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[Busan] Centum Spa Land Discount Ticket

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  • 1. 8 hot spring baths and 13 themes to enjoy Jimjil
  • 2. Two types of natural hot spring water raised from 1,000m underground and a variety of themed baths
  • 3. A fun rest, an entertainment zone!
  • 4. Enjoy various aesthetic programs as well as event rooms, cafes, and restaurants at the same time!

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Centum Spa Land Discount Ticket
₩ 23,000
₩ 18,700

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₩ 23,000 ₩ 18,700 (19% OFF)

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[Age Information]
From Elementary school students can enter
(elementary school students can use it with same-sex guardians)

4 hours Ticket

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Spa Land, a resort in the city center, offers traditional saunas and Jimjil from around the world and doubles the joy of relaxation with natural hot spring water containing two kinds of ingredients and colorful facilities!

The most important factor at the spa is 'water'. Spa Land provides 100 percent natural hot spring water in different temperatures.

You will be satisfied by alternately bathing in 23 different types of baths, such as raising your body temperature quickly in high-temperature baths and taking a leisurely bath in low-temperature and medium-temperature baths.

You can relieve fatigue in the city center and enjoy a healthy bath in the large bath with two types of hot spring water.




[1F. Sauna & Jimjil Zone]

Finland Sauna
You can experience the traditional sauna as it is by installing SAWO's world-renowned Finnish sauna stove.
It opens the sweat glands to activate metabolism and relax muscles and joints, so it is recommended for those who have joint pain or post-sports muscle fatigue.

Roman Sauna
It is a radiant sauna that recreates an ancient Roman bathhouse with modern technology.
You can enjoy a steam bath comfortably without feeling stuffy by automatically controlling the soft and fine particle steam and humidity of the steam generator.


Ourdoor Foot Bath

An all-year-around warm foot bath where you can feel the cool air and nature

Bode Pool
You can enjoy a variety of pools in four types: Body massage (stand type), Dream bath (bed type), Bench jet (seat type), and Bubble jet (floor bubble type).

Hwangto Room

In Donguibogam, Hwangto is excellent in detoxifying neuralgia, cold hands and feet, and heavy metals.
In addition, it helps the body to work well by discharging far-infrared radiation generated by absorbing solar energy for a long time.
It is recommended for those who are tired or want to rest.


Charcoal Room

Hard and detailed charcoal has been known to generate anions, reduce acidified constitution to alkalization, and neutralize toxins.
Among them, you can experience the best effect based on the best oriental oak in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do.
Far-infrared radiation emitted through minute gaps in charcoal is good for sterilization as well as gynecological diseases, blood circulation, and atopic dermatitis.

Salt Room
We use Himalayan salt, which was made from the evaporation of the sea 250 million years ago, and gemstones that are praised as world-class clean salt. Salt, which is loved by Koreans along with hwangto and charcoal as the material for the Jimjil, makes the skin healthy, removes waste, improves exfoliation of the skin and various dermatitis, and boosts immunity by activating blood circulation.

It is the highest-temperature jimjil room in Spa Land. You can experience the effect of hwangto at the same time by using hwangto stones that contain a large amount of far-infrared radiation.
Rather than using it continuously for a long time, it is recommended to use it 2-3 times for 10 minutes or 3-5 times for 5 minutes in a way that cools the body sufficiently in the middle of use.

Ice Room

It is a space where you can cool off the heat of your body heated in a high-temperature jimjil.
It has the effect of accelerating blood circulation by contracting the expanded pores like in the cold bath so that waste in the body is easily discharged.

Wave Dream RoomWave Dream Room, which was introduced for the first time in Korea, is a space where you can experience mindfulness meditation and relaxation in Europe.
Please provide a comfortable rest to the tired and stressed mind and body in the city center in the Wave Dream Room.


Body Sound RoomSound transmitted through bones feels more uniform and smoother than hearing through ears.
Designed with the principle of bone conduction system, the body sound room allows you to feel natural sounds or meditation music with soft sounds in a medium-temperature room.
It is a new concept of relaxation jimjil that relieves stress and tired body fatigue in the city center.

SEV RoomSEV, which is introduced for the first time in Korea, has obtained technology patents from Korea, Japan, the United States, and the EU.
This technology, which combines natural ore and metal to generate electrons, stings the generated electrons into the body, reducing the oxidized body.
You can expect the effect of improving cellular force activation, metabolism, and healing ability.
Combined with an interior that gives you a fantastic feeling, you can experience a mysterious medium-temperature jimjil.

