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Seoul Traditional Performance Jang Noksu (Palace)

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  • 1. Enjoy magnificent Traditional outfit and Korean dance and Samul-nori
  • 2. Observe traditional performance at a big theater
  • 3. Located at Deoksu Palace Stone Bridge, touring Deoksu Palace City Hall before and after the performance
  • 4. Wheelchair seat provided for those in need
  • 5. Seat upgrade happening through August~October! (S seat → R seat R seat → VIP seat )


<Palace> Regular Ticket
₩ 60,000
₩ 50,000

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S Seat
₩ 40,000 ₩ 33,000 (18% OFF)
R Seat
₩ 50,000 ₩ 42,000 (16% OFF)
VIP Seat
₩ 60,000 ₩ 50,000 (17% OFF)

Option details

Seat upgrade happening through August~October! (S seat → R seat R seat → VIP seat )

Admission is available from the age of 4.
※ Wheelchair seat : please purchase the S seat
Seat Upgrade Promotion(Aug ~ Oct)
₩ 50,000
₩ 42,000

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S→R Seat up
₩ 40,000 ₩ 33,000 (18% OFF)
R→VIP Seat up
₩ 50,000 ₩ 42,000 (16% OFF)

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8월 ~10월 공연을 관람하는 고객에게 드리는 좌석 업그레이드 프로모션!
좌석은 현장에서 자동 업그레이드 됩니다!

S석 구매 → R석
R석 구매 → VIP석

※ 4 이상부터 입장 가능합니다.
※ 휠체어를 이용한 손님의 경우 S석으로 배정됩니다.


Observe Traditional Arts near Seoul City Hall, Deoksu Palace. With the background of Josen Royal family, its a traditional performance as beautiful as a flower. Get to know "Jang Noksu" a real character known as Korean Cinderella. 


• You can spot Korean Traditional dance and Samul-nori in one place.


• Representing our Country's Traditional performance Jeongdong Theater.


• Jeongdong Theater is located in Jeongdong-gil therefore you can examine the beautiful scenery before and after the performance, buy tasty foods while walking along the Jeongdong-gil! It is also near Deoksu Palace, for this reason it is such a great place to visit.




Josen's Cinderella as well as King's Lady Jang Noksu. Born as a slave then becomes Josen's best Gisaeng overnight. The secret that lies behind of becoming a royal concubine from a Gisaeng has been revealed! Josen's best artist and ambitious power seeker. Her two face as come to light. 



Running time

70 Minutes



Seating Plan

• VIP / R / S seat

Operating hours

Everyday: 16:00


Monday, Sunday

How to go

 Subway Line number 5 Seodaemun Station: come out from Gate 5, walk straight till Jeongdong intersection then turn left - walk along Jeongdong-gil then you will see Jeongdong Theater on your left.

• Subway Line number 1 and 2 City Hall Station: come out from Gate 10, turn left then walk straight - walk along Jeongdong-gil then you will see Jeongdong theater on your right. 


1. This performance can be watched from age 48 months.

2. Seoul Jeongdong Theater has electric lift provided that can enter the theater lobby right away and has 2 wheelchair seat available. Please request the lift 30 minutes before the performance. 

3. Entering after the start of performance is not permitted. 

4. Audience may be asked to leave when disruption to the performance is caused or to other audiences (Such as, Drinking, making loud noise, psychiatric disorders).

5. Moving seats is not allowed.

6. Taking photos, videos and voice recording is not allowed during the performance. 

7. Ticket check is available 1 hour before the performance. Please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time. 

How to use

1. Book the ticket on your date of choice

2. Voucher will be sent to either mobile or email, please check. 

3. Please arrive at least  10 minutes before the starting time.

Refund Policy

• Canceling 4 days before reservation date 5pm (KST): 100% refund

• Canceling 3days ~ 1day before reservation 5pm (KST): 50% refund

• Canceling on the day: refund not permitted 

• Changing date of reservation: 2 days before (KST)


Jeongdong Theater, 43 Jeongdong-gil, Junggu, Seoul
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Seoul Traditional Performance Jang Noksu (Palace)

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