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[Seoul] NICE TAX FREE Shuttle Bus Free boarding

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  • Free shuttle rides operated by NICE TAX FREE


The NICE TAX FREE shuttle bus is free for anyone to get on and off.

The NICE TAX FREE shuttle bus operates three times a day every Thursday through Sunday.
It operates round-trip between Gimpo Hyundai Premium Outlets and Dongdaemun SkyPark Kingstown Hotel, two major shopping destinations near Seoul.

Enjoy the convenience of traveling with the NICE TAX FREE shuttle bus!


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Every Monday ~ Wednesday


- Shuttle buses operate Thursday through Sunday only (not available Monday through Wednesday)

- The buses are not assigned seats and operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so they are not available when full. 

- Anyone can board at the designated pick-up and drop-off locations.

- For the safety of passengers, standing is prohibited. 

- Departure times are fixed at the end points, but arrival times at intermediate stops may vary depending on traffic conditions.

- To ensure a comfortable environment, unopened containers of drinks and food are not allowed.

- In order to reduce the inconvenience of other passengers, there may be restrictions on the movement of large suitcases and other luggage. 

※ Check shuttle bus location in real time → CLICK

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