the 202m high 83 Tower. Duryu Park is home to a culture and arts center and an outdoor music hall, and cultural and artistic festivals such as the Daegu Chimaek Festival and the main festival of Fantasia Daegu Festa are held throughout the year.
• Bus Stop : Opposite side of Eworld Exit Square
• Contact : Duryu Park +82 53-625-1949 / E-world +82 53-620-0001
• Near Tourist Attractions : Duryu Park, E-world, 83 Tower, Daegu Culture & Art Center, Kolon Open Air Music Hall
• Food : Duryu Youth Street, Food Street in the 83 Tower


7. Apsan Haeneomi Observatory

• With the history and symbols of the Apsan Laundry Park, the design of the Apsan Observatory embodies the image of weaving laundry. When you visit the sunset time, you can see the beautiful sunset and the night view of downtown Daegu at a glance.
• Bus Stop : Next to the bus stop across the street from Apsan Laundry Park
• Near Tourist Attractions : Laundry Park, Artificial Waterfall, Apsan Constellation Story Tunnel, Apsan Laundry Festival
• Food : Apsan Cafe Street, Apsan Food Street, Anjirang Gopchang Alley 


8.  Apsan Park / Apsan Observatory

• When you go up to the Apsan Observatory by Cable Car, you can see the city of Daegu at a glance, and you can leave an unforgettable memories with the Apsan moon rabbit with colorful wish words against the background of the night view overlooking after sunset.

• Bus Stop : Across from the Apsan Park Office
• Contact : Apsan Park Office +82 53-625-0967 / Apsan Cable Car +82 53-656-2994
• Near Tourist Attractions : Apsan Cable Car, Apsan Observatory, Eunjeok Temple, Anilsa Temple, Apsan Street 


9. Gosan-gol Dinosaur Footprint Fossil / Metasequoia Street

• It is a park created by the discovery of footprint fossils that are believed to have belonged to herbivorous dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period 100 million years ago in Gosangol, Apsan Mountain. It is connected to Metasequoia Street and is equipped with barefoot walks and children's play facilities, it is good for family with children's outing course.

• Bus Stop : Nex to the Namgu Complex Sports Town 
• Near Tourist Attractions : Dinosaur Park, Barefoot Walks, Apsan Street 
• Food : Bibimbap, Barley Rice, Rice Pancake, Cheonggukjang, Soft tofu, etc.  


10. Suseong Pond

• It is Daegu's representative eco-friendly lake park, with a 2km waterfront trail and beautiful lights reflected on the water at night. At Suseong Pond, you can watch a video music fountain show from May to October, and various festivals such as busking and Suseong Pond Festival are held.

• Bus Stop : In front of parking lot of below Suseong Hotel
• Near Tourist Attractions : Suseong Amusement Park, Arte Suseong Land, Suseong Artpia, Deulan Art Village
• Food : Deulan Food Town, Suseong Pond Cafe Street 


11. Daegu Art Museum (Kansong Art Musuem)

Daegu Art Museum, which connects history and the present and embraces the future, is a city art museum with the timeliness and locality that you can visit when you need to rest in your daily life. The Kansong Art Museum, located next to the Daegu Art Museum, is the first regional branch of the Kansong Art and Culture Foundation, where you can meet the national treasures of the Kansong Art Museum.
• Bus Stop : Opposite the parking lot of a large bus in Daegu Art Museum
• Contact : Daegu Art Museum +82 53-803-7900
• Near Tourist Attractions : Daegu Art Museum Art Informatio Center, Daegu Stadium, Daegu Samsung Lions Park


12. Dongchon Amusement Park

• It is the first amusement park in Daegu located on the Geumho River. It has amusement facilities, boating grounds, and restaurants, and also there are riverside trails from Ayang Train Road to Mangudang Park, as well as exhibitions, cultural and historical places such as Daegu Meteorological Science Museum and Yeongnam Jeilgwan.
• Bus Stop : Next to the parking lot of Ayang Art Center
• Near Tourist Attractions : Ayang Art Center, Daegu Meteorological Science Museum, Dongchon Sunrise Bridge, Mangudang Park, Yeongnam Jeligwan
• Food : Dongchon Food Street


Monday, New Year's Day and Chuseok Day

How to use

1. Check the voucher sent to mobile/email after making the reservation. 

2. Present the voucher at the desired bus stops to the bus driver. 

3. Hop off at the desired bus stop then have a tour. Hop on the same bus stop you got off from. 


1. The first starting destination is Dongdaegu Station. However, the 2nd floor City Tour Bus goes to 14 bus stops around Daegu City. Please Hop on and Hop off freely at the desired stops. 

2. Infants under 48 months are allowed to board on for free. (1 Infant per 1 Adult)

3. Adolescents and children must be accompanied by adults.

4. Inquiry : Daegu Tourism Association (053-627-8900,8906) /

5. Depending on traffic congestion, festivals, weather, etc., there may be a change or not operating or delay in the course., And once you board, the fee will not be returned.


• Time may be delayed depending on the traffic conditions. 

Refund Policy

• Cancellation before 1 day 23:59 (KST) :  100% Refund

• Cancellation after : No Refund

Guide Language

Language is Irrelevant


550 Dongdaegu-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Next to Dongdaegu Station Plaza Bus stop
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Alid***ouws from Australia
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Apart from the fact that we could not get a English program, all just in Korean, we coped with our translator app. The bus was on time, the bus driver showed us where to go. The locations on the hop on hop off was wonderful! You need at least 2 full days to explore everything but we picked a few and it was fantastic! Thank you for making our trip an unforgettable memory.
Aaron ********g Yuan from Singapore
star-on star-on star-on star-on star-on
Strongly recommended to those who want to tour Korea! Joining the hop on and hop off bus tour makes my travel easier and convenient. I could also visit all the places and must-see attractions in Daegu!
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[City Tour Bus] Daegu Hop on Hop off City Tour Bus Discount Ticket

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