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[Merrywood Co-op] Make a Back Scratcher Inscribed with Hangeul Pyrography

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Available from 2019-08-20
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  • 1. Engrave your name in Korean on a wooden key chain
  • 2. Enjoy the healthy scent of natural antibiotics called phytoncide created from the cypress materials used in the class
  • 3. Experience a unique art practice that combines woodburning and beautiful Hangeul design
  • 4. Select a Korean phrase you like and engrave it on your own back scratcher


Make a Back Scratcher
₩ 50,000

Date & Time


₩ 50,000

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Apron for the class
A back scratcher


"Connecting people through wood"


Woodburning (Pyrography) is a type of craft that consists of drawing pictures or writing letters by burning wood with a soldering iron (Pyrography pen). It is possible to write in Hangeul (Korean alphabet) directly on the wood by using woodburning tools. You can write special things, such as encouraging statements, witty words, or a famous line from movies or books in ways to make your woodwork special. 


• Back scratchers are a popular item that some Koreans use in their daily life. 


• Create your own back scratcher design and enhance its value through woodburning, making it great for both practical and decorative use.


• Merrywood Co-op consists of 6 female woodwork educators who are connected by their passion for wood and upcycling. Through their work upcycling abandoned resources, they hope that everyone gains more interest in this eco-friendly and resourceful movement. Come and feel their passion at Merrywood Co-op.



Minimum / Maximum Pax

5 / 12




• The program lasts approximately 2 hours

1. Introduction and greetings (10 min)

2. Class overview PowerPoint presentation (10 min)

3. Hangeul woodburning class (40 min)

* You may do woodburning in a different language; but you need to write down the letter by yourself.

4. Break (10 min)

5. Hangeul woodburning class continued (40 min)

6. Wrap up (10 min)

Operating hours

Everyday: 10:30 ~ 12:00


Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

How to use

1. Reserve and purchase the product

2. On the appointed day, please bring the voucher and present it to the staff

3. Please follow the instructions and enjoy

How to go

• Get off of Exit 5 of Janghanpyeong Station (Subway line 5) → Walk 3 blocks straight → Turn left and walk straight (Jadongchasijang 1-gil)


1. One-time-use disposable items not allowed at Seoul Upcycling Plaza (SUP). Those who want coffee at SUP, please bring your own tumbler.

2. If your reservation cannot be made at a desired date and time, our CS Team will contact you via email.

3. You can make a reservation at least 2 days in advance. 

4. Participants must be the age of 7 or older. Minors must be accompanied by a guardian.

Refund Policy

All times are based on Korea Standard Time (KST)

• Cancellation 3 days before (by 17:00 KST): 100% refund

• Cancellation 2~1 days before (by 17:00 KST): 70% refund

• Cancellation on the reserved date & No Show: No refund 

• Change of reservation: Available by 3 days before the reservation date (by 17:00 KST)


#404, 49, Jadongchasijang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Seoul Upcycling Plaza)
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[Merrywood Co-op] Make a Back Scratcher Inscribed with Hangeul Pyrography

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