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[Jeju] Jeju [Herb Dongsan] Admission Ticket

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Available from 2022-05-27
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  • 1. This is Jeju Herb Garden where cool ocean breeze and thick herb scent welcome you
  • 2. Feel the exotic atmosphere on Jeju Island!
  • 3. Called the Garden of Heaven, Herb Garden brings peace to mind.

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Option and Inclusions

Day + Night Combo Ticket
₩ 12,000
₩ 10,000

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₩ 12,000 ₩ 10,000 (17% OFF)
₩ 10,000 ₩ 9,100 (9% OFF)
₩ 9,000 ₩ 8,300 (8% OFF)

Option details

This ticket is available until 18:30.

Jeju Herb Dongsan Week + Night Time Ticket
Free Herb Tea Tasting (inside the Rosemary Story Area)

[Not Included]
Golden Footbath (extra charge 12,000 KRW / 30 mins)
Making natural herb soap

[Purchase on-site]
Making natural herb soap (12,000 KRW / 2 soaps)

[Price Information]
Adult: 19 ~ 64 yrs
Youth: 3 ~ 18 yrs
Free: Infants under 36 months (Must bring passport)


Jeju Herb Dongsan, located in Jeju Island, has herb flowers all year around. There are 150 kinds of herbs under the sea breeze and various wildflowers grow as well. Along with the nicely created herb park, visitors can enjoy an indoor garden where herbs grow throughout the year, rosemary square, and a windmill observatory. There are benches and chairs all over the farm, so you can take a break anytime if you come across a scene you like. 


Jeju Herb Dongsan

In Jeju Herb Dongsan, there are about 150 types of herbs and wildflowers in each garden and a small hill and is formed with various contents of experiencing mandarine farm. Also, the walk around the herb park, herb shop, and cafes are the perfect date course for lovers, and also perfect as a space for family love. It is a truly appropriate theme park.


• What is herb?

Herb, from Latin Herba, are plants with savory or aromatic properties that are used for flavoring and garnishing food, medicinal purposes, or for fragrances. 




1. Outdoor / indoor garden with various herbs 

2. Take a rest at Golden Footbath, Cafe Botanica, and Aroma Shelter

3. Enjoy the view of the Herb Garden from the top at Observatory

4. Great place to meet the famous herb and wildflowers of Korea!

5. Don't miss out on the chance to see the beautiful night scenery of the garden



Herb experience

1. Golden Footbath and Cafe Botanica

Aroma Golden Footbath is the most strongly recommended experience of Jeju Herb Dongsan.


2. Aroma Shelter

A great place to relieve your fatigue and stress receiving health treatments!

1) Essential Oil & Floral Water: Place where you can make your own essential oil and floral water using the organic herb from Jeju Herb Garden.

2) Aroma Shelter Jjimjilbang: Try herb tea tasting for free and relieve the fatigue and stress through aroma therapy with the deep herb scent, mud, and ultraviolet light.


3. Making natural herb soap

Make natural herb soap first and take a tour later.

You can pick the soap up on your way to leave the garden!


4. Pilates

Try 1-day pilates enjoying healing herb scent at Jeju Herb Dongsan!

Operating hours

Everyday: 18:30~22:00(Last admission 21:00)

How to use

1. Purchase the product and Check mobile voucher or email voucher.

2. Present the voucher at the ticket booth and redeem a physical ticket and enter.

How to go

• Depart from Jeju-si

- Take bus No.220-1 / No.220-2 heading for Pyoseon at Jeju Express Bus Terminal
- Take bus No.120 / No.101 heading for Pyoseon at Jeju Airport

• Depart from Seongsan

- Take bus No.201 heading for Pyoseon at Seongsan Bus Stop (성산환승정류장)

• Depart from Seogwipo-si

- Take bus No.201 heading for Pyoseon at Seogwipo-si Express Bus Terminal

Refund Policy

All times are based on Korea Standard Time (KST)

100% Refund for Unused Tickets

• Unused tickets within the expiry date are 100% refundable.


Q: Do I need to pay to use Aroma Shelter?

A: Yes, please inquire about the price of Aroma Shelter and Jjimjilbang on-site. 

Q: Any information about making natural herb soap?

A: You can experience at Herb Shop inside Cafe Botanica. Making 2 soaps costs 12,000 KRW. 

Available experience time: 13:30 ~16:30

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170, Donoreum-ro, Pyoseon-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
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Chi*ami from Japan
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[Jeju] Jeju [Herb Dongsan] Admission Ticket

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