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Korean Alphabet(Hangeul) Jewelry Making Experience [Lettering Jewelry Lab]

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Available from 2019-08-24
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  • 1. Since it is close to Gwanghwamun and City Hall, you can visit the palaces nearby and Cheonggye stream after the experience program.
  • 2. A special experience that can only be found in Korea! Make your own Hangeul necklace in Seoul~
  • 3. Create a special gift with the help of specialists!


Korean Alphabet(Hangeul) Accessory Making Experience
₩ 65,000
₩ 60,000

Date & Time


₩ 65,000 ₩ 60,000 (8% OFF)

Option details

Please tell the staff on-site what you would like to make out of necklace pendant, badge, earrings, bracelet and key ring!

Silver Hangeul consonant and vowel units
Bracelet chain (if you select bracelet)
Necklace cord (if you select necklace)
Key ring
Mini photo frame (if you select badge)
Drinks and biscuits


Using the consonants and vowels of Korean Alphabet(Hangeul) to design your own jewelry! You can use the consonants and vowels made of Silver 925 to form words and names you like, and then turn them into jewelry of your own. It will definitely be a memorable experience for you, your friends and your family.


• The Hangeul consonant and vowel units are specially made so that they can only be found in the studio, but not in other places. Since the silver soldering process requires skillful techniques, it has to be carried out in the studio with specialists! Specialists will tell you each step in details.


• First, you have to decide the words you would like to make as your jewelry. Various designs are available depending on the placement of the consonants and vowels. After the design is finished, the consonants and vowels will be fixed by the silver soldering process.



Minimum/Maximum pax

1 person /4 persons




1. Design 

2. Silver soldering of the selected consonants and vowels

3. Coating of both sides of the jewelry

Operating hours

Everyday: 10:00 ~ 20:30

How to use

1. Check your mobile/email voucher after booking

2. Please arrive at the studio 10 minutes before the starting time

3. Show your voucher 

4. Enjoy your experience!


1. Participants joining the workshop held by Lettering Jewelry Lab need to design and use the tools directly with their hands, including silver soldering and use of the sandpaper.

2. Those aged 6~13 can participate with the companion of parents/guardians.

3. A mini photo frame will be given to those who make badges.

4. A silver-plating necklace cord will be given to those who make pendants. You can also purchase silver necklace cord on-site. 

5. Since the silver consonant and vowel units are made directly by the studio, they are not sold in other shops.

6. The silver soldering process requires skillful techniques and is an important technique in metal craft.

7. The number of alphabets is limited to four for the basic price option. (e.g. '가나다라')

8. It saves time if you have already decided the words you would like to make before you come. It would be even better if you have already decided on the type of jewelry you would like to make. You can make a necklace pendant, badge, earrings and key ring, etc. 

9. If the program is canceled, CS Center will notify you via email. Please check your email!

How to go

 The entrance of the City Star Mall underground shopping center is located on the right of the Shinhan Bank at the entrance of the Citizen's Hall.

Refund Policies

• 24 hours before the experience date(KST) : 100% refund

• No refund after that

• Change of booking is available up to 24 hours before the experience date(KST)


4-5 City Star Mall, B12/F Euljiro, Joonggu, Seoul
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Korean Alphabet(Hangeul) Jewelry Making Experience [Lettering Jewelry Lab]

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