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Korean Flower Pancake Making + Tea Party

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Available from 2021-07-28
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  • 1. Various signature handmade tea and biscuits that cannot be found in other cafes can be enjoyed here!
  • 2. Learn about the making process of tea and biscuits and listen to an interesting story at the tea bar.
  • 3. Hwajeon with flowers and herbs is a Korean dessert that gives you the best taste of the season. Use rich ingredients and express your own work!
  • 4. Located in Seoul's most scenic neighborhood, the "I'm Green" studio is surrounded by beautiful scenery and is also a work of art by the owners.

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Option and Inclusions

Korean Flower Pancake Making + Tea Party
₩ 37,500

Date & Time


₩ 37,500

Option details

3~4 cups of tea for each person
2~3 pieces of biscuits for each person
Flower pancake making experience


Inviting you to a special Tea Party filled with traditional Korean tea and other refreshments! 'I'm Green' serves the tea with the best quality, and it's also a place to make and study flower tea, traditional tea, and herbal tea. Blending tea based on the best handmade tea and Tea cocktail to taste modern people. And taste the finest refreshments that suit best!


• Tea time is an opportunity to enjoy the charm of traditional Korean tea and other refreshments as well as experience the process of setting the best tea table.


• The food and beverages presented here include handmade teas and other refreshments made daily according to season and trends.


• You will also be able to experience a medicinal tea designed to warm both body and mind, a seasonal flower tea with a rich scent and color, as well as other kinds of tea that cannot easily be experienced elsewhere.


• Here at 'I'm Green', you can experience six kinds of traditional tea as well as flower tea, and other refreshments. You will experience Korea’s traditional dessert culture and learn how to make authentic local delicacies such as dasik, hwajeon, jeonggwa, gwapyeon, and etc.


Operation Day

Monday 11 am



Minimum / Maximum number of people

1 person /4 people




Program lasts approximately 2 hours

1. Introduction to I'm Green and icebreaking. (10 mins)

2. Tasting desserts, teas, and other beverages. (60 mins)

• Flower tea, blending tea, tea cocktail, traditional beverages, medicinal tea, and other refreshments, etc. will be provided.

• Tea and other refreshments will be made on the spot and served during the storytelling experience.

3. Hwajeon (Korean flower rice cake) making experience (40 mins)

• Express your artistic sense while making hwajeon by using flowers and herbal tea.

• Take a commemorative photo with a beautifully finished hwajeon.

• Taste the tea and hwajeon, each offering different flavors and shapes.

4. Wrap up (10 mins) 

How to use

1. Make the reservation after choosing the desired date and time.

2.Check the voucher sent to the email/mobile phone.

※ A voucher will be sent right after your booking is confirmed.

3. Please make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes beforehand.

4. Present the voucher to the staff and proceed with the experience.


1. If your desired date is unavailable, you will be contacted by the CS Team via email.

2. Reservations can be made up to a day in advance.

3. There are no age limits, but under 15 yrs old must be accompanied by a guardian. 

How to go

• A staff will meet you at Changsin Station Exit 1(Line 6). It takes about 7-10 mins from station to studio by walk

Refund policy

  Cancellation 3 days prior to reservation date(5pm KST) : 100% refund

   Cancellation 2 days prior to reservation date(5pm KST): 50% refund

   Cancellation 1 day ago or on reservation date(5pm KST): No refund

※ Change of reservation is available only up to 1 day ago (5pm KST)

Guide Language

English / Japanese / Chinese


13-ga gil 30, Jibong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
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YAMAMOTO from Japan
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Korean Flower Pancake Making + Tea Party

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