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[WIFI coupon] Olleh Wifi Prepaid Coupon for 4 days

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  • 1. This is a prepaid Wifi coupon, which you can connect to the Wifi in the nationwide KT Olleh Wifi Zones
  • 2. This is a money-saving product because you can use Wifi instead of data when you are on an overseas journey
  • 3. Use Olleh Wifi to search for travel information quickly and comveneiently

Option and Inclusions

4-Day Coupon
₩ 9,900


₩ 9,900

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KT OLLEH WIFI 4 days Ticket (National)

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Same for adult and child


This is a prepaid coupon (12 digit PIN code) that allows you to connect to the Internet in the nationwide KT Olleh Wifi Zones. You can make a purchase on AIRSPT and connect to Wifi in the nationwide KT Olleh Wifi Zones.

This is a highly recommended Wifi coupon for those who do not need a lot of DATA, but sometimes it would be nice to have the internet for Google Maps, Instagram, or etc. Olleh Wifi Coupon, which you can use only when you want to use Wifi! Use Wifi when you want to use it at KT Wifi Zones anywhere in the country!

How to use

1. Purchase the desired product.

2. Check the pin code (12 digits) on the mobile voucher or email voucher.

3. Select “ollehWiFi(비보안)” (ollehWiFi (unsecured))SSID among the Wifi signals.

4. Once selected, open internet browser.

5. KT landing site will automatically appear.

6. Select “ollehWiFi 이용권(pin) 등록” (register olleh Wifi pass (pin)) menu in the main screen.

7. Insert and register the 12 digits Pin Code of the pass

8. Connect to the internet


1. Copy the purchased Pin Code of the pass.

2. After the initial registration, the connection will be made automatically.

3. From the first use to the last usage, Internet can be used anywhere in KT Olleh Wifi zones.

4. Changing the terminal and the balance time can be checked in Olleh Wifi landing site.


Q. Where do I use the KT Olleh Wifi pass?

A. Olleh Wifi passes can be used in any KT Olleh Wifi zones anywhere nationwide. The zones cover main airports, terminals, cafes, franchises, and beaches, providing the biggest domestic Wifi zones.

Q. How do I use the KT Olleh Wifi pass?

A. As you search for the surrounding Wifi signals, you can easily see “olleh WiFi.” Select this signal and open the internet browser. The landing site will automatically show. Register the “pass” that you have registered at this landing site to use the internet. The same method applies to both laptops and smart phones. 

Q. What is the landing site?

A. The website that automatically appears and opens once you select the Wifi signal on either laptop or smart phones is called a landing site. 

KT Olleh Wifi provides this landing site and the PIN code can be registered at this site to use the internet.

Q. Is it possible to use a 1-hour pass by dividing it into 30 minutes today and rest tomorrow and so on?

A. No, it is not possible. The connection will be terminated after 1 hour from the time the PIN code is registered in the landing site.

Q. Is it possible to use the Wifi while moving around?

A. Yes, it is possible. In addition, after the initial registration of the pass, the landing site does not appear again when reconnecting after moving places, and the connection will be made automatically. (Applies to the same device only)

Q. Can I use one PIN code pass in other devices?

A. Yes, it is possible. As long as you have the 12 digits PIN code, it can be used in laptop or smartphones after registering at the landing site.

Refund policy

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• After purchase, refund is not possible.

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[WIFI coupon] Olleh Wifi Prepaid Coupon for 4 days

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