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Outdoor ink pen painting(Sumukhwa) class at Unhyeongung Palace

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Available from 2019-08-24
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  • 1. You can draw your own fine ink-pen painting with the assistance of a professional instructor
  • 2. You can draw objects and places of your choice
  • 3. You can make special memories alone, with family or acquaintances
  • 4. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the traditional Korean house, away from the crowded tourist destinations


Outdoor Sketch Beginner Class
₩ 35,000

Date & Time


₩ 35,000

Option details

This class is for those who do not have any experience in drawing.

Painting brush, paper, ink
Outdoor Sketch Advanced Class
₩ 35,000

Date & Time


₩ 35,000

Option details

This class is for those who have basic drawing skills.

Painting brush, paper, ink


Draw your own Sumukhwa (ink-pen painting) at Unhyeongung Palace, a historical site in Seoul. Observe the gardens and traditional Korean houses, and draw the landscape that differs by the weather and mood.


• You can finish your own Sumukhwa, ink-pen painting outdoor with use of a single painting brush.


• Those who are new to drawing can reserve the beginner class.


• Create your own Sumukhwa (ink-pen painting) at Unhyeongung Palace, a historical site that represents the late Joseon Dynasty. 


• In the middle of a breathtaking city, stroll through the courtyard of the palace and create a unique drawing.


• You would also be able to feel fun and intimacy by meeting with Koreans or people of various nationalities.



Min/Max Number of Pax

2/10 pax



Program Schedule

Program lasts approx. 2 hours 

1. Introduction to the class

2. Theory class 

3. Basic practice 

  - Ink-pen painting techniques: Drawing with a brush, spreading with ink composition

  - Object observation: natural object (tree, flower, grass), architectural object (traditional Korean house, stonewall)

4. Selecting drawing objects you like after looking around the palace 

5. Free drawing 

6. Impressions and sharing thoughts 


Monday~Thursday, Sunday

How to use

1. Select the date and time and purchase this ticket.

2. On the appointed day, please bring your mobile voucher and show it to the staff

3. Please follow the instructions and enjoy!

How to go

• Google Map : Unhyeongung Palace (In front of Unhyeongung Palace!)

•  How to go: 3 mins of walking from Exit 4 of Anguk Station (Subway Line 3)



1. If your wanted date is not available, Seoul PASS CS Team will email you. 

2. Those aged 7 or above are allowed to join, but those under 15 years old have to be accompanied by a guardian.

3. If rains, the class will be held in a nearby cafe. In case of heavy rains, the activity will be canceled.


Refund Policy

• Cancel prior to 3 days: 100% refund

• Cancel prior to 1~2 days: 7% refund

• Cancel on the appointed date: Not available

※ Change in reservation has to be made 3 days prior to the reservation date

※ If the activity is canceled due to heavy rains, 100% refund will be given.


In front of Unhyeongung Palace
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Outdoor ink pen painting(Sumukhwa) class at Unhyeongung Palace

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