Roman Room

You can experience the ancient European steam bath by recreating the oldest ancient Roman public bath in the West in the form of jimjil.
The medium-temperature steam bath, which gives proper humidity so that you sweat slowly, it is good for skin beauty and immunity through waste discharge.

Hamam Room

Turkey Hamam, a representative Western bathhouse, enjoyed bathing jimjil in marble while dressed.
You can experience the steam bath of medium temperature with a modern reproduction of these ancient Turkish public bathrooms.
The medium-temperature steam bath, which increases humidity at medium temperature and makes you sweat slowly, makes your skin smooth and soft by discharging waste.

Pyramid Room
We recreated the shape of the pyramid, the Seven Wonders of the World. The pyramid's inclination angle of 52 degrees is known to be an ideal angle to absorb as much space energy as possible.
You can experience the mysterious space of the pyramid, away from the usual jimjil.


Bali Room
It is a small jimjil hole that can slowly warm the heated body after using a high-temperature and medium-temperature jjimjil room.
You can relax your mind and body with friends, lovers, and family in the Bali-style interior image designed by Yukio Hashimoto.



[2F. Entertainment Zone]

Relaxation and entertainment zone! It is a place where you can relax and feel joy with event rooms, cafes, and restaurants as well as various aesthetic programs.


Relax RoomWe introduced a Japanese relaxation room, not a simple sleep function, for the first time in Korea, so you can relax, watch TV, read newspapers, and magazines, and use beverage services.


You can receive a variety of aesthetic programs such as face, body, scalp, and feet through the therapist's delicate skills.



It is a space that enhances the taste by combining the comfort of wood and natural sunlight pouring into the whole glass. Taste the know-how of a professional chef who pursues health before taste.


Ramen coffeehouse
It is a casual place where you can enjoy simple drinks such as coffee and fresh fruit juice. We provide a neat and diverse menu.

Operating hours

Everyday: 09:00~22:00(Last admission 21:00)


All year around (Closed 3 times a year / 1st July 2024 / Refer to the Website of Shinsegae Centum City)

Operating hours

- 09:00~22:00(Last Ticket redemption 21:00)

Admission ticket redemption will end at 9 p.m., please enter beforehand.

How to use

1. Please check the mobile or email voucher after purchasing the product.

2. Please visit on your desired date within the reservation date.

3. Face-to-face ticket redemption will proceed at POS. Visit the ticket office and receive the locker number ticket.

4. Go to the shoe cabinet and use the cabinet with the number listed on the ticket.

※ Please use the shoe cabinet within 20 minutes after issuing the locker number(ticket). (If not used, the shoe cabinet will automatically lock.)

5. Use the same number of lockers as the shoe cabinet to remove and store clothes.

6. Please use the facility after showering.

7. After leaving, please go to the settlement office and settle the amount of additional facilities paid with the locker key.

※ Customers who do not have usage details must visit the settlement office to check the usage time.


-  You can use up to 4 hours after entering, and an additional fee of 5,000 KRW per hour will be charged if the usage time is exceeded.

- If the used amount in the Spa Land is more than 10,000 KRW excluding admission fees, it can be used for up to 6 hours.

- From elementary school students can enter, and they can use it with same-sex guardians.

- Please use the shoe cabinet within 20 minutes of ticket redemption. (If you don't use it, it will be regarding exit.)

- There is no priority benefit for this product when entering, and admission may be restricted if the capacity is exceeded.

- During peak season/weekends/holidays, ticket offices may be crowded, so entry may be delayed or restricted.

- Some facilities may be restricted/impossible to use due to maintenance and inspection.

- For the safety of the elderly or elementary school students, guardians must accompany them, and we are not responsible for accidents caused by carelessness.

- We are not responsible for any theft or loss of valuables that are not stored in the valuables locker.

- If you lose a lock key, you must immediately report it to the employee so that no one else can use it, and a separate loss fee will be charged.

- Pets are not allowed to enter.

- Food cannot be brought in.

- Facilities not specified for each product are not available to use.

- Restrictions on the use of facilities are subject to operator's regulations.

- We do not refund about unused facilities.

- You must use all of it on the day of use, and partial cancellation or partial refund is impossible.

[Age Information]

From Elementary school students can enter (elementary school students can use it with same-sex guardians)

How to go

- Shinsegae Centum City, 35 Centum nam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan

There is an entrance between Prada and Dior on the first floor of Shinsegae Centum City.

Refund Policy

No Refund

- After purchase, refund is impossible.

Guide Language

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Shinsegae Centum City, 35 Centum nam-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan
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[Busan] Centum Spa Land Discount Ticket

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