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[Suguk]Colorful Makgeolli: Traditional Rice Wine Experience

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Available from 2019-08-25
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  • 1. With the assistance of Se Ri Jeong, the traditional Korean liquor expert, it will be easy and fun to make Makgeolli
  • 2. You can learn about the process of Makgeolli making (rice steaming, cooling and mixing)
  • 3. Experience the fragrance, color and taste of makgeolli fermented for 5 days!
  • 4. Make "Pajeon"(Korean-style spring onion pancake) and "Bulgogi"(barbequed beef), and enjoy it with Makgeolli!
  • 5. Make new friends by sharing Makgeolli and food together!


Making Makgeolli Experience
₩ 40,000

Date & Time


₩ 40,000

Option details

Making Makgeolli experience
Makgeolli Tasting (those under 19 will not be permitted to sample Makgeolli)
Korean Refreshments
Teacher who can teach in English/Japanese

Sale of other drinks


Makgeolli is one of the most popular drinks in Korea. In Korea, it’s a type of drink that was easily home-made for hard-working farmers to quench their thirst. With an assistance of a traditional Korean drink expert, you can make simple Korean foods that go well with Makgeolli and share them with people from all over the world.   


• Make a traditional Korean drink  - Makgeolli together with an expert specializing in Korean food and traditional Korean liquor. This is an opportunity for you to learn how to make Makgeolli at your home.


•  Learn how to make Makgeolli by knowing about the rice steaming, cooling and mixing processes. 


• Are you curious about the fragrance, color and taste of the fermented drink? After 5 days of fermentation, put the drink you made into a bag and squeeze it with your hands.


• In Korea, people usually enjoy ‘Pajeon’ and ‘Bulgogi’ with Makgeolli. Make simple Korean food and enjoy it with Makgeolli!


Minimum/Maximum pax for reservation

2 / 5



Duration: ~ 120 minutes

1. Learn about the process of Makgeolli making (rice steaming, cooling and mixing)

2. Experience the Fragrance of a Drink fermented for 5 Days (Drink Filtration)

3. Make Korean Food that Goes Well with Makgeolli (Korean-style spring onion pancake and barbequed beef)

4. Tasting Event

Operating hours

Mon: 15:00
Tue: 15:00
Wed: 15:00
Thu: 11:00, 15:00
Fri: 11:00, 15:00
Sat: 11:00, 15:00


Every Sunday

How to use

1. Reserve the product on the desired date

2. Check mobile voucher or email voucher

3. Please arrive on time on the day of the reservation

4. Present your voucher and start your experience!

How to go

• Get out of No.2 Guui Station and go straight until you see "씨앤아이안경" → turn right at the three-way intersection → Go down to B1 of the building on your left


1. Please arrive 10 minutes before the reservation time on the day of the reservation.

2. If your reservation cannot be made at a desired date and time, our CS Team will contact you via email.

3. Please input the additional information for the trip. A blank form will be considered to be available for all food ingredients.

4. There is no age limit, but those under 19 will not be permitted to sample Makgeolli 

5. Guide language: English/Japanese (with the assistance of manuals in English/Japanese)

Refund Policies

Cancellation and refund is based on the operation time.

(MON~FRI: KST 9AM - 5PM ; SAT: KST 9AM - 1PM ; SUN & HOL : On the next working day)

• Cancellation before 3 days: 30% Refund

• Cancellation before 3 days: 20% Refund

• Cancellation before 1 day or on the reserved date: No Refund

*Change of reservation : Up to 3 days before the reserved date


B1, Achasan-ro 49-gil 9, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul
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[Suguk]Colorful Makgeolli: Traditional Rice Wine Experience

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